Lems Mariner Review | To Get These Boat Shoes Or Not?

Lems have been one of my go-to brands for a while now. The Mariner boat shoe came onto the market to add to a growing catalog of shoes from the brand. One of the first things to catch my eye was the variety of colors and designs to choose from. Having had time to give it some thought, here are some things you can expect from it. Our Lems Mariner review will give you some details to think about.

Barefoot Design and Feel

The Mariner is a minimalist shoe that has a barefoot feel. It is a lightweight shoe carrying an iconic design.

Wide Toe Box

The toe box is broad, which is ideal for those who have wide feet. It has a slip-resistant rubber cap to help keep your foot in place.

Cushioned Inner Footbed

The inner fabric features a cushioned footbed that gives you the comfort of barefoot running. This gives your heel and ankle support that you need during exercise or work with no added weight.

Full Ventilation

The Mariner has a full ventilation system that forces air through the shoe.

Water Resistant

It has a water-resistant membrane that allows for some wet conditions but will not handle the complete flooding of the shoe.

Flexible Foot Bed and Rubber Soles

It has a flexible footbed that gives your feet the room they need while providing a level of support. It is made with rubber soles that are slip-resistant, allowing you to have traction on different surfaces.

Comfort and Dexterity with Security When Lems Mariner comes to comfort, it is up there with some of the highest-rated shoes.

The Sole

The sole of the shoe has rubber which is made to give you traction on different surfaces.

The Upper

It is made with a leather material that allows it to be lightweight and breathable. Some additional details make it more appealing such as the laces that are nubuck.

The Lace

The lace is made with a nubuck material which has a distinctive look. It is very soft and comfortable on your feet due to its natural quality.

Zero Drop

The zero-drop design was made to be the barefoot type of fit. When you put it on, your heel and toe will be equally leveled, which helps you to remain balanced while exercising or walking.

Comfortable if you have Running-Type Wear and Tear

The Mariner is a durable shoe that can handle some of the tougher conditions for running shoes. I found it great for hiking since it offers a good amount of traction and keeps your feet cool at the same time.


I found the Lems Mariner Review to be an excellent shoe with many positive features and is priced very well. It is a lightweight shoe that offers support and a cushiony feel for your feet. I highly recommend you check it out, even if you don’t have chronic foot problems.

What are your thoughts on this shoe? We want to hear from you! Please visit the comments section below, and we will get back to you shortly.

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