Best Socks for Hiking in Water: 5 Tried and True Picks

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Are you looking for the best socks for hiking in wet weather and environments? With the several benefits that you get from hiking, it means there are scores of people who seek to take up hiking across the globe.

In this article, we take a look at the type of socks you should be looking for to hike wet trails. 

In a Hurry

Are you looking for a quick guide to buy the best socks to use on a wet hike? There are a few factors you need to take into consideration. You will need to think about the material, arch support, breathability, how they fit, the warranty on them, and how much they weigh. Socks are made of different materials and these will influence how your socks interact with water. The kind of waterproof socks recommended for a hiker should provide enough reinforcement for the arch against pain.

When it comes to the breathability of the socks, you should choose socks that have high breathability. Sometimes waterproof socks that have low breathability, can cause the feet to overheat during the hike.

Our Top Pick

MEIKAN Unisex Digital Printing Waterproof Breathable Hiking Trekking Ski Socks

We have gone through the different socks available for hiking in wet weather and on wet trails and found our favourite to be the MEIKAN Unisex Digital Printing Waterproof Breathable Hiking Trekking Ski Socks. The smooth toe seam eliminates bulky seams to reduce abrasion and provide extra blister protection. The deep heel cup style with full wrap prevents your socks from slipping into your boots or shoes. They have a specific left and right design to fit your feet perfectly with added comfort. The non-slip ribbed top keeps the sock in place.

Reviews of the Best Socks for Hiking in Water

RANDY SUN Unisex Waterproof & Breathable Hiking Socks

RANDY SUN Unisex Waterproof & Breathable Hiking Socks

If you’re going to be using the socks in the water we may as well start by telling you that they are 61% waterproof. This is due to the fact that they’re made out of waterproof nylon they then have 32% polyester, 7% Elastane.

There is no question as to how lightweight these socks are this makes them incredibly comfortable for long-distance hikes as well as for use in situations with fatigue would creeping.

One of the things that worry most uses about waterproof socks is their usual lack of breathability.

You will be thrilled to find that the socks are fairly breathable this is courtesy of the membrane lining which is made out of 66% Coolmax 30% polyester and 4% Elastane.

There are no gender or age limitations that are tied to the socks. Boys, girls, women and men can all use the socks. Now back to the properties.

Beyond being waterproof they are also windproof which is a great feature for tracking skiing and other similar activities with where you are likely to encounter a gust of wind. The manufacturers back their products.

I know that we have mentioned hiking but these are socks that are made for day-to-day use. You can use them for all sorts of sporting activities as well as just a regular day.

You don’t even have to be active. They are known to keep your feet bus dry and in general well-being. The soles of the socks are quite lightweight although they are questioned.

For washing them a hand wash is highly recommended. You may also miss your mail so machine washes them provided you keep the temperature under 40° and do not iron or tumble dry them. Allow them time to dry up naturally.


  • You get to choose from exciting and elaborate designs.
  • These socks are quite waterproof.
  • They are reasonably breathable.
  • They protect you from the wind.
  • You can get them for men and women as well as kids.
  • They can be machine washed.
  • They are well-cushioned.


  • It cannot be tumble-dried.
  • Available at only one length.


MEIKAN Unisex Digital Printing Waterproof Breathable Hiking Trekking Ski Socks

MEIKAN Unisex Digital Printing Waterproof Breathable Hiking Trekking Ski Socks

Speaking of elaborate and exciting designs on socks here is another one. I am no expert on art so forgive me if I’m wrong but these look as though they have some sort of abstract art across the front of the socks stretching all the way to just above the toes.

If that’s not your thing they are other options that you can pick from ones that are off to colour variation without as much of the elaboration or you could also go with a regular single colour sock. 

Now onto the features of actually matter. These socks are both waterproof and breathable. According to the manufacturer that 100% waterproof due to a lightweight membrane that prevents water molecules from penetrating the socks.

They are also designed to be breathable as we’ve already mentioned the breathability is facilitated by Porelle membrane as well as the Sun cool and bumble fabric. These combine two weeks went away from your skin.

Beyond keeping your feet dry it also means that there is no stench or odour developing. This is important with are you using the socks for sports or exercise or perhaps even just wearing them on a date today.

The fit of the socks can be described as performance comfort the smooth toe same gets rid of the usual clunkiness that we find with other socks.

Once this is out of the way there is much less abrasion which means the likelihood of getting blisters diminishes.

The heel of those socks is off a deep cup style which for the wraps and round your ankle. This makes them suitable for use in regular shoes as well as in boots the top of the socks is of a nonslip ripped variety this means it stays in place it doesn’t slide down the cuff. 

From a material point of view, the Sox are made out of 93.1% polyester, 6.9% spandex. The toe and heel are made out of 53% CoolSun, 34.7% nylon, 10.8% polyester and 1.5% spandex. The lining is made out of 70% bamboo Ryon and 30% nylon.


