Are minimalist shoes actually good for you?

The bottom line is minimalist shoes are good. They encourage a forefoot strike rather than a heel strike. The positive part is that they strengthen foot muscles. They decrease the number of foot injuries when wearing conventional shoes. Some podiatrists encourage wearing minimalist shoes because they allow a natural movement of the foot. Wearing traditional … Read more

Why are minimalist running shoes bad?

Do you wear minimalist running shoes occasionally or regularly? Well, let’s assume that you wear them for both instances, and you want to ascertain why they are wrong! So, first things first, let’s dive into what is meant by minimalist running shoes & what purpose they serve, ideally. Minimalist shoes refer to a particular type … Read more

Are minimalist shoes good for your feet?

Let’s face it; spending some time in minimalist shoes or barefoot is simply lovely, feeling the natural stance of your feet.  Wearing minimalist shoes can increase your foot strength and make you steady on your feet.  Some researchers believe that minimalist footwear increases the value of foot muscle strength, especially for healthy adults. Minimalist shoes … Read more

Are minimalist shoes good for working out?

What makes a good workout shoe? If you are fitness aware, then I am sure you love working out. Many working-out activities require the best cross trainer that allows shock absorption and stability. Some people love setting up goals on their training schedules to manage performance in a specific area. Investing in suitable footwear that … Read more

Are Minimalist Shoes Bad for You? The Facts and Misconceptions

What are they? Minimalists are low heel-to-toe drop shoes with minimum cushioning and support. They are lightweight but so flexible. Some define a minimalist shoe as just protective clothing that allows your foot to act and function like a barefoot when it’s inside the shoe.  Minimalist shoes have the following characteristics. They are entirely flat … Read more

Are Minimalist Shoes Good for Everyday Use?

What are minimalist shoes?  With the growing vivacity for barefoot running, minimalist shoes have become popular. Generally, these are lightweight, low heel-to-toe drop shoes with minimum cushioning and support but very flexible. Wearing minimalist shoes allows the foot to be flexible enough, like walking or running barefoot. You can also find good Minimalist Shoes for the … Read more