How to Keep Shoes from creasing when walking

Nothing beats the feeling of wearing a fresh pair of shoes. Contrarily, nothing hurts more than seeing that fresh pair of shoes starting to crease up, no longer looking so fresh. Are you someone that cringes when you see someone crouching in their shoes? 

Do you find yourself adjusting the way you walk to prevent your shoes from getting damaged? Then this is the right article for you. In this article, I will reveal all the things that you can do to prevent your shoes from creasing when walking. 

As a passionate sneakerhead, this is a subject near and dear to my heart. I have put a lot of effort into research and practice. After reading this article, you, too, will have the ability to keep your shoes looking fresh with little to no creases. Let’s get started!

List of things that you may need to use:

You may not need to use all of the items mentioned in this list. One of them may be enough to solve your problem before it starts or a combination of them. Which item is best to use depends largely on the type of shoe, e.g., suede or leather.

  • Shoe trees
  • Shoe crease protector
  • Heel shoehorn
  • Wet towel and iron

Methods to protect your shoes

There is not much that you can do to prevent your shoes from creasing in the process of walking. Most techniques discussed here are the preventative measures or correctional measures once creases are starting to form.

Shoe trees

Shoe trees are a cheap and effective way to prevent your shoes from creasing. After a long day of walking up and down, the shoe’s fabrics can become loose and out of shape. The purpose of a shoe tree is to aid your shoe in maintaining its original shape. Shoe trees are shaped roughly like the inner front part of your shoe. They can be adjusted with screws to improve the quality of the fit.

You simply place the shoe tree inside your shoe whenever you are not wearing them. It will do all the work for you. It restores your shoes’ natural shape and reduces moisture which together drastically reduces creasing in your shoes. If you use this method consistently, your shoes will have a significantly lower chance of having creases.

Shoe crease protector

A shoe crease protector is a special liquid or cream that you topically apply to your shoes before or after use. Like the name suggests, the cream protects your shoes from forming creases. I shall not dive into the science of how this product works, but it is a tried and tested method that can boost your shoes’ longevity.  

You can maintain your leather shoes relatively crease-free by applying a leather conditioner every three to six months. If you live in a relatively dry environment, you may need to do it more often. Conditioner allows your shoes to return to their original shape after bending without resulting in permanent creases. Apply the conditioner overnight, and it will be ready by the next day.

Heal shoehorn

Heel shoe horns focus on protecting the heels of your shoes from creasing. When putting on your shoes, too much force and wriggling can strain the material making it more susceptible to creasing. A heel shoehorn allows you to put on your shoes more easily and less strain on the shoe.

Wet towel and iron

Even before your shoes have started to crease, this simple technique can help restore your shoes’ natural shape and texture, preventing creasing. Take a wet towel and apply it to the vulnerable areas. Gently iron over the wet towel and high heat. This process will eliminate existing creases and prevent new ones from forming.

General shoe care

Another extremely effective way to prevent creasing is by ensuring that you buy the right size of shoes. Buying oversized shoes is one of the leading causes of creasing. Buy a shoe that fits your foot perfectly to prevent excessive bending and folding while walking. Secondly, you can avoid putting excessive pressure on your toes while walking and definitely do not crouch while wearing your shoes.

Avoid getting your shoes wet; when shoes are wet, they are more susceptible to creasing. Spray your new shoes with water repellant spray. This is not an invitation to take them for a swim. In contrast, creasing can also be caused by your shoes getting excessively dry. 

I’m the same way that wiping some water on your face can make it dry after the water evaporates; applying water to your shoes does not count as moisturizing. There are plenty of moisturizing creams that can be applied to your shoes that aid in preventing creasing. Think of it as a lotion for your shoes.

Lastly, a sometimes forgotten yet very effective way to prevent your shoes from creasing is to stop wearing them every single day. It’s important to rotate your shoes. While wearing one, you can treat the other with some crease protector and a shoe tree. Allow your shoes to rest and restore themselves.

How long will it take?

All the procedures mentioned in this article will require no more than 15 minutes to implement—a small price to pay to keep your shoes in great shape.

Things to look out for 

You must take care when selecting a crease protector, as some have been known to cause decoloration. Also, you must ensure you pick a product that’s designed for your particular type of shoe. Don’t put your leather crease protector on your suede shoes!


Taking care of your shoes may seem like a lot of unnecessary work. Shoes tend to be neglected or being treated as if they’re indestructible. Realizing that shoes require care is the first step to keeping them in good shape. Investing a little bit of money to buy the products discussed in this article can go a long way. You are keeping your shoes looking fresh and healthy for longer periods.

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