Groundies Alaska Barefoot Boot Review

As a barefoot shoe enthusiast, it was only a matter of time before I cast my eye on Groundies. They have a fairly extensive catalogue of products for both men and women. We have previously covered them in our article about barefoot brands. The GROUNDIES Alaska barefoot boot caught my eye reasonably early. It has a look that I am familiar with from other brands. 

Groundies Alaska Barefoot Boot

I tend to go with shoes that do not require much of a leap of faith. This one is right up my alley. So, what can one expect from the Alaska barefoot boot? This article will cover that in great detail.

Aesthetics and Style

Upon first glance, the design is incredibly appealing in more than one way. Its unique features of beautiful cowhide suede and soft leather laces make it easier to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. 

In a sea of sneakers, it provides an element of style with whichever outfit you decide to put on. It achieves this by satisfying two fronts which a lot of other footwear may fail. 

They look fashionable enough for urban use yet simultaneously rugged sufficient for light walks on a trail in the countryside. If you do go on a trail walk, you can get away with missing a few washes courtesy of the brown suede which maintains its colour, stained or not. 

These boots have the added advantage of providing that barefoot feel we sometimes yearn for whilst protecting from the elements like germs and sharp objectives. That is a definite win-win in my book.

It is a type of footwear that is suitable for all sorts of surfaces. The grippy sole provides much-needed confidence in slippery wet conditions. A combination of a rugged yet stylish look allows it to be a viable option for various occasions. 

I was much intrigued also to find out that the design is modelled on the actual structure of the human foot. This aids in a cosy and comfy feel all around the boot. The lightweight aids well in the barefoot feel which they aim to provide. Furthermore, health benefits are also achieved in the form of improved walking posture and strengthened feet, one confident step at a time.


There is a fantastic range of sizes to choose from, the smallest being seven inches wide to the largest being 11.5 inches wide with many others in between to choose from. Chances are, you will find one that fits like a glove, or in this case, fits like a Groundies.


  • Its foldable feature makes it ideal for easy storage, whether packing for a trip, or closet space.
  • It is always reassuring that the materials used are 100% recyclable after their lifespan, thus helping to make the environment, that much cleaner.
  • A manufacturer three-year guarantee gives me the confidence I need to purchase a pair as soon as possible because I am covered. That, coupled with the German build quality, means there is a high chance I won’t need the coverage at all.
  • They have a wide toe box.
  • They are resistant to abrasion.
  • They are highly breathable.


  • It may be bested ever so slightly with its counterpart, the Groundies Odessa Woman Barefoot Boot on the looks department which offers a cleaner and slicker design with the absence of laces.

To Buy or not to buy

I give this boot a 5-star rating because it ticks many essential boxes in my book, mainly style and usability. I highly recommend a pair because we all need that shoe that can be like Ironman or Batman, that is to play two distinct roles very well.

Here’s a link to Purchase Groundies Alaska Barefoot Boot

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