Brasher Hillwalker II GTX Ladies Hiking Boot Review

Considering getting the Brasher Hillwalker II GTX Ladies Hiking Boot? Shoe shopping is a great retail therapy for a lot of people. How often do you put function over style and beauty when choosing shoes.

Often, a lot of people go for the shoe that looks cute rather than the one that has the features that you need. When was the last time you asked a shoe salesperson, “what features does it come with?”.

These are important questions to ask if you want to be safe and comfortable whilst doing certain activities like hiking. 

Hiking requires a specific set of clothes and equipment to enjoy your hike and also be safe as you do it. Hiking shoes need to keep you snug and warm if you will be hiking in the winter months. There are features such as gait, which keep water out of the shoe as you wade through puddles of water.

When it comes to hiking shoes for women, you will find that they are generally smaller sizes and they also have narrow cuts.

Shopping for the perfect pair requires you to know the area you will be hiking in, but there are some common features across the board such as comfort and durability.

In this article, we take a look at the great features that you can get with the  Brasher Hillwalker ii GTC Ladies Hiking Boot. 

In a Hurry?

Are you in a hurry? Do you need to know what features to look out for in the Hillwalker ii GTC Ladies Hiking Boot? There are a few features that you will need to be on the lookout for.

This hiking boot is extremely comfortable and will be sure to keep your feet happy as you go hiking. It is durable and will take you through the toughest of terrains, thanks to its tough leather exterior.

The leather also means the boot looks good and that it will also last you through the years. The inner material is manmade. The sole is made of gum rubber and it has a lace closure.

This shoe has memory foam on the collar and tongue and this makes for an extremely comfortable shoe with a tailored fit.

Looking for a lady’s shoe means that you have to also consider the shoe width. The Hillwalker ii GTC Ladies Hiking Boot has a normal width. This makes it a safe choice for various sizes.

You will need to be careful about the amount of wiggle room you leave in the shoe. If they are too tight, you can end up having bunions.

If they are too big and your foot swooshes around in the shoe, then there is a high chance that the friction may cause blisters. 

When you go shopping for this boot, just like with other hiking boots, make sure to leave enough room for the thick socks you will be wearing with the shoes. If you can, try the shoes on, with the intended socks on.

The major reason for doing this is because the socks are usually thicker than your everyday socks. You want to make sure that you are comfortable and safe.

The Hillwalker ii GTC Ladies Hiking Boot has these, and other features to keep your feet happy during the hike. 

Brasher Hillwalker II GTC

Brasher Hillwalker II GTC

These are some of the more difficult shoes to come across on the market today. When they first came out they were incredibly popular. they come as part of a range of tried and tested shoes that are designed specifically for hiking.

These shoes are designed to be waterproof if. as such it is also paired with the Gore-Tex performance comfort membrane.

This ensures that your feet are kept dry and reasonably breathable. the outer material that we’ve already mentioned is made out of leather, full stop the entire inner part of these shoes is man-made.

For the sake of traction, these shoes have gum rubber soles. That part is made up of a lace-up closure system. to ensure that the laces and lacing system are secure and durable they are some metal fittings.

the tongue and call a pattern of these shoes are designed to enhance comfort. They have memory foam that adapts itself to the shape and pattern of your feet making them more comfortable as time goes.

There’s also a reasonable amount of support in the heel area of the shoes to keep you stable. They also provide you with great arch support. 


  • They provide great arch support.
  • They are highly breathable.
  • They are designed to be durable.
  • They are very comfortable.
  • They have memory foam inside.


  • Fairly difficult to come by.

Buyer’s Guide

Are Brasher and Berghaus the same?

Brasher and Berghaus have been the UK’s top brands for many years. Both brands have made massive strides in making their mark on the scene.

They have managed to become household names synonymous with durability and great hiking experiences.

The two brands operated separately for a number of years, collaborating on various projects. However, they have since merged under the Berghaus brand. 

The campaign to merge the two, emphasized on the fact that the two top brands were coming together to become one very strong brand, making the best hiking boots on the market.

Brasher was well known for its great comfort whilst Berghaus was well known for innovative technology in outdoor products.

The merger was aimed at bringing the best of both worlds together, to create the ultimate hiking boot. The new Berghaus boots were available to the public in 2015.

How do I look after my Brasher boots?

If you want your hiking boots to last longer, then you will need to make sure that you take care of them properly. Start by taking out the footbed and rinsing it.

You do this to remove debris and any loose dirt in it. You can then wash the outside of the shoe with cold water.

Make sure to wipe away any excess water and leave the shoe completely dry. Leave it out to dry naturally. You need to use the creams and sprays that are specially made for leather, this way you preserve it.

Never make the mistake of using a direct heat source to dry the shoes. It will damage the upper materials and midsole. 

How do you clean smelly hiking boots?

One of the reasons why your hiking boots are smelling is because of sweat. Unfortunately, sweating is a part of any exercise which means that you have to learn to deal with the baggage that it comes with.

Sweat produces bacteria and fungi, and these thrive in hot weather and also in humid conditions. The way you clean your hiking boots has a lot to do with the material they are made of. 

You can not clean leather hiking boots in the same way that you clean fabric hiking boots. There are a couple of ways to get the stink out. You can get the stink out of your hiking boots after a long day, by wiping them down with a cloth dipped in alcohol.

You can also sprinkle some vinegar in the boot and wipe it off. Or if you have a certain essential oil scent that you prefer, you can use it to wipe your boots down.

Another household ingredient that can come to your rescue, is baking soda. You can sprinkle some baking soda between the midsole and toe reigns and let it sit overnight. The baking soda will absorb all the smells you want to get rid of. 

How do you maintain leather hiking boots?

Knowing and understanding the material your boots are made of is important. It will help you keep them longer and better.

Leather is a great material for boots, however, it does have specifics when it comes to cleaning and taking care of it. There are prescribed leather cleaners that are tailored for leather.

A clever hack to keep your boots dry as you clean them is to put an absorbent material inside, like a towel. This will help keep air and moisture out.

You can then use the leather cleaning agents of your choice, making sure to keep the inside as dry as possible. Whilst it may not be a cardinal sin to get the Inside wet, it reduces the amount of time you need to dry the shoes. 

Who owns the Brasher brand?

The brasher brand is part of the Pentland group. This is a privately owned business that invests in sporting and outdoor activity brands across the world. Brasher is one of many sporting brands across the world to be part of the Pentland family. 

Final Thoughts

Hiking boots are a big part of the gear you choose for your hike. With the wrong ones, you will find that your feet will be in agony and you could potentially injure yourself.

This is why it is vital to know which brands to stick to and what you need to look for in the perfect fit. We hope that our review of the Brasher Hillwalker ii GTC Ladies Hiking Boot, helps you make the oh so important hiking boot decision.

Stay safe on the trail, with the right gear, and get the ultimate benefits. Happy hiking!

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