How to Break in Shoes Fast

 It is quite normal that when you buy a pair of shoes, you must break them in. This event is a process whereby you stretch and stress the shoe’s material to make it looser. This motion is essential because it will prevent the shoe from tearing or wearing down easier.

It is quite a common practice, especially when dealing with leather shoes, because wearing shoes that have not been broken into can be quite uncomfortable for the consumer.

There are many ways in which we can break in a pair of new shoes. However, unless you study the art of shoe breaking, you will only need one suitable method. In this article today, we will be looking at what you will need to break in a new pair of shoes.

We shall then provide you with a step-by-step list of things you can do to complete the process. I shall conclude the article by talking about how long you can expect the process to take and rookie mistakes to avoid. Let us go.

Step by Step Process.

  1. Give the shoes a proper welcome!

When you first jump into a new pair of shoes, they may feel very tight and uncomfortable. This occurrence does not mean that they are not your size. Often, they just need a good stretch before they are good to go.

Before you consider using any other method, you should always give your shoes a good stretch. Fresh out of the box, I would advise you to wear the boots and begin doing a little bit of strenuous activity. This idea means you can walk up the stairs or go for a jog outside.

It does not have to be anything extreme, but you want to build up enough heat to allow the shoes to stretch. This is not only full fitness shoes but applies to formal shoes, leather shoes, and dress shoes. These shoes will also need to be broken in the same way before you attempt any other method. 

  1. A Little goes a long way.

The concept of a little goes a long way is a critical feature in breaking in shoes. You do not have to wear your shoes for hours at a time to break them in. Instead, it is ok to do these in small increments.

You can adapt the practice of wearing your new shoes once a day every day for only 5 to 10 minutes. Doing this will allow you to avoid feeling sore feet from wearing tight shoes.

You will notice that over a short gradual time, the shoe will become much easier to bear. The day will come when you no longer see the pain when you wear these shoes, and you will achieve your mission. 

  1. Using Tissue 

A prevalent method that people use nowadays is to put tissue into their shoes. They want to do this to consistently expand the shoe by adding external pressure through tissue use.

This method would work if you would wake up in the morning and add tissue paper deep into your shoe’s sole to exert pressure where the toes would be. It is essential that every day you remove the tissues and then add new ones. This action will help you to break into the shoe much faster.

How Long it will take.

You can expect that this procedure will take you about one week to break in your shoes fully. It will take this long because you will want to break in your boots safely.

It can likely be done faster if you are willing to sacrifice hurting your feet a little bit, but if you want to do it the safe way, it will take you about a week to break in your shoes.

This is also dependent on the method that you choose. If you decide to apply all three techniques, you will likely speed up the process safely. 

Expected Results

You can expect that in the first few days, they will be quite significant progress. This means that your shoe may go from being very tight to being just bearable. At this point, you might be expecting to maintain that rate of progress.

However, it is normal to experience a slowing down of this process. By this, I mean that the shoe will not be expanding as fast as it was initially. If it is not comfortable for you at this point, then you must be patient and hold on for at least another week before you consider returning the shoe. 

Things to look out for

You should try to avoid hurting your feet when you do this. When people buy a new pair of shoes, they are often very excited to wear them, which is understandable. You should, however, not rush into breaking in these shoes by sacrificing your feet. Not going anywhere and just waiting a little bit will help quite a lot. 

Video Tutorials

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In conclusion, they are three methods that one can use to break in the issue. Depending on how severe a break-in required is, you may consider using all three simultaneously. The first method involves the initial breaking, where you wear the shoes and do something aggressive.

The second method consists of wearing the shoes for a minimum of five minutes every day. The third method involves adding tissue to the shoe when you do not use it to stretch them consistently. You must be willing to be patient because it may take your shoe even two weeks to become adapted to your feet entirely. Do not rush to return these shoes if they do not fit adequately.

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