Groundies Oslo Women Barefoot Sneaker Review

One of the key things that we look for in barefoot shoes is flexibility. That is what we considered when looking at the Groundies Oslo Women Barefoot Sneaker. The first thing to catch my eye was the material on the inside. They are stylish shoes that are versatile. 


The Oslo Women Sneakers come in a full range of adult sizes. They have no raised heels. Thin and flexible soles, this allows enough sensory feedback from the ground to support natural walking and running patterns. In terms of flexibility, the shoes are subtle as a contortionist. They do a fine job of bending and twisting with the motion of the foot. 

GROUNDIES Oslo Women Barefoot Sneaker

Thin and flexible inner soles without arch support, instead lined with soft microfiber to keep your feet warm on the colder days, but also help to regulate your skin’s temperature. They have a wide toe box anatomical shape. The upper material is made from soft imitation leather and breathable lining around the ankle. They come in a wide variety of colors, suiting everyone’s needs.  


As stated above, they have a large toe box, giving the broad-footed ladies a comfortable fit and those with slimmer feet. That might appeal to those who prefer the conventional style but prefer the feel of barefoot. They’re straightforward to wear and style. They look good with dresses, jeans, and slacks for the workaholics.   


Groundies Oslo Women Barefoot Sneakers come in true sizes seven wide to 11 wide. They fit according to the size you order and are perfect for broad feet; however, they also accommodate a spacious feel for the slimmer foot.   


The soft and flexible sole is light and thin, which provides a free movement feel while walking and running. The soft microfiber lining provides an airy texture on the inside and keeps your feet dry from sweat on a hot summer’s day, whilst at the same time it keeps your feet warm on a cold winter’s day. The flat sole also provides that comfort that you would get from walking barefoot.  


The fabric type is goatskin leather. The lining is made of microfiber made in the EU. The sole is from Germany, produced in Portugal. It is a Truesense sole made of 100% LTPU with a 3.3mm base and 3.3mm tread. Making the shoe long-lasting and has a 3-year warranty against wearing through the sole. 


  • They come in a wide range of colours and different sizes, making them suitable for any occasion.  
  • The microfiber allows your feet to breath easily
  • Reasonably priced for the quality and suited for any environment
  • Soles provide easy and flexible movements and can strengthen your feet over time


  • The Goatskin leather can wear out after time if one lives in a rainy country, they will have to be taken care of in such terrains.  


I would give this shoe a star rating of 5 and encourage others to buy this shoe. One of our favourite things about these shoes is that they have a large toe box. They are also lightweight and incredibly comfortable. The soles are just as impressive. You are looking at Groundie’s TrueSense barefoot sole.

These soles are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty for a period of 3 years. That coverage assures you of longevity. They do not expect the soles to wear out within 3 years. Portugal is one of the best footwear manufacturers in Europe. The lining is a great feature of these shoes. We like it is soft and comfortable. It also keeps your feet warm. 

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