Barefoot Office Shoes: 5 Wonderful Pairs

Are you looking for the best barefoot office shoes? 

  1. Have you been wearing regular shoes all along to the office, however now you’ve thrown your back out and need to be in flats, but you don’t know where to get them
  2. Perhaps your current barefoot shoes for the office are now too worn out
  3. Or maybe you want to gift someone who needs a good pair, and you are not sure what is appropriate for the office. 

Barefoot Office Shoes

Photo Name What We like
Vivobarefoot Gobi II There is plenty of room in the toe box. They are fairly stylish. The soles are incredibly flexible.
Be Lenka All-year - Icon - Black They are available in various colours. They come with a 2-year warranty cover. The toe box is wide and foot-shaped
Vivobarefoot Scott 2.0 Leather They are well insulated. The soles are puncture resistant. They come with a thermal insole.
Gobi Mocc The shoes are stylish. They are made out of leather. They have great underfoot protection.
Vivobarefoot Ra II It has an unrestricted toe box. It is also suitable for those with wide feet. There are various colours to choose from.

Office clothes can be pretty tricky to get because of the number of regulations that they can come with. The different dress codes can be because of the different roles in the workplace and hence they are made to suit those.

For example, a nurse can not wear the same shoes that a mine worker wears. The surfaces that they wear them on, are different and this influences the shoes that accompany the uniforms. 

Various shoes accompany uniforms or formal clothes that are worn to work. For occupations that involve being on your feet all day, you may appreciate something that is comfortable and that you can stand in all day.

With some jobs, it may not be a standard-issue, but perhaps you have personal health reasons that require that you wear comfortable shoes. When it comes to comfort, it does not get any better than barefoot shoes. 

They resemble walking barefoot, closer than most shoes. It’s the next best thing. These types of shoes allow your feet to be in as natural a state as possible. Walking barefoot can be good for your feet, and it can help improve your mood if your feet are in a happy place. But since you can’t do this, barefoot shoes in the office may be your answer.

In a Hurry

Do you need a quick guide to buying the best barefoot office shoes? There are several things that you will need to take into consideration. 

Make sure the shoes are comfortable and they fit you well. Ill-fitting shoes can make your day unbearable.

You will also want to check on the sole of the shoe and make sure that it is thin enough to keep you close to the ground.

Barefoot shoes have a thin flexible sole. Also, check on the amount of traction they have and make sure that it is the right amount that you need. 

Make sure that the shoes you get complement your job requirements. The color and material of your shoes should also be something that goes well with your work clothes. Check on the fastening method and make sure that this also is adjustable and comfortable for you.

You will also want to check on the toe box and ensure that it is wide enough to accommodate your toes freely. Restricting your toes can cause injuries with long-reaching effects.

Also, make sure that your shoes are durable and will last you through even your toughest of days. You can do this by finding out about the material the shoe is made of and what properties it has.

Our Top Pick

Fulham Suede

We have done our research and found our favorite pick to be the Fulham Suede. Vivobarefoot has gone all out to make sure this shoe is not just functional but is great to look at too. This shoe is fashionable and can easily be worn to work and look formal. It will fit right in and also stand out for its looks.

It is versatile and can be worn from the office, to walking much longer distances so this means that you will not need to change them after a long day at the office. They have a wide toe box and they also have a shape that follows the natural shape of your foot. This will keep your feet unrestricted and happy.

Our Product Reviews for Barefoot Office Shoes

Vivobarefoot Gobi II

If you’re on the market for a minimalist desert boot or indeed a shoe that just fits a similar profile. The Gobi II is a great pick. This is a shoe that is made entirely out of naturally scarred leather. This leather comes from free-roaming cattle.

As with other shoes from this brand this shoe is designed to be lightweight and flexible. The flexibility is such that you can roll the shoe up into a bowl of sorts and roll it back to a normal shoe without causing any damage. 

From an aesthetic point of view, this is a shoe that is reasonably good looking. There is nothing that is particularly attractive to it. Perhaps, that is the key to this winning formula.

To keep the weight as light as it is vivobarefoot has made use of their finished barefoot soles.

This makes these shoes ideal companions for those who are going travelling. Inside the shoe is a removable cock insole. 

This insole has natural antibacterial properties. The fact that it is removable also means that you have the option to replace it with your own one.

