Lems Boulder Boot Review | Should You Get It or Not?

The Lems Boulder Boot is a lightweight boot that is highly compressible. It has a zero-drop design that makes it comfortable. The boot weighs up to 9.9oz, and it is of nylon, cotton, leather, and Lems Rubber. They are ideal for everyday use in cold areas and warm areas. Below is a detailed review of the product. This article will cover Lems boulder boot, its pros, cons, build-up, and features. 


The lightweight Lems boot weighs up to 9.9oz. You might have been used to heavy boots if you are a regular hiker. However, it will not take long before you are used to the shoe. You feel like you are barefooted, which might feel unusual to you. The shoe is easy to carry since it does not add more weight to your camping baggage. 

The compressible boot is easy to pack inside your backpack. The compressive feature on this shoe is excellent. That is not how standard boots do when packing. They become smaller, and the size is almost half of the whole shoe when not compressed. Although you rarely have them in your backpack when hiking, you might choose to take them out when you are back on the clean pavement hence the convenience of packing them folded.

 The wide toe box gives your toes enough room to flex. A narrow toe box is painful, especially on a long journey. You will not like the shoe to the extent that you might opt to walk barefoot. The toes are allowed to rest the same way they do when walking barefoot. As much as the toe box is wide, it does not give an odd look or shape to the shoe. There is no elevation from the heel to the toe on the boot. 

That increases comfort and maintains your natural posture. There is a perfect alignment of the spine that does not leave room for alignment. If you suffer from your back, you recover instead of worsening the situation. If you are used to heels or elevated shoes, you might take time to adjust to the boot. A quick way of getting used to the shoe is wearing the boot sparingly till you get used.


  • High-quality build
  • Wide toe box 
  • Lightweight
  • Compressible
  • Comfortable
  • Zero drop


  • Not weatherproof
  • Minimal design



The Lems have a 300 to 600-mile life expectancy, and they even last longer than that, depending on the weather conditions. The cotton lining on the collar is better in resistance to wear and tear. They perform well in all-terrain, and they have good gripping on unstable surfaces. They still perform well on pavements. 


The upper part of the shoe is 1200D nylon. The heel, toe, and collar have Nubuck leather accents. The top-quality materials make the shoe last longer. The outside sole is LemsRubber. 

The rubber is air injected, and that makes it light. The inner lining is 100% cotton. The cotton lining is soft and strong. That makes it last longer and your feet comfortable. Even if you hike the whole day, you will not have sore fingers, and your heel will not hurt. You have insulation from the cotton lining as it traps air between the fabric fibers.


The boot does not come with weatherproof materials. When you have the shoe at first glance, it appears as if the nylon material is resistant to weather. However, it is not as effective as the proper weatherproof material. It has a certain level of water that it withstands. 

A long day in the rain results in soaking to the feet. Cotton has not been great in resisting water (Source). It holds water quickly, and it is not quick to dry. That means your body catches a cold quickly and for a long time before the boot dries. A synthetic lining would have been better, although cotton is comfortable.


The Lems boot looks like the standard boot, but it is hard to resist for some users. They are clean boots that have an average style. It comes in multiple colors: black, brown, timber, navy stout, and buckeye. These colors are ideal for both harsh environments and clean pavements. They do not easily expose dirty, just in case you have been in the woods.

 Since some users prefer wearing the boot when climbing over rocks and walking in forests, the chances are low that they will be messy. The wide range of color options makes the boot versatile. If you react to animal material, the black color is perfect. You can still have the rest of the colors if you do not have problems with animal skin. In terms of branding, the shoe is minimal. That makes it a simple shoe. There is a logo on the sole, a tab on the collar, and a mantra on the tongue.

Buyer’s Guide

Is Lems boulder good for camping?

Yes, they are good for camping. Car campers and other campers use them. What makes them ideal for hiking is the all-terrain sole that withstands rocks. The cotton lining keeps your feet comfortable throughout the whole day. The zero-drop allows you to have a long day of touring around your campsite. If you are camping close to the beach, try to stay away from the water.

Are Lems boulder boots waterproof?

They are not waterproof. The leather one has a certain degree of keeping your shoes dry, but it will not survive a long walk in wet areas and a rainy day. The cotton lining has a high degree of absorbing water, and it does not dry quickly.

Is Lems boulder warm?

Yes, they are warm. The cotton lining inside makes them warm. It gives insulation to the user on a warm or cold day.

How do you clean Lems boulder boots?

I recommend hand washing the boots with lukewarm water. If you buy the leather one, Otter wax will be ideal. Make sure that your shoes dry completely at room temperature.


The Lems Boulder boot is the leading packable boot that is minimal, durable, and comfortable. It gives you close contact with the ground. You feel like you are walking barefoot. That does not strain your feet. It remains natural. The zero-drop feature keeps your posture and relieves the pain if you have back pain. I highly recommend the boot for all-terrain surfaces. However, I advise you to avoid wet areas since the cotton lining takes time to dry.

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