Can you run a marathon in trail shoes?

Of course! You can run a marathon in trail shoes, given that you have ideal trail shoes.  Let’s get an understanding of what trail shoes are. These are shoes for trail running, used when running amid nature. You must remember that a marathon is a form of road running sport different from track running. It … Read more

What running shoes do ultra runners use?

Let’s get started with understanding ultra-running. Technically, ultrarunning is any run that is more than the standard marathon distance of 42 km. There’s no limit to how long an ultra-run should be. Most ultras do not take the road.  Instead, they use the trails, which require a pair of ultra trail running shoes. Ultra runners … Read more

Are minimalist shoes actually good for you?

The bottom line is minimalist shoes are good. They encourage a forefoot strike rather than a heel strike. The positive part is that they strengthen foot muscles. They decrease the number of foot injuries when wearing conventional shoes. Some podiatrists encourage wearing minimalist shoes because they allow a natural movement of the foot. Wearing traditional … Read more

Why are minimalist running shoes bad?

Do you wear minimalist running shoes occasionally or regularly? Well, let’s assume that you wear them for both instances, and you want to ascertain why they are wrong! So, first things first, let’s dive into what is meant by minimalist running shoes & what purpose they serve, ideally. Minimalist shoes refer to a particular type … Read more

Are Hoka shoes good for arch support?

Hoka shoes are rated positively for many foot conditions, including arch support. Many people have found comfort in these shoes, particularly those with foot issues. Hoka shoes have a good reputation for superior comfort. They have extra cushioning and can deliver the softer ride required by people who suffer from heel spurs and aching feet. … Read more

What shoes do doctors recommend for plantar fasciitis?

What causes Plantar Fasciitis? Plantar fasciitis is an ailment that occurs in your foot, identifiable by a stabbing sensation in the heel. Understanding your foot’s anatomy is essential for you to master the causes and effects of plantar fasciitis. The foot comprises plantar fascia, a thick tendon connecting your heel and toes. The arch in … Read more

Is forefoot running better?

Forefoot running is one of the fantastic ways you can choose to do it either for fun or for your health reasons. Let’s define what is meant by the term ‘forefoot running’. It can be loosely described as that act when your foot first lends or strikes on the ground.  Forefoot running impacts the calf … Read more