11 of The Very Best Ladies Hiking Shoes Reviewed

Best Hiking Shoes for Women

Are you looking for the best hiking shoes for women? When you prepare to go hiking, you must know what to pack and the gear you need. The clothes you wear are as important as what you carry. It is also important to put functionality over what they look like. 

  1. Are you looking to replace your hiking shoes?
  2. Are you in need of a new pair, but you have no clue what you should be looking for as a first-time hiker?
  3. Do you need to buy a pair for someone else, and you are unsure what works best for female hikers?

Womens Hiking Shoes Table

1 Merrell Moab Ventilator
2 Columbia Women's Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot
3 Salomon Women's Speedcross 4 W Trail Runner
4 Adidas Outdoor Women's AX2 Hiking Shoe
5 Merrell Women's Siren Edge Hiker
6 Salomon Women's X Ultra Prime CS Waterproof W Hiking Shoe
7 Xero TerraFlex Trail Running Hiking Shoe
8 Xero Daylite Hiker - Lightweight Minimalist
9 The First Outdoor Women's Hiking Shoe Antiskid Breathable Sport
10 QOMOLANGMA Women's Hiking Shoes Skid-Proof

Hiking refers to taking walks in natural environments. Often times, the more mountainous or scenic the route, the more popular it will be with hikers. This activity has numerous health benefits, which include losing excess weight, decreasing hypertension, and improving mental health. Most people take it up as a fun and educational way to stay fit and take in some fresh air. 

When you go out hiking, there is a lot you need to take into consideration. If you are a first-time hiker, it may help to get opinions and advice from experienced hikers.

Hiking shoes are generally not feminine looking. They will not be the pretty pair that you may be used to. So looks should not be at the top of your list when it comes to these shoes. You will be walking through bushy and sometimes rocky areas, which means you need to make sure that your shoes are super comfortable and can protect your feet.

You don’t want to be concentrating more on where you step than on the scenic trail you are hiking. Your focus should be on the important things, and the reason why you are hiking, not on your shoes or the discomfort they are causing. 

It is important to know exactly what you will be using the shoes for. This will help you prioritize the features found on the shoe. Today, hiking shoes come with several different advanced features that make your life in the shoes, so much better. These are the features you need to look out for and make sure they work for you.

The shoes you want to wear for hiking depend on personal preference. What are the best ladies hiking shoes? There are no set rules about the type of shoes that you have to wear. Most hiking shoes are made for different kinds of terrain.

So when you are going hiking, you should choose the shoes wisely. Especially if you are heading to a backcountry hike or off-grid terrain.

The last thing any hiker wants is for their shoes to fail them when they cannot change them. If you choose the best women’s hiking boots, you will surely enjoy your hiking experience.

We have picked some of the best ladies hiking shoes. By going through the list given below you will get an idea about the various kinds of hiking shoes that are available:

Our Absolute Favourite

Are you in a hurry, and need to know which women hiking shoes you need to get?  A good pair of hiking shoes for women will keep your feet dry, even if you are hiking on wet or muddy trails. This will depend on what you will use the shoes for. It will also have great traction and be very comfortable.

A good pair needs to have the right weight for you, and offer you great support. In this article, we take a look at some of the best women’s hiking shoes on the market today. Our favourite pick is the Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Hiking Boot. It has a lightweight durable midsole for lasting comfort,

superior cushioning, and high energy return as well as an advanced traction rubber sole for slip-free movement on rough ground.  This women’s waterproof hiking boot delivers style and durability with its contrasting colour combinations and soft mesh exterior.

Columbia Women's Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot pair

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus

Made with leather and fabric

It has a lightweight durable midsole

They are very comfortable.

Check The Best Price

Best ladies hiking shoes Reviews

Merrell Women’s Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe

These shoes are made up of leather and fabric and have excellent quality. Their Vibram sole and breathable mesh panels make these shoes extremely comfortable and appropriate for woman hikers. These shoes also have plush cushioning at the tongue as well as the collar.

There is also an ortholite footbed present in these shoes. The customers who already own these shoes are pleased with this product. These are one of the best waterproof hiking shoes available.

They come in the following colors: Taupe, Aluminum/Marlin, Beluga/Lilac, Drizzle/Mint, Sand, Smoke.

Key Features:

  1. Leather and Fabric
  2. Vibram sole
  3. Breathable mesh panels
  4. Ortholite footbed


They have plush cushioning at the tongue as well as the collar.

High customer satisfaction

One of the best water-resistant hiking shoes available.


A structural issue that makes them a little difficult to wear has been reported by some.

Not completely waterproof.

Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot

These shoes are made up of leather and mesh and have excellent soles made of rubber. The length of the shaft from the arch is around 5.25”. This is a hiking boot that is made up of water-resistant full-grain leather.

These shoes are also stain-resistant and the midsole is compression-molded EVA. It has a clamshell racing and also a triangular D-ring. The midsole has technilite cushioning. The customers find these hiking shoes most amazing. These are the ideal hiking boots for women.

Columbia Women's Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot

If you are after something that is built to take on all sorts of weather conditions, these are the ones.

Key Features:

  1. Leather and mesh
  2. Imported
  3. Rubber sole
  4. Shaft measures approximately 5.25″ from arch
  5. Waterproof full-grain leather with Omni-shield water and stain-resistant treatment and compression-moulded EVA foam midsole
  6. Triangular D-ring and clamshell lacing;
  7. Omnigrip lugged outsole
  8. Techlite Cushioning midsole
Columbia Women's Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot walking shoes for women


 This is a hiking boot that is made up of a full-grain leather that is water-resistant.

These shoes are also stained resistant and the midsole is compression-moulded EVA.


Reported become uncomfortable after long walks.

Salomon Women’s Speedcross 4 W Trail Runner

Looking for some running shoes as well? These shoes are available in a variety of attractive colours. It is made up of anti-debris mesh and this textile is resistant to water. It is an imported shoe and has excellent rubber soles.

This is the fourth generation of the legendary Speed cross lug pattern and it is often called a hungry monster because it eats up technical and soft trails. It is appropriate for dirty and wet terrain trail.

It has all the qualities that will help you get protection against the technical trail running. The customers who have bought these shoes say that they do not feel like wearing any other shoes after wearing them. These shoes are possibly the best trekking shoes for women.

Key Features:

  • Anti-Debris Mesh, Water Resistant Textile
  • Rubber sole
  • The fourth generation of our legendary Speedcross lug pattern is an even hungrier monster for eating up soft, technical trails.
  • Feel one with the trail with a precise combination of Sensifit with Quicklace, performance last shape, and endoFit. For wet and dirty terrain trail
  • Just enough to protect technical trail running.
  • Grip – Precise Foothold – Lightweight Protection.
Salomon Women's Speedcross 4 W Trail Runner
Salomon Women's Speedcross 4 W Trail Runner
Contragrip Technology Salomon Women's Speedcross 4 W Trail Runner
Contragrip Technology
Salomon Women's Speedcross 4 W Trail Runner


Excellent rubber soles

Appropriate for dirty, wet, muddy terrain.


Take a while to dry

Not very breathable. May not be best choice for hot, humid conditions.

Reportedly narrower on the inside.

Merrell Women’s Siren Edge Hiker

If you want to get the best hiking boots for women, then these are the perfect shoes for you. These shoes are made of mesh material and are imported from another country. They have a Vibram sole that makes it perfect for hikers.

These shoes are athletically styled and they have certain seamless upper overlays along with ghillie laces and colour-pop webbing. The mesh that it is made up of is breathable and there is an arch shack that is made up of moulded nylon. The bellows tongues keep it away from debris.

walking shoes for women

There is an M-select FIT and also an ECO contoured footbed. The organic odour control system and a Merrell air cushion in the heel are a great addition. This absorbs shocks and adds stability to the shoes.

There is also an air cushion heel that has the capacity to absorb the shock. Apart from this, there is also a Vibram transaction outsole. The customers who have bought these shoes consider it to be the lightest weight and soft waterproof shoes available.

These also come in various designs and colours.

Key Features:

  • Mesh
  • Imported
  • Vibram sole
  • Athletically styled hiker featuring seamless upper overlays with colour-pop webbing and ghillie laces
  • Breathable mesh lining; Molded nylon arch shank
  • Bellows tongue to keep out debris
  • M-Select FIT.ECO contoured footbed with organic odour control, Merrell air cushion in the heel absorbs shock and adds stability
  • Shock-absorbing air cushion heel
  • Vibram traction outsole


Vibram sole, highly regarded among hikers.

Athletically styled.


Organic odour control system.

Lightweight and waterproof features.


Longevity concerns.

Salomon Women’s X Ultra Prime CS Waterproof W Hiking Shoe

Salomon is on to a winner with these ones. The X Ultra Prime CS Waterproof W Hiking Shoes are made up of PU-coated leather or leather coated with waterproof polyurethane.

They are weatherproof and are imported from another country. They have rubber soles that can be removed quite easily.

Most customers are very happy with this product. They say that these shoes are quite well made and provide excellent arch support.