  • The socks come in funky, exciting designs.
  • They do not slide down the cuff.
  • They are well cushioned from heel to toe.
  • They are waterproof.
  • They are reasonably breathable.
  • They have antibacterial properties.


  • Some users say theirs were not 100% waterproof.


Showers Pass 100% Waterproof Crew Wool Socks 

Showers Pass 100% Waterproof Crew Wool Socks

I would expect does not have the same exciting looks that the other two above it have. They do not inspire the same sort of excitement or confidence that that is due.

Didn’t your mother ever tell you never to judge a book by its cover? Well, this is one of those times where the lessons come in handy.

These socks are made out of a three bonded layer that is constructed in a sandwich-like manner. It has a polyurethane waterproof breathable membrane.

This is a proprietary design exclusive to shower pass. It combines away resistant needs exterior with a moisture wicking antibacterial Merino wool lining. 

What do you get from the socks are feet that remain dry weather you are caught in the rain or end up in a puddle. There is a tech membrane which is ultra-thin but surprisingly waterproof.

It has a molecular structure that allows the membrane to stretch while keeping the pause of the same membrane quite compact so as to restrict the movement of water. This is how you get a combination of breathability and waterproof. 

Another feature that goes a long way in ensuring that the membrane is waterproof is a seamless lining they do not use the usual flat plywood foot shape.

You also find that the socks have a wide toe box that is well padded to provide you with insulation and to ensure that the socks are durable.

From a material perspective, we have already mentioned that they are three layers. The inner part of the sock is made out of Merino wool at 40%, 40% acrylic, 70% nylon and 2% spandex.

The outer layer of the sock is made out of 70% nylon, 15% polyester, and 7% spandex. The waterproofing extends all the way up to the mid-calf region.


  • The socks are waterproof
  • They are durable
  • They are highly breathable.
  • They are wind resistant.
  • They dry up very quickly.
  • They are designed or be a better fit for the human foot.


  • Cannot be machine washed.
  • The design is not as exciting as the others.


SealSkinz 100% Waterproof Soft Touch Mid Length Socks

We have become way more familiar with this brand from the UK. If you have not encountered them, let us introduce you to Sealskinz. These socks are designed to be of high-performance.

One of the first things that you will notice when you put them on how thin they are. This makes them incredibly lightweight. Do not let that cast any doubt on your mind as to how waterproof they are.

They stretch all the way up to the mid-length region. The waterproofing covers the entire sock. The socks have made use of the Stretchdry technology, which enhances their ability to be waterproof as well as windproof while remaining breathable.

This makes these socks a lot more versatile than you would find from other pairs.

They provide a good amount of ankle support, mainly due to their elasticity on the ankle and the instep.

The hydrophilic membrane is present on the outer part of the sock. It is the one that allows moisture to leave the socks but resists it from coming in.

The inner part features a smooth bamboo which is very comfortable when it comes into contact with your skin. It is the one that is responsible for delivering some antimicrobial features as well as thermal control.

It also keeps your feet smelling fresh and your skin dry and free from blisters.

From a material point of view, the inner part of the socks is made out of 75% bamboo, 23% nylon, 2% elastane. The membrane is a hydrophilic membrane.

The outer layer of the socks is made out of 90% Polycon polypropylene, 7% nylon, and 6% elastane. They are of regular thickness and can be machine washed.


  • The socks are waterproof.
  • They are fairly breathable.
  • They are made in the UK.
  • They are windproof.
  • They have moisture-wicking capabilities.
  • They possess anti-microbial features.
  • They have good elasticity in the ankle and cuff regions.
  • They can be machine washed.


  • There are no designs/colors to choose from.
  • They are more expensive than other options on this list.


Bridgedale 1 Pair 100% Waterproof Lightweight Boot StormSocks

The final pick is somewhat understated in design when compared to some of the other ones we’ve had on this list. That isn’t to say nothing about the actual features of the socks.

After all, these are what matters more than how the socks look. Neither are we saying that the design is particularly poor or boring.

We can, however, say that the others just have a better look. Okay now onto the features. The first thing that you will be pleased to find is that the socks feature a close-fitting design which makes them ideal for use in all sorts of other activities.

This is the same feature that makes them water-resistant to a great degree. You will be pleased to know that they are completely breathable. You will not need any additional installation as they provide all of it.

According to the manufacturer, the socks are 100% waterproof. We can also confirm that they are perfect for wearing boots. They feature those three layers that we discussed with one of the other products on this list.

The cover is that they provide is for the foot the lower leg as well as the meat cough. As you would expect the layer that comes into contact with your skin is designed to be the softest.

It is made out of merino rich Fusiontech. They also made an effort to make sure that this layer has antibacterial properties.

It is also the one that is responsible for wick away moisture from your skin. This obviously makes sense seeing as it’s the one that comes into contact with your skin.

The outer layer of the sock is made up of nylon. It is the one that is responsible for ensuring that there is as little abrasion as possible from the shoe.

You will probably appreciate the fact that the socks provide a reasonable amount of support. From a material perspective, it is made out of 95% nylon, 5% elastane.

