Best Barefoot Boots: 5 Picks You Cannot Afford to Ignore

Thinking of getting the best barefoot boots on the market today?

1. Do you need to get a new pair of barefoot boots?

2. Maybe you have just latched onto wearing barefoot sandals, but now its winter and you need to keep warm

3. Or maybe you are looking to give a friend who only wears barefoot shoes, a great gift that he or she will appreciate

Best Barefoot Boots

Vivobarefoot GOBI HI TOP Women's Classic Lace Up Winter Boot [rating stars= "4.0"]
Vivobarefoot Tabi HI Canvas Walking Shoe [rating stars= "4.0"]
Xero Shoes Mika [rating stars= "4.7"]
Xero Shoes Xcursion [rating stars= "4.7"]

Walking around barefoot has amazing benefits, both for your mind and for your body. The longer we wear shoes, our feet conform to an unnatural shape. We were never meant to walk on our toes or with our feet pushed to the front of the shoe and squashed together. Unfortunately, society dictates that this is acceptable, whether you are going about your business or going to work.

Your feet yearn to be allowed to do what they were made to do. The foot has more nerve endings in it than your fingertips and lips. Your feet want to be able to feel the ground beneath you. There are great benefits to walking barefoot. Most shoes prohibit your feet from living the dream and making use of the numerous nerve endings in them. That is where barefoot boots come in handy.

In a Hurry

Are you in a hurry and not sure how to even begin to choose the best barefoot boots.  Here’s a quick guide to getting the best on the market. Look for boots that will keep you warm but will also be close enough to the ground to give you the feeling of walking barefoot.

Also, look for barefoot boots that allow your toes to spread out and grab the ground the way they would if they were not confined to a shoe. Make sure you find boots that fit you properly and find out what material they are made of. This way, you will know how easily they will be able to mold to your feet. You do not want to get a boot that is rigid and defeats the entire purpose. We have done our research and found the best picks on the market.

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick

One of our favorites is the Vivobarefoot GOBI HI TOP Women’s Classic Lace Up Winter Boot. They are made of Imported leather and have a fantastic rubber sole that molds to your foot’s shape—no restrictions, just the ability to walk around as nature intended.

Our Roundup of the Best Barefoot Boots

Vivobarefoot GOBI HI TOP Classic Lace Up Winter Boot 

Suppose you are looking for a utility barefoot boot. This might be the one for you. The Gobi Hi-Top is designed to fit into all sorts of use case scenarios. Of all of the barefoot boots that Vivobarefoot has brought into the market specifically for winter.

This is the one that most people fancy. And, could you blame them. You would only need to look at it to see why this is such a catch. Let us do just that. Starting with the features. The entire upper part of the shoes is made out of Wild Hide Leather. This is certain to deliver some waterproofing. To add to this cause, shearling lining is immaculately done. 

Your underfoot is just as protected. This is courtesy of the puncture-resistant layer that the manufacturers have patented. Injury and protection are some of the major concerns that most users have as they seek to transition. For comfort, you have a leather footbed that ensures that you can go at this with or without your socks. Finally, you will not be at the mercy of the cold either. The 3.5mm thermal insole comes to your rescue.


There are three colours that you can choose from.

The shoes are versatile

They are stylish.

They come with a thermal insole.

They are somewhat waterproof.

There is great arch support provided.

Ample room is available in the toe box.


They can be stiff at the ankles.

At the higher end of the price scale.


Vivobarefoot Tabi HI Canvas Walking Shoe 

If winter is going all out at you, you may as well go all out with your cover. This is what the Tabi Hi Canvas Walking Shoes will help you do. They are boots in the classic sense that we have always known them to be.

The first thing that we noticed was that the entire boot is made out of textile. Key points at the midfoot and ankle have been reinforced. This shoe was designed to bring that minimalist look and feel to the winter boot market. Initial concerns about getting your feet in and out of the shoes are eased by finding out that they have a zip. 

To ensure that you are kept warm, the seams are sealed. A thermal fleece is also added to the mix. If you are wondering, no animal derivatives have been used in the manufacturing of this product. Not only do they keep you warm, but they also keep your feet dry. These things tend to go hand in hand anyway. There is a thermal insole to add to the cause. 


The shoes are very comfortable.

They are impressively warm.

Your feet are kept dry.

There is room for thicker socks.

They are lightweight boots.

They are also quite stylish.


The toe box is narrower than expected.

They do not always run true to size.


Xero Shoes Mika

If you like the Vivobarefoot one above but would prefer laces to a zip, this could be an alternative. The Mika is designed to combine lightweight and comfort. They are not completely barefoot, rather barefoot-inspired. This bridges the gap between those with a barefoot feel and those who are not ready to take that step.

