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If you are looking for a vegan-friendly shoe that is not lacking in style, you may be onto a winner with the Lems Primal 2. It is available for men and women. The Lems Primal 2 is made from a range of products. About 80% of the shoe is made with 100% biodegradable materials, such as laces sourced from cotton and shoes made from hemp.

Right footed Lems Primal 2

The disadvantages of the shoe come if you need to wear socks with them. The Primal 2 is not lined, so your socks will show through. You may also find that they lack cushioning and arch support – both usually provided in running shoes by using foam or an arch support wedge.

Let’s go into some detail.


This is a vegan-friendly shoe that is not lacking in style. It has a durable look and feel but is light and easy to walk in. In terms of aesthetics, the shoes look good with jeans or shorts and are not too sporty looking. They have a strong athletic vibe but aren’t too masculine (not quite as sporty). The design features an interlocking Red V logo on the toe box, which looks cool.


It is available in seven sizes: 7 (women), 9 (women), and 9.5-11.5 (men). The seven sizes may sound a lot, but they are actually quite limited, and there is a possibility you may need to go up or down a size or two. For example, one customer reported that a size 10 was too small for him, and he needed to go up a size to 11.


These Lems shoes are lightweight, flexible, and breathable. They are flexible enough to be worn daily but are not designed for walking on a treadmill or other hard surface (again, it’s not meant for that). If you are keen on speed track workouts, then this may not be the shoe for you. Yet, if you do a lot of walking in this shoe, then it is likely to be the perfect vegan-friendly running shoe for you.


These shoes are made from a more natural, durable, and simple material than many running shoes on the market. They do not scuff easily, and they do not look chipped as as some vegan-friendly shoes (for example, last year’s Altra Virrata).

The synthetic leather used to make the shoe is stretchy but very durable. In one customer’s feedback report, he mentioned that he had worn his shoe for 8 months straight with no issues – it continued to look the same as when it was new.


Lightweight, flexible and breathable – your feet will not overheat in these shoes.

They are stylish and look good with jeans or shorts. Not too masculine or sporty looking. If you want a shoe that can double as casual day-to-day wear, then these would be perfect for you.

The Primal 2 has a durable look and feel but is light and easy to walk in.

The Primal 2 is made from natural materials (about 80% biodegradable).


The biggest issue with the Primal 2 if you’re looking for more cushioned running shoes is that the Primal 2 is not cushioned. While it’s not designed to be used as a running shoe, you will notice a cushioning difference.

They don’t have arch support or much cushioning. As we mentioned earlier, the Primal 2 has less cushioning than traditional running shoes. This means that if you need more support in your shoe (you may have overpronation issues), then these shoes might not be right for you.

To Buy or not to buy

If you are looking for a vegan-friendly shoe that is not lacking in style and is available at a reasonable price, you may want to consider the Primal 2. It is flexible, lightweight, and has a durable look and feel.

It is designed for casual wear, but it does have some elements of running shoe design. You can wear it on track as well as for casual wear.


Where are lems shoes made?
They are designed in America. They are made in a family-owned factory in China. Quality control is assured by the US-based team at Lems Boulder.

Do they have a warranty?
No, unfortunately, there isn’t. This is due to the fact that the Primal 2 is made from a more natural material than many other running shoes on the market. You will not want to wear it for long periods of time, which makes it difficult to warrant for longer periods of time.

You can return the shoes if they are not up to your liking. We doubt you will.

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