5 Incredible Barefoot Shoes for Exercise Review

Last Updated: May 27, 2021 @ 9:02 pm

Vivobarefoot shoes for Exercise

One of the most prominent Vivobarefoot video adverts that I have seen shoes a man running and doing manoeuvers and high-intensity jumps in his shoes. The impression that left me with is the importance that they place on creating barefoot shoes for exercise.

They offer you that ground feel that most of us love. There are quite a few of their shoes that would fit in this category in a broad sense. We managed to narrow it down to these 5.

Getting any one of them would be great. One can hardly ever have too many pairs of shoes. That there is the bottom line.

The Vivobarefoot Primus Lite, Vivobarefoot Motus II Mesh, Stealth II Otillo swimrun, Stealth II, and the Primus Hi-Viz. Each of these shoes has its own virtues. These will be highlighted during the reviews.

When placed in different contexts, some weaknesses may appear. These will also be highlighted, if any. Whether you are looking for a good barefoot shoe for running, one for yoga, pilates, or for some high-intensity workout. There is a Vivobarefoot for that.

Each of these shoes is equipped with the patented vivobarefoot PRO5 patented thin puncture-resistant sole. This is a great addition to any pair of barefoot shoes. Less sole is always a concern when it comes to punctures. Knowing that barefoot have a solution for this is incredible.

VivoBarefoot Shoes for Exercise

Vivobarefoot Primus Lite Review

If your shoe’s weight is a key influence on the choice that you make, this is a great pick. The Primus Lite is Vivobarefoot’s lightest running shoe. It weighs 172 grams.

This vision to make this lightest movement shoe possible is not confined to weight. It emphasizes reducing the size of the shoe. Less shoe, more you. The weight claim comes short when compared to some of the shoes in the vivobarefoot swim-run range.

The sole places less emphasis on grip, which makes sense for a shoe geared towards gyms and road running. It excels at both.

Vivobarefoot MOTUS II MESH Review

The Motus II Mesh is a minimalist shoe of the highest order. It provides protection for the foot while allowing free movement. The underfoot grip and the protective toe-guard give added protection for day to day activities.

They keep your feet cool, by use of the breathable mesh. This means that you will be kept cool while exercising.

A great addition that I have not encountered on any other barefoot shoe is the strap that comes over the laces of this shoe. It gives an added hold to the mid-foot. This is great for quick turns, and stop and start exercises.

Vivobarefoot STEALTH 2 OTILLO SWIMRUN Review

This is one of the swim-run shoes that weigh less than the Vivobarefoot Primus Lite. It clocks in at 119 grams. The Stealth II Otillo swimrun is a good pick if you go jogging or are a runner. It has a breathable mesh upper that allows for heat to be emitted freely from your foot, keeping you cool as you run.

The V-Web HEX Mesh Upper means that you will have a shoe that was made support your foot while allowing your foot to move more freely, as it stretches to match the movement.

As a swimrun shoe, you will have the added advantage of a shoe that ejects water and dries quicker than others.

Vivobarefoot STEALTH II Review

If you are looking for something similar to the Stealth II Otillo, but are more of a runner, without the need for the swimming features on the other pair, the Stealth II will do the job.

You will get the same foot support as the Swimrun version provides. The Stealth II stretches to match and facilitate your movement, without any hindrance.

It’s a beautiful-looking shoe, that is minimalist. The colours also mean that they can be used in other contexts outside of exercising. It is a no-sew constructed shoe. Who would have known?

If you are new to wearing barefoot shoes, this is one that I would recommend starting with. The transition is smoother.

Vivobarefoot PRIMUS HI-VIZ Review

Our final pick is the Vivobarefoot Primus Hi-viz. It is a lean and light design. The name gives away the key feature. There is an emphasis on visibility, which is important to me as a keen night runner. It would also be great if you run before sunrise.

The reflective mesh makes sure that you are visible to others as you exercise. The shoe is minimalist and seamlessly constructed. It has a breathable upper, which runners and all fitness enthusiasts will love.

Finally, it also has thermal insole. We know the outdoors can be very cold.

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To conclude, we consider a scenario in which we only have money to buy just one pair. Which one of these would you pick? My choice is influenced by how good looking the shoe is, its key features and whether or not it was made with recycled PET plastic.

Any win for the environment is a win that I celebrate and support. I would also consider the availability of the shoe in a variety of colours. Having a choice is important. Here are my picks based on the criteria highlighted.

  1. Vivobarefoot Stealth II
  2. Vivobarefoot Primus Lite
  3. Vivobarefoot Motus II Mesh
  4. Vivobarefoot Primus Hi-Viz Womens Mesh
  5. Vivobarefoot Stealth II Otillo

I was a bit torn from about 3-5. Let me know if you would pick them in this order. If you already own one of these, would be keen to hear what your experiences have been so far.

Have a look at our ultimate guide for zero drop shoes, if you have any queries on the topic. We have also done a review of 23 Vegan barefoot shoes.

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