How to stretch leather boots: The Best Method

Leather boots have always been very popular with consumers. They offer a significant combination of style and strength, which is not common in many shoes. People often enjoy these during winter because they can keep you nice and warm. 

A genuine pair of leather boots is a great investment and will likely keep you going for a couple of years. So now let us say that you were sold on buying leather boots. You fire up the old laptop and look up your favorite online fashion site. 

They delivered the shoes, and you brought them home. Unfortunately, you notice that they do not fit very comfortably. The fit is very stiff and heavy. Obviously, you would be confused because the size is exactly what you wear precisely, and the shoe just will not fit. What do you do at this point? Do you return the shoes back to the online seller or are you going to finish reading this article?

If you decide to finish reading this article, we are going to talk about the best way that you can stretch out leather boots. The process should have your new shoes fitting glamorously allowing you to take the town at your leisure. 

There are both official and unofficial ways that one can stretch out leather. In this article, we will be looking at the more home-based remedies that do not require any additional purchases. The method would mainly be making use of things you would have already in the household. Let us begin. 

List of things that you may need to use:

  1. Hair dryer
  2. Socks
  3. Any skin hydration lotion

Step by Step Process.

  1. Apply lotion. 

The first thing that we are going to do is pick out any skin hydrating lotion that you may have. Skin hydrating lotion is much thicker than regular lotion meaning that it can get hotter. Our goal here is to make the inside of the shoe quite humid to the extent that the leather begins to soften and becomes stretched. 

Therefore, you want to apply this lotion to the inside of the shoe before we move on to Step 2. Be careful not to add an unreasonable amount of lotion to the shoe because it may begin to smell that way for quite some time. At the same time do not put too little otherwise the method will not function as effectively. 

  1. Blow dry the shoe. 

At this point we are going to attempt to heat up the leather to make it more flexible. To understand this process better you should know leather is in fact made through a heat press. That is the basis of all the knowledge we are going to be applying to stretch these leather boots. 

What you will want to do at this point is to begin blow drying the inside of the shoe on high volume. I would advise you to do this for a period of about 5 to 7 minutes. You should also be judging the shoe on your own by occasionally feeling it to see how hot it is. At the point when the shoe is now very hot you can then move onto stage three very quickly. 

  1. Insert the socks. 

What we are going to attempt to do now is to begin the stretching process. What you want to think of to understand this is how braces fixed teeth. The braces will apply continuous pressure to the teeth until they take a new form. 

The same way this works is the way we are going to apply the socks to this situation. The Socks are going to be stuffed inside the shoe so that they stretch out the shoe over the next couple of days. It is important that you give the shoe enough time to adapt to its new stretched out form. 

If you rush the process, then it has the potential to become undone after a couple of uses. Another handy trick that you can continue to apply is that after every use of the shoe you can reinsert the socks. This will help to prevent the shoe developing and maintaining any creases due to prolonged use.  

How Long it will take.

The process itself should not take longer than an hour to perform. I think even 30 minutes is quite enough time. This is because you will mainly just have to blow dry the shoe until it is hot enough for the size to be stretched out. 

This will take you a couple of minutes. What is going to take you the most amount of time is allowing the socks to stretch out the shoe for you. This may require you to put aside about three to five days before you can use these shoes. If a fashion emergency appears in, you must wear the shoes then when you come back ensure that you reinsert the socks. 

Expected Results

From this, you can probably expect that the leather will be stretched out without any creases. It will allow you to have a first way that is comfortable and not stiff or heavy.

Things to look out for

You must know heat can be very damaging to leather shoes. As I mentioned earlier, heat is what is used to form leather. Therefore, it is similar to two kryptonite for leather. When you are now blow-drying the shoe to heat it, you must not overdo this part. 

Some people get carried away because they do not feel that the shoe is hot enough, but you must remember that this process is not meant to be fast. You want to heat the shoe just enough so that it can gradually increase in size. 

Video Tutorials

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In conclusion stretching out leather boots is quite a lifesaver. It will save you from returning boots that may not fit you very comfortably because they feel small or tight. If you apply this process properly then it will allow you to comfortably fit these shoes for quite a long period of time. 

If you continue to add the socks to your shoe after use, then you will maintain the structure and form of the shoe for a good journey.  

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