Barefoot Dress Shoes Our Top 5 Picks

Think about that time you went out wearing a pair of shoes that gave a bad case of the bunions the next day.

Alright, it may not have always ended that catastrophically each time, but you get the point. Wearing the wrong type of shoes can cause you to have an unpleasant time. 

  1. Do you need a good pair of barefoot shoes that will keep you comfortable through it all?
  2. Perhaps you need to replace your current pair,
  3. Or maybe you are looking for a gift for someone who needs to be on their feet at an event

Are you looking for the best barefoot dress shoes? There are times when the need for having a night out on the town can be hampered by what you wear on your feet.

Barefoot Dress Shoes

Image Name What We Like URL
Be Lenka Ace Stylish design Easy to clean
Vivobarefoot Slyde Leather Shoes Ultra-thin and lightweight. Authentic leather.
Vivobarefoot Men's Gobi II M Leather Walking Shoe Easy to adjust the fit. Breathable mesh design.
Be Lenka City Easy to clean. Easy to pair with different outfits.
Be Lenka Prime Stylish design. Great comfort.

Our feet are what connects us to the ground. They give us feedback from the ground that we need to react appropriately. However, when we were regular shoes, we impede this from happening.

Barefoot shoes help to give you back most of that power that you can only experience when you walk with no shoes on. Unfortunately with the bacteria and all that is on the ground, our feet need protection and this is where shoes come in.

In a Hurry

Do you need a quick concise guide to buying the best barefoot dress shoes? There are a few things you will have to keep in mind. Firstly, since you are looking for shoes that will help you achieve a specific look, make sure that you look for shoes that compliment the outfit you will most probably be wearing.

For example, if you are looking for shoes to wear with your smart work uniform, you will need to make sure that you stick to the dress code. 

This determines the color of the shoes that you get as well as the general shape. Barefoot shoes are meant to have a wide toe box, so find out how wide the shoes you want to buy are. You want your feet to be free enough to move naturally.

Also, check on the sole of the shoe and make sure that it is thin enough to allow for a barefoot feel of the ground. You want to also check on how the shoe fastens and if it is the style that you want. Some designs clash with certain ways of fastening. 

You may also want to make sure the material the shoe is made of is comfortable enough for you and that you get what you need from the shoe. The sole on the shoe is pretty thin, but this does not mean that it needs to be flimsy.

Check on how durable the shoe is and how far the warranty can carry you. The manufacturer should give you a guideline as to how far you can expect the shoes to take you.

Our Top Pick

Be Lenka Ace

Product Reviews of Barefoot Dress Shoes

Be Lenka Ace

The Be Lenka Ace barefoot sneakers are cute low profile pair of shoes that makes excellent use of simplicity to channel elegance. The Be Lenka’s remind me of classic tennis shoes from the 90s.  The most outstanding feature of these darlings is the two-tone color that’s matched with two-texture fabric.

The boots’ sides and back are made from a lovely black suede material that is excellently complemented by the dark grey vamp and an inner cream lining. The shoes have great detailing provided by the white stitching that plays a crucial role in accentuating the beauty of the shoe’s design.

The material used to make the shoelaces feel expensive and well refined. Given how well put together the boots are, you can tell that they are hand-made because there is excellent attention to detail. It’s comforting to know that these shoes are relatively easy to clean because of the material’s texture. The shoes’ shape is not as appealing though, the vamp is too rounded, and the boots feel like they are too flat, almost resembling morning shoes. These boots are not cheap, though, so if money is a crucial factor you, look elsewhere.


  • Stylish design
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy to match with different types of outfits.


  • Relatively expensive.


Vivobarefoot Slyde Casual Leather Slip On

Vivobarefoot Slyde

The Vivobarefoot Men’s Slydes leather shoes are a very simple-looking shoe, but that simplicity makes them lend well with various outfits. The most obvious drawback of these shoes is how expensive they are. However, although they are costly, the shoes’ value reveals itself in the shoes’ quality. The boots are made from 100% genuine leather. 

The leather has a neat dotted pattern that adds an excellent sense of style. The high-caliber leather is not only stunning. It’s also highly durable, easy to clean and maintain. One of the most outstanding features of these shoes is how easy they are to slip on and slip off. Also, how easily they match with different outfits.

What I love most about these shoes is how comfortable they feel. The shoe wraps itself around your foot, leaving enough space for it to be breathable. The footbed provides excellent support for your foot. Walking feels very natural and effortless because the material is very lightweight and ultra-thin. The leather is flexible as well as the sole. These shoes are ideal for smart casual outfits.


  • Ultra-thin and lightweight.
  • Authentic leather.
  • Flexible sole.


  • Dull design.


Vivobarefoot Gobi II Leather Walking Shoe 

Vivobarefoot Gobi II

The Vivobarefoot Gobi II is an essential pair of shoes to have in your wardrobe. It’s incredible how affordable these boots are given the exceptional build quality. The shoes have an appealing suede-looking leather fabric. The dark rubber sole nicely complements the dark grey top half.

