5 Must Have Barefoot Rain Boots Our Top Picks

Are you looking for the best barefoot rain boots on the market today? With the number of shoes that you can buy today, it is easy to get overwhelmed and not know what to pick. Have you ever thought about what goes into making a shoe?

So much has been done to develop it since it was first invented. The shoe was an invention of necessity as it was used mostly by early civilizations as protection for the feet. 

Barefoot Rain Boots Our Top Picks

Image Name What We Like URL
Vivobarefoot Tracker FG Very stylish. Effective water resistance.
Be Lenka Winter Easy to clean and maintain Protects your shins.
Xero Shoes Xcursion Natural Comfort. Durable.
Vivobarefoot Fulham Slip-resistant. Comfortable insole.
Be Lenka Winter Long Easy to slip on. Cozy fit.

As people went about hunting and their business, the realization that their feet needed protection, became even more apparent. As such, people began to get creative and find ways to use what they had around them to make shoes.

Most of the early shoes were sandals. They did the trick but they were not always the most comfortable.

In a Hurry

Do you need a quick guide in buying the best barefoot rain boots? There are some features that you need to look out for. One of these is the fact that it is a barefoot shoe. Make sure that the boots have the characteristics that make it a barefoot boot.

The sole has to have zero drops and it also needs to be extremely thin. This is to allow you to be able to feel the ground.

Barefoot shoes are made to resemble walking barefoot as much as possible and this can be achieved by having a very thin sole, which also needs to be durable especially if you will be wearing them in the rain. 

Walking through the rain with regular shoes tends to weaken them and they can start to tear apart.

This means that you need to check on the construction of the boots and make sure that they are waterproof and that they can withstand being immersed in water without getting damaged or getting your feet wet. The waterproof feature is key in the boots you want to buy.

Also, check on how well they fit around the ankles. Some boots tend to be narrow around the ankles and this makes it hard or impossible to get into them. Make sure they have a comfortable fit.

If you do not usually wear boots then it may be a good idea to go try on a pair before buying.

That way you know how much room your ankles and legs need. Also, check on how high the boots go and if that is the height that you need.

Our Top Pick

Vivobarefoot Tracker FG

The leather provides sufficient protection from the rain, and the rubber soles supply traction. The inside of these boots is so satisfying. The coziness of the soft padding that lines the shoes is fantastic.

Product Round Up and Reviews of Barefoot Rain Boots

Vivobarefoot Tracker FG

Vivobarefoot Tracker FG

These are my favorite boots in the article. They have an excellent style for outdoor activities. They also look stylish enough to feature in some indoor outfits as well. These boots’ shape reminds me of basketball sneakers, which I love most about the design.

They do not look as dull and uninspiring as most outdoor shoes do. The brown leather has gorgeous tones. The red and brown shoelaces complement the brown leather well. The rubber sole also bears a nice color that does a great job of completing the shoes’ overall appearance. 

The leather provides sufficient protection from the rain, and the rubber soles supply traction. The inside of these boots is so satisfying. The coziness of the soft padding that lines the shoes is fantastic. These shoes aren’t that easy to clean, which is likely the only drawback, but if you take good care of them, they will continue to look beautiful while protecting your feet.


  • Very stylish
  • Effective water resistance.
  • Provide firm grip.


  • Difficult to clean.


Vivobarefoot Fulham

Vivobarefoot Fulham

These boots excel at multitasking. By looking at them, you could never tell that they are rain boots. This is not a negative at all; it speaks to how attractive the shoes look. They have a beautiful leather top half with a sexy side material that resembles suede. They can match well with almost any outfit you can think of. Beyond jump looking great, these boots perform well. They are very comfortable to walk in.

The barefoot sole feels natural to slip your foot in. It does not get too hot or sweaty inside the shoe; it’s breathable. On top of the boots’ comfortability on the inside, the rubber soles on the outside also provide generous support while walking. More importantly, the soles provide a fantastic amount of traction; they are effectively slip-resistant. You can walk with great confidence in the rain.

The water will not enter your shoes, and the leather enables this water resistance. The joint between the rubber sole and the top half of the boot is also impermeable. This is a solid boot to own. The boots’ collar is a bit stiff, this works well in terms of keeping the boots on, but it can make it difficult to wear the boots.


  • Great look
  • Slip-resistant .
  • Comfortable insole.


  • Difficult to put on.


Xero Shoes Xcursion

Xero Shoes Xcursion

These shoes go a step beyond rain protection. They are a shoe for your feet that protects against thorns, rocks, heavy objects, heat, etc. these outdoor hiking shoes are designed to be rugged, and they are meant to be durable. They can give you enough confidence to walk in the hills kicking rocks and trees just because you can.

The toes are with a protective leather material that absorbs shock. The rubber soles of the shoes are thick and firm. The rubber plays a role in making the sole lighter and more flexible. The sole provides reliable traction while walking. It is unlikely that your feet will ever slip on wet surfaces. You can’t slip on dry surfaces.