This is especially handy for those that use medical orthotic insoles. This shoe is generally roomy.

There is ample room in the toe box region. Its shape makes it suitable for both casual and for more events.

It would look just as nice underneath trousers as it would underneath a pair of shorts. You can get this shoe in 2 main colours. It is either black or dark brown.


  • There is plenty of room in the toe box.
  • They are fairly stylish.
  • The soles are incredibly flexible.
  • The shoes are lightweight.
  • They come with cork insoles.
  • They are made of leather.
  • They are incredibly versatile.


  • Sizing can be tricky.


Be Lenka All-year Icon – Black

Be Lenka All-year Icon - Black

Speaking of shoes that could pass in both formal and informal environments here’s another one. As the name suggests this shoe is designed to carry you through all seasons of the year.

The manufacturers placed an emphasis on delivering a shoe that is both comfortable and stylish.

We inclined to believe that this is something that they have achieved. From an aesthetic point of view, it is relatively similar to the Gobi II. This is mainly because they are both ankle boot style shoes.

For the sake of comfort, you derive great pleasure in finding that the inside of the issues is well insulated and padded.

The padding is largely due to the material that is used on the inside. It is a soft sort of material that does not impede your natural foot movement.

The outside of the shoes is made out of leather. This is always a great indication for shoes that will largely be durable as well as waterproof. 

As with the Gobi II, these shoes are zero drop. They come with a zero toe spring and wide shaped toe box. It is also a very thin and flexible soled shoe.

This keeps it lightweight making it perfect for travelling with. There is particular emphasis on delivering a shoe that permits the foot to maintain its natural movement without much hindrance.

These shoes are handmade in the Czech. They come with a 2-year warranty cover. Each package comes with a gift and the second pair of shoelaces that are usually colourful.


  • They come with a 2-year warranty cover
  • They are incredibly cute.
  • They have very flexible soles.
  • They are available in various colours.
  • The toe box is wide and foot-shaped
  • You get an extra set of shoelaces.


  • The brand is not well known.


Vivobarefoot Fulham Suede 

If you’re considering a shoe that does not have laces how does a Chelsea boot sound? We will be afoot have redesigned the classic Chelsea boot and made it zero drop as well as barefoot.

It is a design that mirrors its popular Fulham design. This is a shoe that provides you with the versatility of being used in a workplace or office environment as well as in the outdoors.

One of the most prominent features that it has is the rather large pull tab on the rear end of the shoe. This tab allows you to get enough of these shoes with ease.

This, of course, is very handy seeing as issues do not have places that can be loosened to allow additional room. 

It goes without saying that this is a fairly minimalist design. It is a shoe that is not only thin sold but also incredibly lightweight.

As with other barefoot shoes this you can be rolled in a ball and stretched out in perfect shape. This makes it easy to pack when you’re travelling.

To provide you with good traction these shoes come with the hex-flex outsoles. This is a combination that delivers a good balance between durability and flexibility.

Speaking of making it easy to get in and out of the shoes they are 2 flex panels that stretch to permit more room.

This shoe has a leather lining that goes a long way to provide durability. It also has a removable insole. This is a thermal insole that works wonders when the temperatures drop.

The minimalist approach taken on the stitching ensures that there are fewer parts that are likely to come apart.


  • The shoes are lightweight.
  • They are quite durable.
  • They come with thermal insoles.
  • They are reasonably breathable.
  • The design is quite a minimalist one.


  • They come at the higher end of the market price-wise.


Vivobarefoot Gobi Mocc 

If you’re one of those people that have the opinion that moccasins would never die, we are on the same side. That is the reason why we are excited to tell you about the Gobi Mocc from Vivobarefoot.

One of its most prominent features that will catch your eye is the over foot stitching the runs around the entire shoe.

This is a shape that we’re all familiar with. It is with this sole consideration that we think this shoe makes a perfect pick for the office.

To keep you on your feet and provide you with sufficient traction these shoes come with Vivobarefoot its resilient HEX outsoles. As with all their other shoes, this shoe is also barefoot too.

They’ve taken on the task of delivering a shoe that is innovative without doing away with the classic design and feel of a moccasin. On the inside of this shoe is a 3MM insult that is made out of cork.

This is an antibacterial insole that provides you with a little bit more insulation than you would get from the shoes without it in them.