The vamp of the shoe has a lovely pointed shape. The shoe feels rugged and can be used outdoors with confidence. The rubber sole provides significant comfort while walking. The rubber of the sole adds a nice bounce to your step; walking feels more effortless. The inner lining of the shoe is made of fine leather, which creates a very cozy feeling.

When wearing the boots barefoot, there is no feeling of being uncomfortable or like a sweat-puddle is formed with each step. The thermal insole is what enables you to rock these shoes barefoot without feeling congested. Another great feature of these boots is how simple they are to put on; the tongue also allows you to create a comfortable yet tight fit. This shoe is diverse in the sense that it can work well with casual wear or outdoor clothes.


  • Easy to adjust the fit
  • Breathable mesh design.
  • Durable.


  • Sole may be too thin for some users.


Be Lenka City

The Be Lenka City is a controversial entry; it is controversial because its design resembles a pair of school shoes. If you’ve attended a boarding school before or any school with a uniform, you know what I am talking about. What further adds to the controversy of these shoes is how pricey they are.

If you are willing to look past these two points of discussion, you can see the potential this shoe has to be a valuable addition to your wardrobe. For starters, the shoes are made from authentic leather. Not only is this leather resilient, but it is also very easy to maintain. These shoes never get dirty. They capture dust which can be easily removed using a wet cloth.

The shoes’ design might look plain at face value, but it has a classic look that’s very appealing. My favorite property of these boots is their durability. If shoes could become immortal, this is what they’d look like. Another significant characteristic of these shoes is that they are entirely unisex. It’s easy to pair them with many outfits such as jeans, khakis, shorts, and dresses. The ultra-thin, flexible sole provides excellent walking comfort. 


  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy to pair with different outfits.
  • Authentic leather.


  • Boring design


Barefoot Sneakers – Be Lenka Prime

The Be Lenka Prime is my favorite product in this article. I love how they combine style and class in one neat package. These sneakers have a convenient way of pairing well with casual outfits and formal outfits. You can rock these sneakers with a slim-fit suit or with a pair of jeans.

They are made from authentic leather that looks and feels sublime. The shape of the shoes is seductive, especially when you don’t tie the shoelaces too tightly. The most outstanding feature of these sneakers is how comfortable they feel. Walking in them feels like walking on clouds.

The shape of the shoe has a unique way of hugging your foot that provides comfort and support. The sneakers arrive at a reasonable price point. You can’t justify not owning a pair. They are perfect for everyday use and will quickly become your go-to pair of shoes. Fortunately, the build quality is exceptional, so even if you wear them often, they won’t wear out fast.


  • Stylish design.
  • Great comfort.
  • Fair price.


  • The inner sole could be thicker.


Buyer’s Guide

Barefoot shoes have solved the issue of wearing shoes but still maintaining the great advantages of not wearing them.

They help resemble the ground as much a possible. However, it is not all barefoot shoes that look great or that can be worn with a formal suit or outfit.

Sometimes you need to dress up but your feet still need to be in barefoot shoes. This may be because of a foot condition or knee issue that can not have you wearing any shoes that will place extra strain on you.

Whatever the reason, you can find barefoot dress shoes if you know where to look. That is where we come in, to help you shop smart.

Can I wear barefoot shoes every day?

The main point of wearing barefoot shoes is to allow your foot to be in a comfortable position as often as possible.

We were not born with shoes on our feet and this means that walking without them on is the most natural position. Barefoot shoes help your feet experience the ground as naturally as if you were not wearing any shoes.

Wearing them every day is a great idea. It is healthy for your feet. However, make sure that you give your feet time to adjust from regular shoes to barefoot shoes.

Your muscles are not as strong as they should be if you have been wearing structured shoes all your life. You may need a few days of adjusting to the new lightweight style. However, once you get a hang of it, your feet will be happy campers. 

How do I fix squeaky dress shoes?

One of the most irritating things is dealing with squeaky shoes. If you suspect that your shoes are what’s making that irritating squeaking noise, then you may need to check and be certain that’s where it is coming from.

You can do this by wearing the shoe and rocking back and forth and sideways too, till you find the squeak.

Once you do this, you can then use baby powder to sprinkle the area. If your shoes have insoles, remove them and sprinkle the powder then replace the insoles.

The powder or baking soda would help reduce the amount of friction in your shoes which causes the noise that irritates so much. Cornstarch works just as well. 

How long will my dress shoe last?

The amount of time that you wear your dress shoes, and how you maintain them is what will largely influence how long the shoes will last. The length of time also depends on the manufacturer and the type of shoe material is used.

Durability is also largely dependent on where the shoes are going to be worn. You can wear it as often as you want as long as you look after it and take it to the cobbler at least once in six months, depending on how the heel is wearing out.


The amount of time that you wear your dress shoes, and how you maintain them is what will largely influence how long the shoes will last. The length of time also depends on the manufacturer and the type of shoe material is used.

Durability is also largely dependent on where the shoes are going to be worn. You can wear it as often as you want as long as you look after it and take it to the cobbler at least once in six months, depending on how the heel is wearing out.

We hope you find your perfect fit from the shoes that we have reviewed. Happy shopping!

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