Altra Zero Drop vs Asics Review

Altra vs Asics Altra was created by two running friends Golden Harper and Brian Beckstead while still in high school. In those days, runners were getting lots of injuries due to the type of shoes they wore. They were uncomfortable. This was making running a chore. Apart from the exercise being tiresome. Most runners sustained … Read more

11 of the Very Best Waterproof Hiking Shoes That Will Save You!

Three years ago, I found myself camped in a storm while hiking on North Wales’s coast in Portmeirion. I didn’t have waterproof hiking shoes with me. You will guess what happened. My feet were wet. This meant that my shoes couldn’t dry, as it rained the entire time. What would have been a good stay, … Read more

The Altra Zero Drop Vs Vibram

With the growing awareness and consciousness in health and weight, everyone wants to walk, workout or perform a wide variety of activities just to get in shape and become vibrant. To do all this in a perfect way, we need great comfortable shoes. Today, there are many organisations manufacturing world-class running shoes that can fit … Read more

5 Incredible Barefoot Shoes for Exercise Review

Last Updated: Vivobarefoot shoes for Exercise One of the most prominent Vivobarefoot video adverts that I have seen shoes a man running and doing manoeuvers and high-intensity jumps in his shoes. The impression that left me with is the importance that they place on creating barefoot shoes for exercise. They offer you that ground feel … Read more

Top 23 Vegan Barefoot Shoes for Women Review

Women’s Vegan Barefoot Shoes Let’s assume that we are in agreement that veganism is a better approach for humanity and our planet. Over the years we have seen more and more products and companies move away from making products at the expense of animals. Animal testing and animal fur products are largely frowned upon, nowadays. … Read more