The sole of the shoes is the FeelTrue rubber sole that we have always associated with Xero shoes. For the cooler days, you will have the protection of flannel lining. It compactly covers air pockets to ensure that your feet are kept warm. As if this is not enough, the shoes are also enhanced by the inclusion of heat-reflective insoles. 

For those seeking comfort, you will find it here. They boast of a wide toe box that does not constrain your feet to the minimal room. You also get the advantages that come with having zero drop shoes. For starters, your posture is allowed to be in its natural form. The FeelTrue rubber that we mentioned earlier is famed for allowing your feet freedom of movement. There are no hindrances or constraints to worry about. The shoes are water-resistant.


They are zero drop shoes.

They come with a 5000-mile sole warranty.

They are well insulated for the cold.

There is ample room in the toe box.

Your feet retain freedom of movement.

They are lightweight.

You have two colours to choose from.


The laces can be difficult to undo.

Getting in and out of the shoes is not as easy as expected.


Xero Shoes Xcursion

Perhaps the full-length boots are not what you are looking for. If you would prefer the ankle boot, we have one for you. Enter the Xcursion. This is a boot that is marketed as a performance and comfortable shoe. It delivers on these two promises and much more.

The first thing that you will notice is that the shoes are fairly lightweight. They also come with the FeelTrue rubber soles that we love. These allow your feet the freedom to move and to twist as they would like. The shoes are also barefoot inspired. 

The manufacturer says that the shoes are fully waterproof. We haven’t had the pleasure of testing them to the limit. Having been out in a drizzle with them on, I can confirm that, at the very least, they provide water-resistance. The heel is slightly elevated. They also come with Xero Shoes’ warranty cover. And yes, they are vegan shoes.


They come with a 5000-mile warranty cover.

They are waterproof.

They are very warm.

They are comfortable.

They are lightweight. 

Your feet move without restriction.

There is no break-in period required.


The design is not to everyone’s taste.


Vivobarefoot Tracker Hi FG

The Tracker Hi is a boot that is designed to provide you with the perfect barefoot hiking experience. This is an updated version of the Tracker Hi. One of the first things that you will notice when wearing the boot is how lightweight it is. It is not like we would expect to get from boots that carry similar designs and features. Let us consider some of the features.

The Firm Ground soles each have 3mm lugs to deliver incredible traction no matter what surface you choose to tackle in them. The upper part of the boots is made out of soft Nubuck leather. It is combined with recycled RPET to create the lining. Taking something that would have otherwise ended up in our oceans and landfills to make something so beautiful.

They have used the RPET to create the soft footbed where your feet will rest the entire time. The panels of each shoe are also reinforced with leather. This is a key measure to shield any potential weak spots from water. If you are using the boots in the dark, you will also benefit from the reflective laces. 

To ensure that you have the versatility that we all want, these shoes come with removable insoles. You can, therefore, purchase other Vivobarefoot insoles to get you ready for each of the 4 seasons. They are completely winter-proof.


The shoes are waterproof.

They are winter-proof

They come with a removable insole.

They are made with recycled RPET.

The laces enhance your visibility at night.

The quality of workmanship is good.


They are pricier than others on our list.


Vivobarefoot Scott II Utility

If you would prefer a vegan boot, we ought to introduce you to this one. It is a lightweight boot that is made out of Cordura fabric and synthetic leather. Do not be fooled by the material used on the upper. This boot is geared to take on all sorts of conditions that you may confront with. The beauty of it is that it is also ready for the harsh winter. Let us look at some of its features. 

The upper RPET Cordura fabric is stitched to the hex-flex sole. They have managed to create a very sturdy shoe without robbing the users of the flexibility we associate with the brand. There is a good balance between providing your feet with the support they require and allowing them to move as nature intended them to.

The soles have hexagonal-shaped designs that facilitate traction as you move on both wet and dry surfaces. The Scotty II Utility boot is ready to take on tough terrain and muddy paths. The material is not difficult to clean.  

If you dislike doing your laces as much as I do, you will appreciate the speed lacing system on these shoes. It is designed to allow your feet to slide in easily. They come with removable insoles.


They provide great traction.

The Cordura fabric is easy to clean.

The boots are durable.

They are easy to lace up.

They come with removable insoles.

They are fully vegan.

The design is stylish.


They are pricier than others on our list.


Vivobarefoot Scott 2.0 Desert Leather 

Perhaps you like the one above but would prefer a shoe that is made out of leather. This may be the best alternative for you. As you can tell, the design is almost identical to the Utility boot. One could almost say that “They are cut from the same cloth.”

The upper part of this one is made out of camel leather. The idea was to create a callous boot but maintains the flexibility that Vivobarefoot shoes have. They have certainly excelled in that goal. The shoes are also unexpectedly breathable. 

