Lems Nine2five Review | Can You Pull It Off?

The aptly named Nine2five is a lightweight shoe with a full-grain leather upper and a non-marking rubber outsole. With its six-millimeter heel, it’s designed to be a versatile shoe for daily wear.

The Nine2five may not be the most handsome dress shoe, but it does have a few things going for it. It’s recommended for people with narrower feet since its five holes per inch accommodate feet that aren’t overly wide. This Lems Nine2Five review will provide you with additional information.


The most eye-catching part of the Nine2five is its width. At the widest part of the shoe–mid-foot to toe–the shoe measures just four inches. The thinness is unusual and, while not ugly, is a little unusual looking.

It’s also unusual because it has only six eyelets for lacing down the front. This can be a little uncomfortable if you are not used to it. The toe section is especially narrow, leading into a durable rubber outsole with some tread but shouldn’t wear out too quickly.

The design of the Nine2five is more for looking at than touching. It’s not something you would want to pick up and hold, and the rubber soles look like they could use some better traction. They are available in the following colours: Black, Brown, Natural Tan, and Navy.


The lightweight Nine2five’s full-grain leather upper is both breathable and flexible. But the flexibility of the shoe may be a bit too much for people who are used to more structured shoes. The toe box has a little give, which can be good or bad depending on how you wear it.


The Lems Nine2Five is not to my taste. In my opinion, very few people will be able to pull off the look of the Nine2five. It is probably one shoe that should be worn by those who are not particularly fashion-conscious. The use of a non-marking rubber sole is great if you’re into going barefoot, but not so much for walking around on your tiptoes.

The Nine2five doesn’t have many styles and appears to have been designed for comfort over fashion, which is a shame because it could be way cooler with a more stylish look.


The Nine2five has a European sizing scheme. The sizes are 25-50, and most people will probably fit into a 41 or 42.


The holes in the uppers of the Nine2five allow air to circulate into the shoe freely. This is good for keeping your feet fresh on hot summer days, but it may lead to overheating and sweating in colder weather.


If you like the feeling of breathable leather on your feet, the Nine2five is for you. Step into this shoe and feel what it’s like to have leather hug your feet.

There are marks from the manufacturing process, but they’re mostly in places that aren’t noticeable. It is worth noting that a few people reported the rubber soles being slippery, so take caution when walking around in them.


The lightweight Nine2five is cool looking, but it isn’t the most durable shoe out there.

The upper can easily get scuffed on dirt, and scuffs don’t come off easily. The sole quickly wear out as well, which can be an issue if you have to walk around in them for long periods of time.


  • The light construction is great for warm weather
  • The rubber sole provides a little more traction while barefoot
  • Less expensive than the other five eyelet shoes


  • Holes in the leather aren’t as durable as other shoes
  • Not the most fashionable shoe out there


The Nine2five is cool-looking, lightweight, and comfortable. It seems that Nine2five aimed to make a shoe that you can wear around unpolished while still offering cool looks.

To Buy or not to buy

If you’re looking to spend as little money as possible on a new great-looking shoe, buy the Nine2five. It looks cool and is comfortable. It might not be the most durable shoe you’ll ever buy, but for the price, it’s a solid option.

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