Salomon Women's X Ultra Prime CS Waterproof W Hiking Shoe
Click Image to view on Amazon

Key Features:

  1. Leather
  2. Imported
  3. Rubber sole
  4. Removable insole


  • Waterproof
  • Easily removable rubber soles
  • Excellent arch support

Xero Shoes TerraFlex Trail Running Hiking Shoe

The weight of the shoes is quite light and there is also a feel true rubber sole present. There is also a 4mm lugged sole that helps in providing you with implausible traction. This is suitable for slow, fast, downhill, uphill, wet and dry conditions.

The natural movement, foot first allows your foot helps you to bend your feet quite easily. With this kind of hiking shoes, you will be able to flex, bend and feel the world the way it should be.

There is also a 6mm feel true rubber present along with a bare foam layer that is embedded in it. It definitely smooths out the spots that are rough.

The customers who used these shoes are extremely happy with the product. They say that these shoes are quite sturdy and also have the traction that has an extra grip. These shoes are available in forest and black colour.

I probably should add that these come with a 5000-mile sole guarantee! That is quite some trekking from you, and some belief in the product from the manufacturer.

Key Features:

  1. LIGHTWEIGHT performance and comfort
  2. BAREFOOT-Inspired Feel True rubber sole
  3. TRAIL-GRIPPING — a 4mm lugged sole gives you incredible traction — uphill, downhill, fast, or slow, in dry and wet conditions
  4. COMFORT – The foot-first, natural movement design lets your feet bend, flex, move, and feel the world the way they’re supposed to
  5. PROTECTION – 6mm of FeelTrue rubber, with an embedded 3mm BareFoam layer, smooths out the rough spots



True feel rubber sole

Flex and bend appropriately.

Sturdy, with good grip.


Not the best choice for narrow-footed ladies.

NOTE: TerraFlex runs small. We recommend ordering 1/2 size larger than your normal shoe size. Of course, if this isn’t correct, you can exchange it for the right size.

Xero Shoes Daylite Hiker Lightweight Minimalist

Up for a more minimalistic zero drop shoes approach? These shoes are quite light and so are quite comfortable to wear. The rubber sole that is there is a FeelTrue one and is exceptionally good. There is also a 2mm cushioned insole present in it.

The shoes also have a foot first natural shape with wide toe boxes. This helps your feet to spread and relax. There is also a non-elevated sole present here that is required for maintaining a proper posture. It is also quite durable and is made up of water-resistant ballistic mesh.

Xero Shoes Daylite Hiker - Lightweight Minimalist, Barefoot-Inspired Hiking Boot – Women
Click Image to view on Amazon

There is also a tough tech toe cap present and this product provides you with a warranty of up to 5000 miles. Once you wear these shoes you will feel quite confident and secured.

There are flexible soles present in these shoes that help to connect your foot and respond to the terrain quite well. The dual-chevron treads provide it with an excellent grip.

There are also instep straps and adjustable heels present in these shoes. The customers who have bought these shoes are extremely happy with it.

One of the customers says that these shoes are extremely comfortable and she has been running in it throughout the house from the time it arrived.

Key Features:

  1. LIGHTWEIGHT performance and comfort
  2. BAREFOOT-Inspired FeelTrue rubber sole
  3. LIGHTWEIGHT, minimalist design – Women’s 7 is just 9 ounces each. 6mm FeelTrue sole with optional 2mm cushioned insole
  4. COMFORTABLE, foot-first natural shape – Wide toe boxes let your toes spread and relax. Zero-drop, non-elevated sole for proper posture
  5. DURABLE – water-resistant ballistic mesh upper with ToughTech toe cap. FeelTrue sole has a 5,000-mile warranty
  6. SECURE and CONFIDENT – the flexible sole lets your foot connect and respond to the terrain, dual-Chevron treads give great grip, and the adjustable heel and instep straps hold you in place
  7. NOTE: DayLite Hiker runs small. We recommend ordering 1 full size larger than your normal shoe size. Of course, if this isn’t correct, you can exchange it for the right size.



These shoes are quite light and so are quite comfortable to wear.

The rubber sole that is there is a FeelTrue one and is exceptionally good.

Great from maintaining posture.




Don’t trust the sizing chart.

The First Outdoor Women’s Hiking Shoe Antiskid Breathable Sports Trail Trekking Shoes

These shoes are made up of mesh and suede. There are two parts to these shoes. There is a dual-density compression moulded midsole present and there is also a first grip proprietary rubber outsole present in these shoes.

These shoes have a first comfort air circulation insole that keeps the air present in the insoles quite fresh and eases out the fatigue caused to your foot.