The top half of the shoe is made from leather and an elastic mesh that provides adequate water resistance. However, the shoe is not fully waterproof because if they get drenched, you will feel the water, primarily through the tongue. These shoes are not designed to be versatile enough to wear with your casual clothes. The purpose of the shoes is evident in the design. So they certainly aren’t stylish. They feel very cozy, which is necessary for hiking shoes. The inner lining hugs your foot and makes it feel snug. 


  • Lightweight
  • Natural Comfort
  • Durable.


  • Far from stylish.


Be Lenka Winter – Black


These Are Lenka Winter boots do an excellent job of marrying style and functionality. On the exterior, you will be pleased with a simple yet elegant black leather design. The shape of the shoe is so satisfying. My favorite feature of this pair is the tongue because it goes all the way up to your shins. When you tie the laces, you feel your feet are bonded to your shoes permanently.

The leather is authentic, excellent for overall appearance, and makes it very easy to clean and maintain the boots in perfect condition. The leather is what provides water resistance. It will not offer you water resistance because of the shoes’ style if you dip your foot in a deep puddle because water can enter through the tongue. It will keep the rain out.

The boots have a rubber sole that makes a lot of friction with the ground to prevent you from slipping. Even on wet surfaces, it does a decent job. The boots’ inside is very welcoming, and the shoes feel quite warm, which makes them ideal for damp and cold conditions. I am a big fan of these boots for their diverse application, and you can take them to the woods and your favorite restaurant.


  • Stylish
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Protects your shins.


  • Difficult to slip on.


Be Lenka Winter Long – Black

This particular shoe is likely the most extreme shoe discussed in the article. Depending on how long your feet are, these boots have the potential to go all the way up to your knees. They have an appearance similar to traditional rain boots or gum boots, straightforward on the outside.

The boot is 100% authentic leather from top to bottom, and there’s a lot of shelter; because of how the top is, these boots feature a nifty zipper on the side. Without this zipper putting on these boots would have been a nightmare. Fortunately, the zipper putting them on is more comfortable than all the other shoes mentioned in this article.

The leather exterior provides excellent water resistance; however, the top of the boots can leave a gap while you walk, making it possible for water to enter your shoes. This problem doesn’t apply to everyone, especially people with thick legs. It can also be avoided if you wear a coat that covers the boots. The shoe’s inner lining is very comfortable; however, it can get a bit congested, which can make your feet sweaty. They aren’t the most comfortable boots to match with any outfit, but these boots can become your best friend in winter.


  • Stylish
  • Easy to slip on.
  • Cozy fit.


  • They can feel cumbersome..


Buyer’s Guide

Just like with any first designs, they needed a bit more work to be done on them for them to make sense. Today, there are hundreds and thousands of shoe designs coming up every month.

This is to address the various foot needs that people have. There are specially designed features that make wearing certain shoes worthwhile. 

One of the shoe designs that has grown in popularity over the past years is the barefoot design.

It was given a lot of attention after the publication of “born to run“, and a lot of people who didn’t know about it soon began to want to find out what the fuss was all about. Walking barefoot has several benefits which include strengthening the foot muscles. 

What do you do when you have grown accustomed to walking in barefoot shoes and now you are looking for the best barefoot rain boots?

You will need to look for boots that can hold their own in the wet weather. In this article, we take a look at the best barefoot rain boots and what you should be looking out for.  

Can I waterproof my boots?

What do you do if you already have a pair of boots but they are not waterproof and you are not able to buy a new waterproof pair at the moment? There are ways around this. You can waterproof your own shoes.

Before you go about doing this, you must know what type of material your shoes are made of so that you do not ruin them with whatever waterproofing you intend to use.

There are a couple of common ways of waterproofing shoes, and these include using beeswax, or colorless candle wax and waterproofing spray.  

How do I use a candle to waterproof my shoes?

To waterproof your hoes using candle wax, in the same way, that you use beeswax. Melt the candle wax till it is a clear liquid.

Make sure that the candle wax is white and not dyed. You do not want any of that dye transferring onto the shoes.

For the wax to settle nicely, you will have to make sure that the shoes are clean and dry. Then make sure to test the wax on a part of the shoe that is inconspicuous just in case the material and the waxing method you want to use are not compatible. 

Once you are sure that it is safe, you can then rub the wax all over the outside of the shoe. Coat the entire shoe evenly. There will be a build-up of wax, but this will dissipate once you apply heat.

When you are done waxing the shoe, set the hairdryer to a high heat setting, and then evenly run it over the shoe. 

Hold the nozzle close to the shoe so that the built-up wax can melt. Keep this up until all the wax has melted. Once the entire shoe is done, you can then take it for a test drive.

Pour some water onto the shoes to ensure that the entire shoe is now waterproof. The water should roll off like water off a duck’s back.

Do barefoot shoes have support?

By their very nature, barefoot shoes have the makings and resemblance of walking barefoot. This also means that they do not have much in terms of support.

They are meant to replicate walking barefoot as much as possible, which also means that, there is not much material which is what causes the lack of support.


Shopping for barefoot shoes can be confusing, especially with so many shoes claiming to be barefoot. This is why it is important to be able to tell them apart.

Barefoot rain boots are part of the myriad of shoes made in the barefoot style. We hope that the shoes that we have reviewed help you find your perfect pair. Happy shopping!

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