Groundies Colombo Women Barefoot Sneaker Review

Considering getting Groundies Colombo Women Barefoot Sneaker? This is one of the brands that we have recently come across in the barefoot space. There are a few things that you should be aware of. Here is what you can expect. Oh, by the way, these are available for men as well. There is an image of the male version in this post.

Groundies Colombo Women Barefoot Sneaker


It is a slip-on shoe which is made in Portugal.  It has an elasticated insert across the top of the foot making it easy to slip on and off.  The sole provides a natural feel whilst walking, it is flexible, thin and lightweight providing all the protection your feet would need, whilst maintaining a non-fatiguing feel throughout the whole day. They are easy to pack away as they are not bulky or heavy.  

 GROUNDIES Colombo Men Barefoot Sneaker


The easy to slip on and off shoe is ideal for any occasion, whether it be a day out with your girlfriends, a quick trip to the grocery store or work, the shoe matches well with jeans, dresses or slacks providing a fashionable statement where you dare to tread.   


  • These shoes are made from Goatskin leather, giving a tough durable outer. The lining is made from pigskin leather giving a soft, snug and comfortable fit to the foot
  • The sole has Zero drop giving it a non-elevated heel
  • Reasonably priced for the quality and suited for any environment
  • a 3-year warranty is given for the wear and tear through the sole. 


  • The leather can wear out over time especially if the shoes come into contact with water frequently. 


The Groundies Colombo Women Barefoot Slippers come in true sizes ranging from size 7 wide to 11 wide.  They fit according to the size of your foot and are perfect for broad feet, however, they also cater for the slimmer foot by providing a spacious feel, and accommodating room for movement of the foot.


The wide toe box lets your toes relax and spread, making them comfortable to wear for extended periods. The non-elevated heel allows for decent balance, agility and proper posture. The soft and flexible sole allows your feet to bend and move freely the way feet are supposed to when barefoot, allowing the ground feel that your feet like, thus, providing a comfortable feel on each step.  The material of the shoe is designed to prevent blistering and chafing during long walks.    


Groundies Colombo Women Barefoot Sneaker is made from soft plastic and rubber, giving it that feathery weight and flexibility.  The material is made for a durable wear and tear period. They do wear out after time, however, proper care and maintenance is the key to a long-lasting and durable pair of shoes.


You can get these sandals for as little as $64. They sell out fast and this is probably because they are reasonably priced, considering how great they are in the barefoot department and also in the looks department.  It may seem expensive as far as general sandals go, but as far as barefoot sandals go, this is a steal.


I would give this shoe a star rating of 4.1 out of 5 and highly recommend it to those who are active.

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