The First Outdoor Women's Hiking Shoe womens walking boots
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There is also a beefy rubber toe cover present in these shoes and so your feet are very well protected in these shoes. The soles are also quite stiff that helps in removing the discomfort that is caused to the foot and is appropriate for climbing the rocky terrains.

These were the first outdoor hiking shoes that were manufactured and they are quite comfortable, rockered and ready for all kinds of actions.

 The First Outdoor Women's Hiking Shoe Antiskid Breathable Sports Trail Trekking Shoes

One of the customers said that these shoes are appropriate for walking in the icebergs and the soles are also non-slippery that makes them ideal for use in the rainy season.

Key Features:

  1. NOTE: Please choose your size according to your feet length
  2. The sole consists of two parts; a dual-density compression moulded midsole and a First-Grip proprietary rubber outsole
  3. First-Comfort@ air circulation insole, keeps the air in your shoes is fresh and alleviate your foot fatigue
  4. Foot protection is also superior with a beefy rubber toe cover and stiff soles to quell discomfort on pointy, rocky terrain
  5. THE FIRST OUTDOOR hiking shoes is form-fitting and comfortable right out of the box, rockered and ready for action


Stiff sole for rock climbing

Protective feature for toes

Comfort air circulation insoles.


It may be considered heavy by some users.

Adidas Outdoor Women’s Terrex AX2R Shoe

These shoes are made up of an extremely comfortable textile and are manufactured in the United States. There is also a rubber sole present in the shoes.

The shaft measures approximately from the low to the top, starting from the arch. The sock liner of these shoes is molded, and this makes it quite comfortable. They can also easily fit your foot.

There is also a midsole present and this has a very lightweight. This sole is also perfect for cushioning in the long run. The outsole is made up of a super high traction rubber that is best suitable for the wet weather conditions.

They also provide you with an optimal grip. There is also an adiPRENE insert in the midsole that helps in shock and comfort absorption. It has a TRAXION outsole present that helps in providing maximum grip in all the different directions.

The customers who bought this product said that they are extremely satisfied with it. They can be cleaned quite easily and the red soil marks can also be removed quite easily.

Key Features:

  1. Textile
  2. Made in USA or Imported
  3. Rubber sole
  4. Shaft measures approximately Low-Top” from arch
  5. Sockliner: Molded sock liner to enhance comfort and fit.
  6. Midsole: Lightweight EVA midsole for long-term cushioning.
  7. Outsole: Super High Traction Rubber for optimal grip in wet conditions.
  8. Midsole: adiPRENE insert for comfort and shock absorption.
  9. Outsole: TRAXION outsole for maximum grip in all directions.


Comes with a sick liner, for added comfort.

Lightweight EVA midsole for long term cushioning.

High traction rubber grip for wet conditions.


Reported smaller feet buyers found these less comfortable.

QOMOLANGMA Women’s Hiking Shoes

The Qomolangma Women’s hiking shoes skid-proof walking sneakers are made of PU mesh. The sole is made of rubber. This makes them extremely breathable.

The mesh and the PU leather provide you with a premium outdoor feel and these shoes are also quite durable. The synthetic overlays and the textiles add strategic support to these shoes.

QOMOLANGMA Women's Hiking Shoes for women
Click Image to View on Amazon

There is also a TPU present in front of the shoes that will protect your feet against collision. The beefy rubber outsole with special traction control systems is one of the best features of this shoe. There are also certain insoles present in these shoes.

These shoes have lace-up closure that provides you with a customized fit. But when you buy these shoes, make sure that you get the right size that will fit the length of your feet.

QOMOLANGMA Women's Hiking Shoes hiking boots for women

Key Features:

  1. PU mesh
  2. Imported
  3. Rubber sole
  4. PU leather and mesh for premium outdoor feel more breathable and durability
  5. Textile and synthetic overlays adding strategic support
  6. The TPU at the front of shoes can protect your feet from anti-collision
  7. Beefy rubber outsole with special traction control and insoles
  8. Lace-up closure allows customized fit all around the foot. Please choose the correct shoe size according to the foot length


  • Durable.
  • Premium Outdoor feel.
  • Protection in the event of a collision.
NAMEAverage RATINGIMAGEWhere to buy
Vivobarefoot SHARPEI ECO SUEDE5 Starshttps://equipawoman.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/sharpei-vegan-boot-chestnut-1.jpg
Vivobarefoot GOBI HI 2.0 ECO CANVAS
Vivobarefoot GOBI II CANVAS
Vivobarefoot GOBI II SWIMRUN
Vivobarefoot KANNA
Vivobarefoot LOTTE ECO SUEDE
Vivobarefoot PRIMUS LITE
Vivobarefoot STEALTH II
Vivobarefoot MAGNA TRAIL
Vivobarefoot PRIMUS TRAIL FG
Vivobarefoot PRIMUS TRAIL SG
Vivobarefoot Vivobarefoot ULTRA III
Vivobarefoot ULTRA III BLOOM
Vivobarefoot MOTUS II MESH

Buyer’s Guide

There are different features to factor in when going shopping for a good pair of women’s hiking shoes, and here are some of them.