To ensure that you get good traction, the soles have concave, hexagonal shapes. They are geared to take on all sorts of terrains. The laces have metal eyelets to thread through. This has sometimes been a weak spot in their shoes. They ensured that this one would not have that issue. You will also find that your feet are protected from grit. This is done by ensuring coverage from the bellows tongue construction.

We were pleased to find that the outsoles have the PRO 5 puncture resistance nylon to protect you. You will get enhanced comfort from the padded calfskin collar lining. 


The shoes are very comfortable.

They are puncture resistant.

They are stylishly designed.

They are highly breathable.

They provide a lot of traction.

Grit is kept from entering the shoes.


So far so good


Vivobarefoot Gobi II Leather Walking Shoe

The Gobi II is sold as an everyday shoe. It is a minimalist desert boot that delivers both style and performance. As you know, we absolutely Vivobarefoot shoes. This is one of our absolute favorite ones. The simplicity of the design is what we love the most.

The upper part of the shoes is made out of naturally scarred leather that comes from free-roaming cattle. As you are on the go and want minimalist shoes, you will also be thrilled to know that they are extremely lightweight. Pair that with the barefooted nature of them, and you will find yourself forgetting that you have shoes on at times. 

The ethos of Vivobarefoot is to allow your feet the freedom to move as they were naturally intended to. That is what you will find in these as well. The soles are just as flexible as the upper part of the shoes. Everything about it is kept as thin as possible while remaining as functional as possible.

The upper part of the shoes is naturally scarred, which adds to the product’s longevity. Underneath the soles of the shoes is a great grip. While remaining thin, they ensure that you still get the barefoot sensation under your feet when walking. The soles offer good protection.


There are three designs that you can choose from.

They come with thermal insoles.

We absolutely love the brand.

Overall build quality is great.

They fit very well.


There are some quality control issues.

The laces could be much better.


Buyer’s Guide

Did you know that a quarter of all the bones in the body are located in the foot? Each toe and each muscle in your foot have a specific function, and they all work together to make the foot function like a well-oiled machine. The big toe helps balance the foot. And it acts as a pivot point for movement.

To fulfill this function, the big toe needs a lot of wiggle room. This is why it is important to have a barefoot shoe with a wide toe box. When you stop using muscles, they can become redundant. Wearing overly supportive shoes can leave some of the foot muscles with nothing to do. It can stop the tissues in the foot from working. Natural strength and flexibility can be lost over time.

The best way to get anything out of nature is to let it be. Your feet need the freedom to be as natural as they possibly can be. This is what will get you the best result from your feet. Remember, they carry you through the day, so you need them to be sturdy and reliable.

Barefoot shoes have a great way of keeping you in touch with nature. They allow your feet and toes to grab onto what they need to grab onto. You can connect with your environment more successfully when you are wearing barefoot shoes. 

Now that you are aware of the amazing benefits of walking barefoot, you may have gone out and gotten a pair of barefoot shoes. You may have gotten used to wearing your barefoot shoes through the summer months. But now it is getting cold out, and you still need to have a comfortable pair of shoes. This when you need to start looking for barefoot boots. 

Barefoot boots give you the most realistic feel. You get the feeling that you are walking barefoot. They come in different colors and looks, but they all have one thing in common.

Why are shoes barefoot?

Shoes are designed barefoot to provide the wearer with the best possible feeling of walking barefoot. All the benefits of walking about as nature intended come with barefoot shoes. The zero-drop in barefoot shoes makes them your closest link to feeling the ground beneath your feet. 

Can you wear barefoot shoes every day?

It is largely a matter of personal preference. Being able to walk barefoot has immense benefits, and some may prefer to live this way. The great thing about barefoot shoes and boots is that they can be worn every day as long as you feel you need to wear them. In the same way that ancient civilizations went about their business with bare feet, modern-day society can go about barefoot boots every day.

How do you walk with barefoot shoes?

Barefoot shoes provide the utmost ease when it comes to walking around. This is because they simulate what the foot wants to do, and they follow that natural progression. The foot has its own way of adapting to the ground beneath it and uses the nerves in it and the shock absorbers that it naturally comes equipped with.

Modern-day shoes have provided the unnecessary structure that weakens the bones in the foot. When you start to wear barefoot boots, you challenge your muscles to begin to work again, and the foot returns to its natural way of walking.

Why do I walk on my toes when barefoot?

This habit is sometimes a result of a phobia of allowing the whole foot to sink into the ground. Some do it to avoid calluses, although this is truly nothing to be afraid of. Foot calluses develop as a way to protect the foot. The thickened skin develops when we walk barefoot, and these are nature’s shoes for you.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of how you wound up discovering barefoot boots, you are probably going through this article because you realize how great they are and the benefits they have. Choosing the right pair for you all comes down to personal preference. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. We certainly hope that our top picks help you choose the best barefoot boot you can get your hands on. Happy shopping!

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