An Honest Be Lenka Winter Barefoot Review

Are you looking for a good pair of winter shoes that you can wear in the winter? Perhaps you wonder how you can still have the best of both worlds, that is to say, a barefoot shoe that also has the right amount of protection from the harsh winter. In this article, we take a look at the Be Lenka winter barefoot. 

This manufacturer is known for making barefoot shoes that please the wearer but are also functional. We will look at aesthetics, the sizes available, the feel you can expect, and what we think of this shoe. Let’s dive in, shall we?


We all know that the winter months can get harsh and force you to go looking for anything and everything that is warm and will keep you snug. However, some manufacturers confuse keeping your feet warm with adding more material and thereby defeating the purpose of having a barefoot shoe. Be Lenka winter barefoot shoes come in two different looks. The long and the short.

The short rides up the leg just above the ankle, enough to be able to tuck in your winter pants. They are made of lace, and the soft leather material also gives a soft look.

The sole is thin, remaining true to the barefoot mandate. The long barefoot winter boots go up to the knees and have a zipper down the inner leg. Both shoes have a wide toe box.


The Be Lenka winter barefoot comes in sizes 36, 37, 44,45, and 46. The wide toe box makes the shoe more comfortable. However, with a lot of barefoot shoes.

It means that you will need to know your size in barefoot shoes. It may feel like your feet are drowning in the shoes because you are more accustomed to rigid, structured shoes. If you are new to the barefoot game, it helps to get measured. 


The Be Lenka winter barefoot shoes are made of soft leather. This isn’t just for good looks and nothing else. Leather is a soft material that feels comfortable.

Also, the shoe has a thin sole, which is very flexible. This is so that the shoe remains true to its mandate of being a barefoot shoe that allows you to feel the ground beneath you as you walk.

To do so, the sole and the upper on the shoe need to be soft and comfortable enough to bend as the foot does. Leather is soft enough to do this. 


The shoe is made of leather, which is a highly durable material. However, as with all leather materials, you must take care of them properly to not ruining the leather before its time.


They are on the high end, but this is to be expected. The shoes are made of costly material and well put together to keep the cold weather out. 


The cold winter months do not need to be the reason why you let go of your barefoot shoes. Be Lenka winter barefoot shoes help you maintain close contact with the ground, thanks to the thin sole and flexible upper. To add to the warmth, they also have merino wool lining and a protective membrane to keep out moisture.

If you are looking for a good way to stay close to the ground, maintain comfort, and flexible movement, all while keeping warm through the winter months, we recommend the Be Lenka winter barefoot shoes. They are a hole in one. Happy shopping!

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