Be Lenka Nord Review: To Buy or Not to Buy?

Are you considering buying the Be Lenka Nord? Off the bat, this is a lovely-looking shoe. It is easily one of the trendy and functional shoes. It has excellent characteristics, such as the fact that both men and women can wear it. 

This is another barefoot shoe from Be Lenka, which is great, especially for people on their feet. 

They have characteristics that make them a great buy for barefoot enthusiasts. In this article, we take a look at these features and what makes them different. Let’s dive in, shall we?


The first obvious thing is that this is a mini boot. So this means that it covers the ankle and a bit of the leg. The look gives you a sense of stylish chic. Also, as it is a barefoot shoe, it has a wide toe box. But Be Lenka makes it a point to keep the shoes still good looking so that it doesn’t look awkward. 

They are made of leather, so they look like they are made for the outdoors. 

In terms of color, the Belenka Nord comes in brown, navy blue, grey, and anthracite. If you are more into bright colors, you may find this shoe and its color variants a bit of a bore.


It is available in sizes 36 to 46. But always keep in mind that barefoot shoes have a wider toe box than regular shoes. If you are not used to the fit, you may think that they are too big.

As such, it helps to know what size you are. However, Be Lenkas sizes are close to regular sizes, so you shouldn’t be too far off. These shoes are lace-ups, and this helps you tighten the shoes as you please. 


The sole on the Be Lenka Nord is 4mm thin. The sole is thin and close to the ground, and it is also flexible. This helps you feel the ground better and have better reflexes and reactions. 

The upper is made of soft leather. It has zero heel elevation, zero toe spring, and a wide toe box.

Also, they are designed such that they are easy to put on and take off. Inside, they have fleece to keep you warm. But this means that they aren’t the best choice in the winter months. They are better used in urban settings and not for sports or rigorous activity such as that. 


They are made of leather, which is a very durable material. They have a lace-up closure, and this too is more durable than, say, a Velcro closure.

They have a protective coat, which helps maintain the shoes’ quality even in harsh weather conditions. 


They are on the high end, but not more than what you would pay for any good pair of shoes. This may be because they are made of premium quality materials that will last quite a while. 


This is a great barefoot shoe if you are looking for a winter shoe to protect you from the cold and moisture. For summer or the hotter months, it may be too hot. We love that it is a unisex shoe, and that makes it versatile. It is comfortable and yet still lets you feel the ground properly so that you can react naturally. 

We think this is a good buy and will give your toes the freedom they need to splay as and how they need to. We hope this article helps you make a more informed decision about the Be Lenka Nord. Happy shopping!

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