5 Best Zero Drop Casual Shoes: 5 Ultimate Picks

Are you looking for the best zero drop casual shoes? If you are a regular in the shoe store and an avid minimalist shoe wearer, you will be familiar with Zero Drop. This is the term used to describe a running shoe designed with no heel drop.

It means there is no descent from the heel to the toe. Having your foot this flat promotes a more even bent knee landing, making a more balanced natural feeling shoe. Having such great features in a shoe will make you want to wear them as often as possible. 

Best Zero Drop Casual Shoes

Photo Name What We like
Saucony Cohesion 10 Running Shoe Quite suitable for heavy athletes Offer maximum comfort and support Lightweight to support athletes with knee problems
OLUKAI Moku Casual Shoes Elastic lacing system for easy on and off use The outsole is all-weather Lightweight to reduce fatigue
ALTRA CAYD Sneaker Made from premium leather The sophisticated style which makes them adorable Excellent foot shape which offers the best comfort
Vivobarefoot Gobi II Has a textured rubber sole for great traction Have wide toe box and no heels Easy to clean and maintain
vivobarefoot Ra Ii Waterproof and all-weather shoe Made from quality textile and synthetic materials The excellent wide toe box

One reason why zero drop shoes are so popular is that they align the ball of the foot evenly with the heel. The heel and ball end up the same height from the ground. The comfort of zero drop shoes will have you wanting to be in them all time, and this will lead you to look for casual zero drop shoes. This article explores the zero drop shoes on the market that you can both be comfortable in and look good.

In a Hurry

Do you need a quick guide to buying the best zero drop shoes for casual occasions? There are a few things you will need to consider. First of all, think about where you intend to wear them. This will determine the general design of the shoe you pick. It will also determine the shoe’s midsole, outsole, and insole. If you get the one you need, you can avoid having to buy extra insoles.  

Also, look at the shoe sole technology. This will differ from one manufacturer to another. Think about your specific needs before you commit to a particular shoe. Also, consider the weight of the shoe and if you can easily walk in them. Think about the shoe’s flexibility and how they will feel on your feet. You will also want to consider the material the shoe is made of and if it is breathable or not.

Our Top Pick

OLUKAI Men's Moku Casual Shoes

We have done our homework and found our favorite pick to be the  OLUKAI Men’s Moku Casual Shoes. These are made of canvas, mesh, microfibre, and rubber. They feature a drop-in heel design that offers both a shoe or slide functionality. It has stretch bootie construction for barefoot wear and medial water drainage ports. The shoe also has a lightweight, breathable mesh upper with a stretch air mesh tongue and gusset. It also has an elastic lacing system to allow you to take the shoes on and off easily. the shoe also has a dual-density anatomical PU footbed with a polyurethane gel insert.

Product Reviews for the Best Zero Drop Casual Shoes

Saucony Cohesion 10 Running Shoe

Saucony Cohesion 10 Running Shoe

If you are looking for zero drop casual shoes, it is recommended to consider Saucony men’s cohesion since it is the most respected running shoes.

The running shoe has excellent cushioning, flexibility, and comfort for facilitating any activities that involve long distances.

The rubber sole and grid injected with EVA enable the user to focus on the activity rather than the running gear.

The most wonderful thing about the running shoe is that they are lightweight and this makes ideal for runners with knee problems to hit the trail.

Besides that, the outsole has greater traction, and the chances of slipping while running are almost zero. It is the factor that has made them quite popular in the market.

Also, the outsole has been made from high-quality material and bounce rate, making them suitable heavy runners. The depreciation rate of the outsole is quite minimal.

The mesh upper surface makes the running shoe breathable. Hence help prevent the accumulation of sweat from the feet while running.


  • Quite suitable for heavy athletes
  • Offer maximum comfort and support
  • Lightweight to support athletes with knee problems
  • Relatively affordable and manageable
  • Insoles offer excellent support
  • Made from high-quality materials


  • Limited to the neutral and underpronator
  • Toe box too small and roomy midfoot
  • Lack of arch support


OLUKAI Moku Casual Shoes 

OLUKAI Moku Casual Shoes

Shopping for casual shoes with zero drops tends to be quite daunting, but Olukai men’s moku casual shoes have the perfect solution.

The canvas and rubber shoes are lightweight, moving from one point to another quite simple and easy.

Besides that, the meshed surface facilitates breathability and prevents sweat accumulation when hitting the road for a casual walk.

The most beautiful thing is the design and microfiber material, making the casual shoe have an excellent appearance.

The mesh tongue and gusset are elastic. This is something that makes it easier and simple to put on. The lacing up system is suitable for easy on or off use.

Another interesting fact about casual shoes is the presence of medial water drainage ports, making them ideal for wet season or terrain.

Unfortunately, they are overpriced when trying to compare with the quality of material behind the shoe’s construction. The material is less durable.


  • Elastic lacing system for easy on and off use
  • The outsole is all-weather
  • Lightweight to reduce fatigue
  • Meshed surface to enhance breathability
  • The footbed is removable and washable
  • Medial water drainage ports making them ideal for wet seasons


  • Not durable
  • Relatively expensive when compared to the quality
  • Tend to be uncomfortable




ALTRA is a shoe manufacturing company that has been in the industry for some decades, and they dedicate to offer quality shoes for their customers.

Men’s CAYD sneakers are some of the zero drop casual shoes offered by Altra, and they are made from a premium leather material to enhance the long-lasting experience.

The rubber sole is highly elastic and flexible to facilitate better performance while hitting the road for a walk down the street.

The casual shoe has an excellent foot shape that offers maximum comfort after wearing them—genuine leather foster durability and high-quality.

