A Fascinating Behind-the-Scenes Look at Lems Boulder Boot vs Vivobarefoot Tracker

On the market for a new pair of barefoot hiking boots? Lems Boulder Boot brings in an impressive flexible shoe with a zero-drop sole. It is not difficult to pack in your backpack as it is highly foldable. What makes it incredible is that it is waterproof.

No amount of water is allowed inside the shoe or to stay on top of the shoe. This applies to the Tracker FG shoes as well. It is made up of hydrophobic treatments that are water repellent.

What makes a difference is that the Lems Boulder boot comes with a gusseted tongue. The Vivobarefoot shoe has lugs for more traction. More features are discussed below.

Comparison Table 

DescriptionLems Boulder BootVivobarefoot tracker
Outsole materialIBR  9mm  4mm lug height 
LiningFull-grain leather and moisture-wickingBreathable inner membrane Thermal insole
Tongue constructionGussetedStandard
Footbed2mm2.5mm base
Upper Oiled leatherNatural cow leather
Stack Height10.0mm8mm


When it comes to looks, the Lems Boulder shoe comes in a variety of boots that are in dull colors. The colors are ideal for man users. It comes in grey, brown and black color. This can match up with a lot of colors and attires.

When it comes to the Vivobarefoot tracker, you do not have more color options. The available color is brown, which suits most of the hiking attires. The brown color is appropriate for outdoor activities where the chances are high that you will be messy.


The Lems Boulder boot comes in different materials. When you are ordering one, you need to be specific about the type of material you want. It comes in nylon, leather, mid-leather, mid vegan, and vegan material. This is now a matter of preference. Some users prefer leather material to pure vegan.

Leather is preferred by users who are not allergic to animals. However, some users consider it durable and reliable, which is why they would prefer it over vegan material. The Tracker is made up of high-quality leather.

The type of leather given on the upper part of the shoe is natural cow leather. This might not be ideal for users who are allergic to cow skin. The Vivobarefoot Tracker is non-Vegan.


The Lems boot makes you feel like you are walking barefoot. The only difference is that your foot is protected. Both the heel and the toe are placed on the ground.

This helps with your posture and your spine. You can easily and smoothly walk during the rainy season and in snow. The ground sole has a 4mm lug height. This gives a thicker ground sole to the shoe. 


Although the Lems boot has an additional waterproof membrane that stops water from penetrating the boot, it remains breathable. It allows excess heat to escape from the shoe. The lining makes sure that it absorbs all the moisture.

The Vivobarefoot hiking shoe is made up of a breathable sealed inner lining. As much as it has a Thermal insole, it remains breathable. The webbing is made up of recycled RPET mesh lining that allows excess moisture to escape the shoe and fresh air to dry your feet.


The upper sole of the Lems shoe is made up of oiled leather. This is a100% grain leather that can act as a water repellent. This makes the overall shoe durable. You can even add a waterproofing wax such as Otter wax. You need to apply it twice or thrice a year.

The outsole consists of the IBR material. I highly recommend it as it is ultra-light and ultra-flexible. This works better for mobile people who are always on the go. The soles have pronounced lugs for traction.

Not only is it because it is lightweight, but because you can neatly fold it into a small package of a little jacket. The upper part of the boot allows it to preheat on a cold day.

The ground sole of the tracker shoe has great traction. What makes this possible is the fact that it has a 4mm lug height. The 2.5mm base comprises a sticky rubber material with great grip, and it lasts longer.

Key differences

The Lems Boulders shoes come with a gusseted tongue that protects you from any elements from the ground. It also gives comfort to the user. It is lightweight even though it has an additional waterproof membrane. The outer construction is stronger and durable. It is quite tough when it comes to harsh conditions.

The Vivobarefoot is manufactured with the idea of hiking in mind. It is meant to overcome all the harsh conditions that come with hiking. It is tougher than the Lems Boulders Boot as it comes with lugs underneath.

They give more traction to the shoe. Chances are very slim that you will slip off the rocks or slippery surface. You have great balance and stability on any surface. It has the leather material on top that comes out from natural cow leather, whereas the Lems boot comes with different types of material on top.

Who should buy the Vivobarefoot tracker?

It is more ideal for hiking. It is meant to last longer as it is made up of high-quality leather. It is highly meant for tough terrains. The firm ground sole makes it appropriate for outdoor activities. It performs well on rocky terrains as well as flat surfaces. It is ideal for non-Vegan fans.

Who should buy the Lems Boulder Boot?

Users who stay in areas where it is ever raining or snowy might find this shoe necessary. It is highly waterproof. No amount of water is allowed inside the shoe or on top of the shoe. Any users who wish to keep their feet dry during winter will find the boot reliable.

Any user who spends more hours in the office or the work-field will need this boot. It reduces fatigue and strain on the body’s ligaments and muscles. Poor postural habits will end up leading to stress and more strain on your whole body. This is why workaholics need this type of shoe. It is made with more care and detail in mind.


The Lems Boulder Boot comes at an attractive price than the Vivobarefoot Trackers shoe. However, this does not mean that the Lems boot has few features to offer. It is an incredible shoe that gives you a natural feeling at a lower cost.

When it comes to the Vivobarefoot, the value for price comes in as the shoe is quite tough and more durable than the Lems Boot. The reason is that it is meant for hiking. The lugs are an additional feature that makes the product worthwhile. High-quality leather is worth every penny, as well as the firm ground sole.


Taking a closer look at both shoes, they are incredible how they make you feel like you are walking barefoot. They are both made up of leather materials, lightweight and waterproof.

What makes me go for the Vivobarefoot is that it is made up of high-quality leather, whereas the Lems Boot comes in different versions of the material. The hiking tracker comes with lugs that help you in any terrain.

The thermal protection feature makes it an incredible boot through-out the year. It gives you comfort from the material to the contact you have with the surface, even if the road is harsh. While it is not vegan, it is durable. Not that one makes up for the other, but some people care for one factor more. Get your pair of boots!

We recommend the Vivobarefoot trackers for men and women that want to maintain their freedom of movement. More so for those that like the sensory feedback provided by the thinner soles on barefoot shoes. The Boulders are not minimalist boots. They are better suited for rough terrain. 

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