How to make shoes that are too big fit

Wondering How to make shoes that are too big fit? Looking good makes you feel good. When you feel good, you look even better. Shoes play an important role in making you feel and look good. Then again, we have situations where your favorite pair of shoes tend to be too big. Then we have a problem.

Not only will it affect your look, but you won’t feel as good either. The best method would be to find a way to make that pair fit. I mean, would you really spend more money to get the same pair? There are so many tricks you can use, and we’ll be looking at some of them. 

Methods to make big shoes fit

It’s a common problem to have shoes that are a size or more too big. Some shoes come with bigger cuts so you’d buy it thinking it’s your fit and realise later on that it is far from your cut.

So follow through with this guide and by the time you finish you’ll have a bunch of methods and tricks to use in getting that big shoe to fit properly. In no time you’ll be looking as good as before. 

1. Use socks

The most common technique that has been passed from generation to generation would be using socks. You can wear an extra pair of socks on top of your initial pair. This will probably increase your foot size by a few making the shoe a better fit than before.

You could also stock some socks at the front of your shoes to make them a tighter fit. The again that normally tends to hurt more than the regular method. Your toes may be cramped up there. 

2. Fill up the empty space

Well if you feel like it’s too hot to be wearing an extra pair of socks. Then you might as well find another method to use. If wearing socks is not an option, you could try stuffing your shoe to fill up the empty space.

You could work with socks or paper. Or simply anything that makes the whole process a lot easier to handle and to manage. You could use cotton balls and anything softer and less heated. 

3. Buy some Insoles

Another choice that people normally go for is getting a great pair of insoles. Some insoles are designed especially to fill up extra space in the shoe. The best thing about this option is their comfortability. 

They do require some replacement now and then especially if you know you are going to wear that pair. So it would be a good idea to invest in a lot of pairs. It’s better and wiser as you won’t have to go buy them every time. 

4. Use Ball of Cushions

At times insoles may tend to be uncomfortable. If that is the case then you can use a special cushion that is designed to make shoes a better fit for you. You just place it at the ball of your foot inside the sole and you are good to go. 

It’s actually made for shoes that are just too big for you. So if putting an insole makes them more uncomfortable, then a foot-ball cushion will definitely ease that up and make it more bearable. 

5. You can stick in heel strip

Another option you could work for would be for you to get heel stripe. They are similar to foot-ball cushions but then again the difference comes in placing them. For the heel strips you have to add them right above the heel when a shoe feels uncomfortable. 

The heel strips are smaller and thinner hence you won’t feel them as much as you would have the foot-ball cushions. Plus they have an adhesive side making movements less likely to cause any form of shifting. 

It would be a great idea that you stick them inside and try wearing them to see how comfortable they are on your feet. This is because they could cause blisters if you insert them in a wrong position. 

6. You can shrink the shoes

Well this method works if you’re hoping for a more permanent  fix. Also it needs you to have extra time on your hands because the process is a bit long. So if you have that extra time and you really want those shoes to fit, let’s see what you can do. 


  • First, you need to know the type of material that you are dealing with. Also check if that material can work well with water. 
  • If so, get the shoes wet, and if you are working with athletic shoes or some casual one just soak them completely in the water. However if it’s leather and suede or nubuck then a spray bottle would be the best option. 
  • When the shoes are wet, all you have to do is to start drying them. If the sun is out, you may as well leave them out to dry. Or you can use a hairdryer on it’s lowest setting as too much heat may damage the material.  
  • Once they are dry completely. Check and see if they fit. If not then repeat the process until they do. Also be sure you are not wearing them as they dry as that will make them shape up to your feet. 
  • If your shoes are made of leather or suede make sure that you condition them

7. Go to a professional 

The last option you have if you feel like the above methods have failed would be to go see a professional cobbler who can reduce the size for you. This makes it easier because at least you have the guarantee that the shoe will fit and will still look good and better. 

Final thoughts

In conclusion, let me just say that the pain of having your favourite pair not fit is common. Many methods have been tried and tested to get the best results. Don’t try things you are not sure of. You may end up destroying your favourite pair.

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