Do walking socks prevent blisters?

Nothing is as dreadful as developing blisters when you decide to take a walk. Blisters are a common complaint of runners and walkers. If you have started walking or doing longer workouts, you are at the risk of developing blisters. You have to understand that it’s not any sock that can prevent blisters. You cannot … Read more

What socks should you wear with walking boots?

Often, we blame the shoes for foot pains, not knowing that getting the wrong sock can cause a lot of foot conditions, including soreness and blisters. Wearing the appropriate sock can help prevent these foot conditions. With vast kinds of socks available everywhere, it is so difficult choosing the right one for a specific purpose. … Read more

What shoes should I wear for water hiking?

You need to wear shoes and socks that are comfortable in preparation for water hiking. In this case, you should wear wool socks, hiking boots, among others, that do not cause discomfort leading to blisters, the opening of cuts, injuries, and the risk of contracting foreign pathogens.  Knowing the appropriate types of shoes and socks … Read more