The upper part of these shoes is made out of leather. You are guaranteed that it will last you for a while. There is a footbed and lining that’s designed to take on all sorts of weather conditions.

As with other shoes from this brand, this one has an incredibly flexible sole.

This makes it ideal for maintaining the barefoot sensation while providing you with sufficient underfoot protection.

At the time of writing this shoe is mainly available in brown which may be a limitation for those who would prefer black shoes. 


  • The shoes are stylish.
  • They are made out of leather.
  • They have great underfoot protection.
  • The soles are flexible.
  • The outsoles offer good traction on varied terrain.
  • The design is a fresh take on a classic.
  • They have anti-bacterial properties.


  • Still to be determined.


Vivobarefoot Ra II 

Vivobarefoot Ra II

The final shoe on our list is also from Vivobarefoot. This time we went with a barefoot Oxford shoe of the laser variety.

The upper part of the issues is made out of wild hide leather. It’s designed to provide you with versatility.

This is a shoe that can fit in quite well within a working environment as well as in the outdoors.

In line with this, this is a shoe that is both lightweight, flexible, and breathable. Part of this is down to the ultra-thin sole that these shoes have. 

This is a shoe that you can easily pack away for travel without taking up much space in your luggage. It features one of the thinnest soles that this brand carries.

To ensure that there is sufficient underfoot protection it comes with a removable cock insole that is also known to have antibacterial properties.

The upper part of the issue is made from naturally scarred African leather that is turned with Pittards. 

To provide you with a good amount of traction this shoe comes with great soles that are well made. They are made out of rubber with very small lugs.

There is quite a lot of room in the toe box region of these shoes which makes them ideal for those who have wide feet.

You also have the option of tightening the shoes using the laces. As far as choice comes you have the option to choose between black, midnight Navy, and Dark Brown.

While we cannot speak for everyone would imagine that the black one is the most popular one for working environments.


  • It has an unrestricted toe box.
  • It is also suitable for those with wide feet.
  • There are various colours to choose from.
  • The soles are very flexible.
  • They are made out of leather.
  • They are lightweight.
  • They are highly breathable.


  • They are not available in half sizes.
  • They don’t provide much arch support


Buyer’s Guide

How do I clean suede?

Suede shoes should not be cleaned in the same way that you clean other material types. The first thing you need to do is to determine the type of stain.

Ordinary stains may do well with a suede eraser as well as a suede brush. For some stains such as wine stains, you may need a little more. Make sure to choose a good shampoo.

Saphir suede and nubuck shampoo You will need to mix two parts water to two parts shampoo. You can now use the suede brush to work the lather into the stains. Make sure that you are dipping your brush into the shampoo. Always make sure that you invest in shoe care products. That way, you avoid stains setting in whilst you try to get the shoes to a professional cleaner.

After applying the shampoo, rinse it off. A quick rinse with water will do the trick. You want to make sure that you get all of the suds off and then use a clean cloth to dry the shoes by blotting.

Then stuff the shoes with newspaper or some sort of paper into the shoe to absorb any of the water from the inside. Leave them to dry out naturally and then buff the shoe with a suede brush. 

How do I transition to barefoot shoes?

Barefoot shoes have amazing benefits. However, your feet are not accustomed to having minimal cushioning.

Because of this, it is important to be able to transition safely from your regular shoes to barefoot shoes. Give your muscles a chance to adapt.

It is important to take it slow. Also, allow some time for gait changes. You can make use of metatarsal pads and heel cups if you need them.

Also, use correct toe spacers. Allow yourself some time to walk barefoot just to remind yourself and your feet how to deal with that dynamic. [1]

What is the best time of day to buy shoes?

It may seem like a non-entity, but the time that you try on and buy shoe matters. This is because our bodies go through several changes throughout the day thanks to the difference in blood flow.

If you buy your shoes early in the morning, you may find that they fit well then but they never really fit like that the rest of the day, and you will end up being uncomfortable.

The best time to go shoe shopping is later on in the day because you are fitting the shoes at a time when they are most likely to be swollen, which means that they will fit well at all times of the day.


Finding the right barefoot shoes for the office is an important decision to make. It can determine how well you spend the day at the office and this can have an a amazing effect on you and your feet and also on those around you.

You may find that you can do more on your feet. Barefoot office shoes can change the way your days go. We hope that the shoes that we have reviewed here, help you find your perfect fit. Happy shopping!

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