Be Lenka Ace: How Good Are These Shoes?

Are you considering buying the Be Lenka Ace sneakers? The thought of barefoot sneakers can sometimes scare a lot of people. If you’ve ever set your sights on a pair, they are not always the better looking of the bunch. Often they are bought by barefoot enthusiasts who understand the benefits of the barefoot lifestyle. 

In this article, we take a look at the Be Lenka Ace sneakers. These are barefoot sneakers, with a sole thin enough to allow you to feel the ground under your feet with very little interference. Some of the key properties that make this a good buy include the comfort, the soles thickness, and how the shoes look. Let’s hit the ground running, shall we?


This is a good looking pair of sneakers that looks almost like a regular shoe. One of the reasons why a lot of people decide against barefoot sneakers is because they look weird. But these are quite elegantly made. They have a casual look about them that allows you to wear them with just about anything. They are stylish and quite trendy as well. 

They come in black, blue, purple and white. Although, to be honest, I don’t find any of these colors to be true colors, they all seem to be variants.


This sneaker is available in sizes 36 to 46. However, it is important to note that they have a wide toe box. If you’ve never bought barefoot shoes before, I would suggest you try on a pair so that you know how shoes with a wide toe box feel.


These sneakers have been designed with an ergonomic fit so that they sit comfortably. It’s important however to remember that barefoot shoes take some getting used to. If it’s your first pair of barefoot shoes, you may need to give your feet some time to adjust. You’ve been wearing regular hard-soled shoes for a while, and now your feet will need a  new definition of comfortable. 

The sole is 4mm thick and it is thin and flexible, allowing you to feel the ground as though you were walking barefoot which is the main aim of the game. Also, the heel has zero elevation, meaning that your toes will be the same height from the ground as your heel. The way your feet were created to be to grasp the ground and send the necessary sensory information to the brain as to how the feet should react.

Also, they are made of breathable material, making them a breeze to wear in the hotter months and climates.


This shoe is hand made and looks like it will last you quite a while. The upper is made of 100%  polyester, the lining is made of textile which is 50 % polyamide and 50 % polyurethane. The insole is 100% cotton and polyurethane foam whilst the sole is made of  TPU


These sneakers are fairly priced, especially considering the great benefits they will be giving your feet. Also considering that they are durable and will last you some time. 


If you’re a vegan or you prefer using vegan products, this product will tick the right boxes for you. Whether you are wearing them in the gym, to work, or a Sunday lunch, you know that you will be comfortable but also looking stylish. Whilst this may not be all that you look for in a pair of barefoot sneakers, we like the Be Lenka Ace sneakers, for an effortlessly stylish looking shoe. If you like bright colours, this, however, may not be the shoe for you. Happy shopping!

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