Are they waterproof?

Depending on where you intend to be using them or what you intend to use them for, this is a useful feature to consider. For example, if you are looking for a trail running shoe or low cut hiking shoe, then this feature will not be the best for you.

This is mainly because a low cut hiking shoe is likely to get water in it anyway so the waterproofing feature will be rendered useless. This feature is most useful in cold spring and fall conditions or in areas prone to rainfall. Ultimately before you commit, make sure you know what you will be using the shoe for.

What do they weigh?

Heavier shoes usually have more support, bigger toe caps, and sometimes metal stay rods for torsion stabilization. Lighter shoes can go all the way down to a minimalist trail running shoe with no cushion. The key is to strike a balance and get the shoe that is best for you. It would be best if you protect your feet, and you also need cushioning. Consider that the more weight on your feet, the more strain on your back. 

Above the Ankle vs Low Cut?

You can get hiking shoes in various designs and cuts. You can get a low-cut shoe and an above-the-ankle women’s hiking shoe. If you have chosen to go with the waterproof shoe, then it is a no-brainer. You also have to get the high cut. It all boils down to the trails you intend to hike. Some hikers say that a high-cut boot will give you ankle support and stabilization. But then again, the issue of comfort is always subjective.

Toe Cap

Hiking can be rough on the feet if you are in the wrong shoes. This is why it is essential to get shoes that will protect your feet. If you’ve ever snubbed your manicured toe against something hard, you will distinctly remember how unpleasant it can be.

It, therefore, goes without saying that your toes need to be protected. Hiking shoes come with a toe cap, a piece of firm rubber that extends over the top of the toe and sometimes round the sides. Make sure the shoes you choose have a toe cap.


It would be best if you are looking for hiking boots that allow your feet to breathe. You do not want your hike to be hampered by sweaty feet. We all know that sweating in your shoes can make your feet slippery. This will, of course, make walking and, subsequently, hiking a little uncomfortable.  


Look for a pair of shoes that will give you great traction. Traction refers to how well your shoe will grip the ground. This becomes especially critical when climbing hills or when walking down inclines. Good traction will prevent you from slipping. This is one of the most important aspects you have to consider. Hiking can be hazardous and unnecessarily difficult if you go into it ill-prepared.

Final Thoughts

A great hiking shoe for women can be both a task and a joy to shop for. Let us face it, shopping for shoes can be both a bore and great fun, depending on how you prefer the cookie to crumble. Hiking shoes have specific requirements that make them special. If you have ever tried hiking with ordinary shoes that are not made for it, then you will know just how dangerous and annoying it can be.

A good hike needs you to be well prepared in every way. Take your hike into your hands and get the perfect shoes for the job. Shoes that will be comfortable, have the right weight for you and provide great traction.  There is no need to feel like it is an impossible thing to find. We hope this article and our top picks, help you in making the right decision for your feet on your next hike. Happy shopping!

One of the most important things that you need to remember when deciding on hiking footwear is the amount of tread that is required.

The tread helps in gripping on uneven terrain. This will prevent you from slipping on the downhill slopes. If you want to go for a walk, it is always recommended for you to buy good women’s walking boots.

Make sure they are fit for the activity and terrain that you are taking on.

These shoes should offer both steadiness and support. If you want to hike the backcountry with a backpack. You will likely require a hiking boot that will have more stiff midsoles and ankle coverage.

If you feel that your ankles have a tendency to sprain easily, opt for higher ankles. The hiker ankle boots offer steading support to your ankles.

There are also certain hiking shoes that are referred to as trail runners and these shoes give the feel of a sneaker/trainer. They are quite light but offer great tread and support.

When you go hiking you may come across water. Waterproof lined hiking boots are key. This will allow you to take on rain and streams without trouble.

These hiking shoes are made up of mesh materials that allow moving through streams and wet areas with these shoes and get dried up easily.

There are different types of hiking shoes available and you need to choose the one that caters to your needs.

If you love hiking, buying great hiking shoes are extremely important for you. If you do not buy the right kind of shoes you may dampen your own experience rather than enhancing it.

There are a number of shoes available on the market and choosing the right shoes from amongst them becomes a little confusing at times. So if you go through this article then you will be able to get a good idea about some of the best shoes available in the market.

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