Guide to Vivobarefoot Replacement Insoles

Are you considering getting vivobarefoot replacement insoles? Perhaps even more than in other shoes, when it comes to barefoot shoes, insoles are very important.

When you have minimal padding under your foot, you need to make sure that you get it right. There is less room for error. Not that there is much that you can get wrong as far as actually deciding. Vivobarefoot insoles come in 3 variations.

Vivobarefoot replacement insoles

Name Image Rating Price Point
Thermal Insoles thermal insole vivobarefoot [rating stars="4.5"] Good
Cork Insole cork insoles [rating stars="4.5"] Good
Performance Insoles PERFORMANCE INSOLES [rating stars="5.0"] Good

You can get a thermal insole, a cork insole or a performance insole. I would like to believe that the names give away what each of these do? Not to worry, I won’t take this for granted. We will look at each one in some brief detail. After doing that we will also recommend what insole is best suited for certain conditions. 

Vivobarefoot replacement insoles Review

Thermal Insole

As the name would suggest, thermal soles are made with warmth in mind. Barefoot shoes mean that you are in contact with the ground, which is often cold. For all their virtues, this is one downside of barefoot shoes. These are the remedy for that downside. 

Thermal Insole vivobarefoot replacement insoles

How do they work?

Thermal insoles work by ensuring that your body heat is not lost into the ground. They also make sure that the cold from the ground does not creep up into your body. They make use of NASA developed Outlast Technology.

Key Features

They are 3.5mm thick.

They combine Outlast Thermal regulator, reflective foil and insulating foam.

The Downside

Perhaps the fact that you may need to replace them is a downside. Yet, that could also be a good thing.

For the most part, you are probably replacing them to match a change in season.

They reduce the feel of the ground, which is not quite “barefoot”, but are necessary for the winter.

The Upside

They provide three times the thermal protection and insulation that you get from a regular insole. This is often something we take for granted. When you use these, you will note the difference.

These will fit into all sorts of vivobarefoot shoes. You don’t have to get one for every pair. They have one for kids, men and for women.

My friend has to replace hers after three years! How incredible is that?

4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Cork Insole

If you would like to have insoles made of a more natural material, the cork insole is the one for you. They work to keep your feet warm in the cold weather.

Cork Insole replacement insoles

Key Features

They are made of 3mm recycled foam and a natural cork deck.

The Downside

They have been said to warp very quickly.

The Upside

The comfort is clear. You can tell the difference between walking without these, and walking with them.

They are a great way to transition to barefoot shoes, which can often to a shock to the system.

4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Performance Insoles

If you have vivobarefoot shoes that you use for more active things. For instance, if you use your shoes for hiking, climbing, running or sports. You need insoles that are purpose made. These insoles are made with activities in mind.

Vivobarefoot Performance Insoles

Key Features

These ones are vegan.

They add 3mm protection between barefoot and cold ground.

The Downside

We have come across none so far.

The Upside

They are affordably priced.

Made with contours for the activities that you will use the shoes for.

Enhanced insulation and protection for your feet.

5.0 out of 5.0 stars


If you are after an insole for shoes that you use for sporting activities or a vegan insole, the performance insole is the one for you.

If you are expressly looking for barefoot insoles for the winter, then the best pick for that are the thermal insoles.

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