The modern and sophisticated style makes the shoe excellent for a daily casual shoe. It comes in different colors to perfectly suit your fashion style.

One thing that makes the shoe the best compared to other casual shoes is the wide toe box. The feature has made the shoe receive lots of praise from many people.


  • Made from premium leather
  • The sophisticated style which makes them adorable
  • Excellent foot shape which offers the best comfort
  • Meshed upper and side surface for breathability
  • An adorable design for an everyday casual shoe


  • Relatively expensive
  • Narrow toe box
  • Lack of cushion around the heel
  • Does not come with a warranty
  • Rough around the collar hence can cause blisters 


Vivobarefoot Gobi II

Vivobarefoot Gobi II

Vivobarefoot Gobi II are excellent zero-drop casual shoes made from quality leather and synthetic materials. The materials foster the durability of the shoe.

The most wonderful thing about the shoe is the wide toe box, which helps prevent nerve-tingling issues on the feet. It is a perfect choice for casual shoes for people with wide feet.

Besides that, the textured rubber sole creates excellent traction and grip while walking on the floor. However, they tend to squeak when walking on the polished floor.

The rubber sole tends to be quite thin to bring out that barefoot feel. The lightweight nature makes the feet feel quite comfortable, especially when walking over a long distance.

The casual shoes’ lacing system is excellent since it has three holes that make the work of pulling up quite simple.

The price attached to the shoe is relatively high, but it is worth it based on the shoe’s quality and general design.


  • Has a textured rubber sole for great traction
  • Have wide toe box and no heels
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Made from quality leather hence durable


  • Tend to squeak on the polished floor
  • Interior coating has rawish leather
  • Difficult to put on when new
  • Relatively expensive to acquire


vivobarefoot Ra II

vivobarefoot Ra II

Vivobarefoot is a giant brand company in the shoe industry, and it has recently started receiving praises from across the globe.

The Vivobarefoot men’s Ra Li is made from genuine leather and high-quality textile, resulting in a long-lasting experience.

The Dri-Lex treated lining on the leather surface makes the shoe waterproof and all-weather casual shoes. The treatment makes the water drip off after landing on the surface.

The rubber sole is elastic and flexible, which conforms to the feet to bring out that barefoot feel after wearing them.

The most amazing thing about casual shoes is that they have a zero-rise heel making them the perfect choice for zero drop casual shoes in the market.

But that’s not all. The soft and pliable upper leather brings out amazing comfort to the user. However, the insole tends to tilt and get loose after some time.


  • Waterproof and all-weather shoe
  • Made from quality textile and synthetic materials
  • The excellent wide toe box
  • Has soft and pliable upper leather
  • Zero rises hence ideal zero-drop casual shoes
  • 100% barefoot feel


  • Has no repair center in the USA
  • Outsole prone to wear and tear
  • Insole tend to be loose
  • Do not have a nice looking after a couple of month usage
  • Relatively expensive


Buyer’s Guide

What is a zero drop shoe?

A zero drop shoe is a shoe that has absolutely no elevation difference between the forefoot and the heel of the foot. It puts your foot at the same level as it would be if you were walking barefoot. It is a shoe with no difference in thickness whatsoever. This means the sole has the same thickness under the heel as it does under the forefoot. Our feet naturally do not have elevated heels, and as such, shoes with zero drop are the best in replicating the natural way of walking.

What are zero drop shoes good for?

Zero drop shoes are more popular in running shoes and for people who spend a lot of time on their feet and want to be comfortable. They are good for allowing your toes to spread properly and also to improve your form and posture. They help to re-align your feet. The added strength in your foot will raise your arch and increase the foot’s natural shock absorption while improving your lower body’s alignment.

Can you wear barefoot shoes every day?

You have switched or are thinking of switching to barefoot shoes because you need comfortable shoes throughout the day. People who can not be on their feet for long are normally on the lookout for the best barefoot shoes.

You will probably need to make sure that you can wear them every day. The more you wear your barefoot shoes, the better. Just make sure that you have more than one pair so that you do not wear them out. If the shoes are made of a material like leather, then you will want to give them some time to break them in. After that, you can wear them every day.

Are Zero Drop shoes good for hiking?

Zero drop shoes are great for hiking. Elevation in the heel is not good, especially when hiking. The flatter the shoe, the easier your hike will be. These shoes help strengthen your feet’ muscles and in your lower calf, which is the strength that you will need.  

They also help improve your natural balance and stability. They are also known to reduce pain in the knees which is one of the most common hiking effects. Just make sure that you follow the guidelines for transitioning and avoid unnecessary injury. The amount of time this takes is not standard. It depends on you and how they fit. Make sure the shoes you get have great grip and are made of breathable material.

Is it better to walk barefoot or with shoes?

There is a reason why more people are turning to barefoot shoes, and that is largely due to the benefits the shoes bring. They mimic walking barefoot. Our feet have everything we need to walk and maintain good posture and foot health, amongst other benefits. On the other hand, regular shoes constrict the foot and, over time, mold the shape to the extent that the foot muscles get weaker and can not function in the way they are meant to. 

Walking barefoot is great for your health, but it is also dangerous because your feet are not impenetrable and will be hurt by debris on the ground. Shoes provide that extra protection. This is the reason why most people have turned to barefoot shoes that offer the protection of a shoe whilst allowing your foot to react naturally. The better option is the one that you prefer and not one prescribed by someone else.


Zero drop shoes offer quite a lot in the way of comfort for the wearer. Today manufacturers are making shoes with no elevation, which gives the consumer more choice when it comes to shoe shopping. Features such as arch support are now also being worked in.

This way, people get the comfort they would like and the special features their feet need in a shoe. We hope that our review helps you get the shoes you need that offer you the support your feet will thank you for. Happy shopping!

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