Adidas Superstar vs Stan Smith: Which One Reigns?

Shoe fanatics will understand why we actually had to make this a topic. I love shoes. I’m in love with shoes, if I could marry my favorite pair, I really would. Then again, I can’t annoy shoes, and I can’t feed them as well. So, humans, it is. 

Anyways the hot topic on the block is apparently the directive ln Adidas superstars and stan smiths. There’s this similar attribute that I can’t really put my hands on. Like you can tell they are siblings, but you don’t know what makes them that. 

Today we’ll be in Adidas superstars vs. Stan Smith so that we get to the bottom of this obsession. You want to know what makes them similar and what sets them apart? Want to know which shoe is the better pair? Then read on to find out. 

Adidas superstar 

Well, I have to say these shoes really rocked the streets last year and the year before till now. Same shoe, different designs. Girls and boys found ways to make these shoes blend, and well, it got the point that we have to write reviews to find out what is so important about the shoe. 

Adidas superstar black

A great feature of the Superstar is the Boost technology, which can be found on the shoe’s bottom. The placement of the boost is quite unusual. You’ll find that it protrudes slightly from the side of the shoe and doesn’t offer much cushioning at all. 

Ideally, it’s a great shoe to have. Just owning one pair is enough to set your whole shoe collection on fire. It’s an iconic shoe that has really been very popular amongst shoe lovers like myself since 2015. Since then, they have been upgrading designs. 

The shoe comes with a low-cut structure that makes it more comfortable for the ankle. The lace-up closure lets you adjust the shoe to make it the perfect fit to walk in. It even has a kid-friendly collection allowing the style to fit all ages. Plus, it’s a unisex style, so yey!!!

Stan Smith

The Adidas Stan Smith is also a popular choice for many people. Though it has a different structure and design, a lot about this shoe is worth checking to see how great these shoes are. Being constructed with a full-grain leather upper definitely sets the bar a bit high for these shoes. 

adidas Originals Men's Stan Smith Sneaker

It comes with the usual three Adidas lines, just that these are perforated. Making these cute little stylish holes on the shoe. The holes really aren’t for style alone. They have the added advantage that they increase air circulation to keep your feet feeling fresh and cool. 

The leather lining on the shoes is very comfortable. However, I would recommend that you wear it with a pair of socks to make sure you don’t get any bruises. They also include an Ortholite sock liner that adds more comfort and boosts performance.

The best part about the Stan Smith is that it is highly affordable compared to other similar shoes. With a leather upper and leather lining, you’d expect the shoe to cost a whole lot more but nope, very affordable and stylish as well. 

The cut can run a bit small, so I would really advise you to buy a size up, that is, if you are planning on getting your own pair. Then if you want to get your own pair, let me just tell you that the leather upper is prone to creasing, which is pretty normal for all leather shoes right. 

Favourite Features

When it comes to features that you can love about these two shoes, I have so much to say that I’m afraid I might even run out of words to say. So let’s look at the simple basic stuff. Both shoes were actually designed for sports use. 

Both shoes have the classic Adidas design, featuring a solid color with three stripes. The most popular pairs would be the white ones. Then again, the black and white designs have also become very popular on an international basis. 


Well, when it comes to the lining. I already said that the Stan Smith shoes have a classic leather lining that is very comfortable. Though highly recommended that you wear them with socks to keep your legs clear from cuts.

The Superstars also have a lining. Then again, the lining is not made with leather-like that of Superstars. They have a more synthetic leather feel. Not really leather but almost the same. It still works well with or without socks. 


If you check closely, you will find that the Stans have a perforation design on the stripes. The Adidas line on the Stan Smith pair comes with little holes that look like a design but actually make air circulation possible. 

The Superstars come with the regular Adidas lines on the sides. But the perforations aren’t present on the lines. Some pairs come with the perforation on the next line after the Adidas lines, and some don’t have the perforations at all. 

Defining features

The most defining features on both pairs are different. You’ll find that for the Stan Smith pair, the Stan Smith logo is the defining feature. You’ll know it’s a Stan Smith as soon as you see the face of the famous player, which may appear in more than one place. 

On the Adidas Superstar, the most defining feature would have to be the diagonal stripes. This is normal on most Adidas shoes, but the look is quite pronounced as the lines come with different colors for the superstars. 

What could be better

Adidas superstar

When compared to other shoes,  Superstars are very comfortable and minimalist. Meaning you can wear them anywhere and anyhow you want to. Both of these shoes have Adidas stripes which rather acts as a defining feature on both pairs.

Stan smith

The Adidas Stan Smith is more to the “sportish” style than it is to the casual. It was introduced as a design for tennis players and was named after the tennis player Stan Smith. So if you want a sport’s pair, this here could make things work. 

The verdict

Say you’re looking for a shoe for sports and less casual dressing. Stan Smiths would make a great pair. Unlike the Superstars that are more to the casual side of life. Unless that’s what you are going for, then definitely Superstars are the pair that will make it work.

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