The inner part of the socks is made out of 45% polyester, 7.5% nylon, and 2.5% alas Dane.

The membrane is 100% pay you. The seams are off a flat toe type. I’m happy to tell you that they can be machine washed as long as you stay below 41°.


  • The socks are waterproof.
  • They are incredibly breathable.
  • They have antimicrobial properties.
  • They provide great arch support.
  • They wick moisture away from your skin.
  • They are windproof.
  • They can be machine washed.


  • Do not have many colour options.
  • The jury is still out on how durable they are.


Buyer’s Guide

Hiking is such great fun and can be extremely beneficial. It has been known to reduce symptoms of life-threatening conditions. You must know what to carry.

Hiking has amazing benefits on your entire being, both your physical and mental well being can be improved by this activity.

It will, therefore, mean that there are many trails that people hike on, all with different weather patterns and so it is important to know how to hike in water or if it is even possible or advisable. 

Trails across the world go through different terrain and as such some of them are in wet conditions. What type of gear do you need to wear in such situations?

  1. Are you looking for the best socks to wear through water?
  2. Perhaps you want to go hiking in an area that is prone to rain
  3. Or maybe it has been raining and you expect the trail to be wet in some areas and now you need to know what you should be wearing. 

Is it OK to hike in the rain?

It is possible to hike in rainy weather. It simply means that you need to take extra care. You will need to watch where you step and make sure you are not stepping in any ditches. Rain can cover up any ditches that can be very harmful and dangerous.

Drainages around recent fire activity can be particularly unstable to mud and debris flows. In climates with snow, heavy rain can destabilize snow and increase the risk of an avalanche.

Before you go hiking, make sure to check the weather forecast and know what to expect. 

What to wear while hiking in the rain?

Choosing the right clothes for hiking in wet weather is important. Just like you would need to wear waterproof shoes, or a raincoat when walking in the rain on a normal day, You will need to wear specific clothes on the trail when it is raining.

Some of the special clothes are necessary for keeping you dry, whilst the others are necessary to protect you from the elements.

Layering your clothes is a useful tactic when going hiking. It helps your body regulate its temperature. For example, you can wear workout tights under your pants, or a long-sleeved T-shirt under your shirt.

Just make sure that it is made of lightweight fabric that will not restrict your movement. Layering helps you adjust to changing temperatures. 

You can also carry a lightweight hoodie. 

Do not put a raincoat over your plain clothes. To retain heat and also to avoid getting wet, wear a hoodie with long sleeves.  Soft, warm material will protect you from the cold air and will keep rain from getting through the shirt.

A polyester jacket is another great piece of clothing you will need when going hiking. You will need to make sure that it is a waterproof breathable jacket.

Regardless of whether it is raining or not, this is a great type of jacket to go hiking with. Make sure to choose high-quality wind resistant waterproof hiking trousers.

They need to be comfortable and breathable. They must have a durable water-resistant coating, which prevents liquids from passing through the fabric.

Your socks will need to be just as waterproof as the rest of your outfit. Get warm socks that have all the hiking features necessary, topped with being waterproof.

Make sure you also get gaiters, which are worn over boots to protect your feet from water and mud. They are normally made of nylon and are fastened in different ways.

When it comes to hiking boots and shoes you will choose, make sure that they will be waterproof and lightweight too. Also, make sure that they have the right traction to keep you from slipping in the mud.

Another great addition to your hiking in the rain gear is a baseball cap. These are great in that they are designed to protect your eyes from the elements.

How do you hike in the mud?

Hiking in the mud can be tricky if you do not do it the right way. The first thing you will need to get, is the right shoes, along with the proper gear to help you keep your footing.

Trekking poles will aid you in this. When hiking on muddy trails, remember that they are susceptible to erosion. This means you will need to stick to the middle of the trail. 

What do you do when your feet get wet while hiking?

If your feet get wet whilst hiking it means that you were not adequately protected. You will need to remove them as soon as you can. Swap them out for a dry pair.

However, if this is not an option, there are other ways to cut the cookie. Before you go on the hike, make sure your shoes are a half size too big.

This is because your feet will expand on the trail and added moisture will make it feel like they are even smaller. Avoid waterproof shoes. Trail runners or hiking boots with lots of mesh that will allow water to quickly escape are preferred.

You can also choose and train in mid to lightweight socks of synthetic fibers or merino wool that will quickly shed moisture. 

Can it be dangerous to wear compression socks?

Compression socks are designed to fit tight. They compress your legs and improve your blood flow to your heart. This makes your hiking experience more comfortable.

There are no proven studies to show if they are dangerous or if they prevent injury. The decision is entirely up to you and how they make you feel.


Hiking socks are imperative when picking out the gear, you will go out on the trail with. The socks you choose are determined by some factors, such as the weather of the place you will be hiking in.

This means that you will need to know the weather forecast before you set out. We hope that our reviews have helped you find your best pair. Happy shopping! Do yourself a favour and have a look at our article on Best Hiking Socks for Warm Weather.

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