Be Lenka All-Year Review: An Honest Commentary Of these Shoes

Are you considering buying the Be Lenka All year shoes? When it comes to barefoot shoes, it is essential to find a pair that allows you to feel the ground better and gives you the necessary protection. Considering where you intend to wear the shoes can help ensure that you get the appropriate pair.

You can easily wear the Be Lenka all-year shoes daily. The low elevation means less material between your feet and the ground, making this shoe a true barefoot shoe that you can often wear.


It has a thin level sole, as is the true fashion of barefoot shoes. It has a wide toe box specially designed to ensure enough room for your toes to spread out. The 4mm sole is just thick enough to protect your feet from the ground but also to allow your feet to feel the ground and send the necessary sensory feedback to your brain. 

They are designed to look good with your casual and also formal outfits. The lace-up closure adds to this aesthetic. They come in various colors: copper, mustard, grey, light blue, light pink, carnation, anthracite, beige, brown, black, and grey. You can have your pick, according to what you want to pair the shoes with. For instance, black is usually perfect for wearing formal clothes.


These shoes are available in sizes 36 to 47. However, the wide toe box may make it feel as if the shoes are big. It will be helpful for you to know what size of barefoot shoes you wear. To find your ideal size, add about 0.5 to 1.2centimeters to the length of your foot. You may also make use of a sizing chart to help you figure out your size.

I prefer to try them physically, but this isn’t always an option, especially if you will be shopping online. And even then, be sure to check the fine print concerning returns.


The shoes have a lace-up closure. This can help you feel more secure. Tightening them to a most comfortable level can contribute to making the shoes feel more comfortable. The Be Lenka All year’s are made of soft material that wraps comfortably around your foot. 

However, the 4mm thick sole may not be comfortable for you if used to thick soles. If you are accustomed to barefoot shoes, you may find these shoes to be pretty comfortable. The toe box is wide and allows a lot of room for your toes. This is meant to give you extra comfort, even if you wear the shoe throughout the day.


They are made of high-grade leather. As such, they are very durable. They also have a flexible sole, which allows your foot to grasp surfaces as you walk. 


While they may be slightly higher than some regular shoes, they are not on the high end of the pricing scale. For a barefoot shoe that you can also wear daily, the pricing is reasonable.


Learning to walk in barefoot shoes may take some time, but it is worth it once you get the hang of it. Experts say that it is also gratifying for your stability and health as you walk. Often, we don’t pay enough attention to our foot health, but it’s impossible to ignore when it comes back to bite us. Be Lenka all-year shoes, provide comfort incorporated with a certain fashion sense. 

We hope this guide helps shed more light for you on the Be Lenka all-YEAR’S. Happy shopping!

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