How to get Creases out of Leather Shoes

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Wondering how to get creases out of leather shoes? Creases on leather shoes have this way of making your shoe look old even if it’s just a few weeks old. Nothing can bum out a leather shoe the way a crease can if you’re having that problem with your favorite pair. You’re not the only one. 

Creases can be caused by many things, especially on shoes made out of materials like leather, nubuck, and suede. Let’s see what some of the most common causes are and how we can fix the creases. 

What causes creases on leather shoes?

People have to understand that the quality of the leather has no say on if it will crease. Whether your shoe is too quality or not, it will still crease, and that is completely normal. 

Here are some causes that can lead to your shoe creasing;

  1. The way that you walk does have an impact on the creases that will accumulate. Let’s say that your foot rolls when you walk. This will result in you putting pressure and hence twisting the leather on your shoe. Hence a crease is born.
  2. If your shoe’s toe box is a bit too flat, then you can expect some creasing after a few wears. You will find that a wide toe box makes your toes bend more, which leads to creasing.  
  3. Suppose your shoes are too big for you. They won’t have much support from your feet. That means they have a lot of space to bend in, which will result in them creasing.  
  4. Suppose your shoe is exposed to too much moisture, especially if you let it sit on your toes for long. You can expect some creasing after a while. 
  5. Design and models play a part if the shoe is a whole cut made from one piece of leather. They tend to be more vulnerable when it comes to creasing. 
  6. The longer the upper takes shape on the last, the better. The leather needs enough time to settle and solidify the shape. 

What can be done to remove creases 

If you see a crease on your show, you really don’t have to worry about yourself much. There are a few methods that you could try out to make sure that you have your shoe back in shape and in place.

1. Leather Oil

One of the most common methods of removing creases from leather shoes is by using leather oil. At this stage, all you need to work with are a few drops of oil and a soft dry cloth. 

They say the best way to deal with and prevent creases on leather shoes is by handling them as soon as they start to appear. This way, you close off any chance of more creases from showing up. 

All you have to do is add a few oil droplets directly in the crease, then massage it into the shoe while stretching it. Let it air out, and you’ll find the creases to have disappeared. 

2. Treat With Alcohol

Alcohol is good for leather. Using the right amount could do a whole lot for your shoe. Once you spot a few creases on your shoe, pour yourself a glass of some strong liquor and rub it on the shoe. 

It would be best to use a spray bottle and fill it half with the liquor and the rest with water. Let it dry out as it will be treating the shoe then. Once done, you’ll find the crease to be gone. 

Afterward, take some conditioner and apply it to the shoe to make it moist and not likely to crease again as alcohol does tend to have a dehydrating factor. So there you have it. 

3. A Blow Dryer

Another method you could use would be to make use of a blow dryer. In the case that you don’t have access to steam irons on an important day. You need to know how to use a blow dryer to work on those creases. 

So first you have to stuff your shoes with some newspapers. Use as many as possible until your shoe can’t take it anymore. The whole point is so that you stretch the leather as much as possible. 

After that has been done, just turn the blower to the highest heat possible and move it constantly over your shoe so that you don’t burn it after a few minutes of blowing. You should be done, and I’m sure the creases should be gone. 

Top tips to prevent creasing

  • Make sure that your shoes are not exposed to any excess moisture. This will probably cause them to crease again. So make sure that you use water-resistant polish to make sure that moisture has no place.     
  • You can make use of cedar shoe trees after every wear to wick away moisture from sweat and to help keep the shoe’s natural shape.
  • Be sure to wear the correct size. Your shoes should be hugging your feet, with enough room for them to breathe but no gaps.
  • Observe how you walk, do not bend your foot too much or roll it
  • Check the toe spring which should be at around a 15-degree angle. Ideally, you should be able to slide a no. 2 pencils or a pen easily into the space between the toe box and the ground.
  • Make sure that you use high-quality shoe creams, conditioners, colourant, and sealant 


Shoes differ, based on design, size and the material used. Most shoes do face the challenge of creasing now and then. Even the best and greatest. Sneakers can crease from time to time. You just need the right method to make sure that they are taken care of. 

Lucky enough leather is strong enough to withstand some harsh treatments so that it shapes up well again. That’s why removing creases from leather shoes is as easy as compared to suede and other shoes. Just be sure you do it right. If you don’t you may encounter a lot of problems. 

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