Lems Primal 2 vs Vivobarefoot Primus Lite II

The Lems Primal 2 and Vivobarefoot Primus Lite II come with more similarities than differences. They are both 100% Vegan, Zero drop shoes, and breathable. They both come with a top layer of mesh material that quickly gets rid of moisture. 

Vivobarefoot Primus Lite II is light, breathable, has a barefoot sole, and no-sew construction. However, the differences cannot go unnoticed. Primus Lite II weighs more than Primal 2. Primal 2 has a wider toe box than Primus Lite II. Below is a more detailed review of both products.

Comparison Table

DescriptionLems Primal 2Vivobarefoot Primus Lite II
Material100% VeganAnimal-free
Outsole IBR 8mmSynthetic 3mm
Toe boxWideWide
DropZero DropZero drop
Lining100% moisture-wicking polyesterBreathable
Stack height9mm11.5mm


They do look quite similar, don’t they? The Primal 2 has a minimalist running shoe design. This makes it ideal for day-to-day activities. You do not feel that you are wearing shoes even if you have a busy day. It is lightweight. It weighs up to 6.9oz. The Vivobarefoot Primus Lite II Brief weighs 10oz which is way lighter than the Primal 2. It has a thin tongue and a collar.


When it comes to the Primal 2, more neutral colors are what you are offered. This is ideal for men and work. The colors can easily match up with any type of dressing. These include both casual and formal. 

Although the colors are neutral, there are multiple colors that you can choose from, unlike the Lems Primal 2 shoe that has a limited number of colors. The Vivobarefoot Primus shoe also comes in subtle colors, and you do not have a wide range of colors. 


Whole sizes are offered to men and half sizes to women when it comes to Lems Primal 2. The sizes are bigger than the standard sizes you buy when used to shoes that keep your toes right to the shoes’ ends. If you buy the standard size, you will find that it will be slightly bigger. In this case, I would advise you to downsize. 

As much as you need a perfect size, you should give yourself an allowance of a thumb-size so that you have enough room for your thumbs. 

A middle-size will be great as well as it will give you a snug fit. The Primus Lite offers you a wide range of shoe sizes, including the half sizes. This is an advantage when it comes to users who fit middle sizes comfortably. 


The Lems Primal is made up of vegan materials. They comprise a highly breathable mesh material. This makes your feet stay fresh and dry throughout the whole day. This is great for users who are allergic to animal skin. It is quite soft, which gives comfort to the feet. 

Unlike hard leather, you do not feel a hard material on your toes which can cause pain to the toes. This is a healthy strategy that keeps your feet safe from any reactions. 

The Vivobarefoot Primus Lite II is also made out of vegan materials. It consists of recycled plastic materials. This type of material gives you a lightweight and breathable shoe that will make movement easier.  

Zero Drop

The Primal 2 is a zero drop shoe. The sole has the same thickness and level through and through. The ball of the foot aligns evenly with the heel. No thickness distinguishes the heel from the rest of the foot. 

The sole has the same height that contacts the surface. This is great for users who have joint problems. There is no drop from the heel to the toes that gives you more comfort as you walk throughout the day. 

You have great posture when you are walking on this type of shoe. This is good for the spine. Your foot sits in the appropriate position without encountering more obstacles. Both the heels and the toes have the same distance from the ground. 

Chances are meager that you will fall on an uneven surface. The Primal 2 falls under the minimalist category for shoes. Similar to the Primal 2, the Primus Lite II comes with a barefoot sole that makes you feel like you are not wearing shoes at all. They both have a Zero Drop feature.

Toe Box

The toe box that comes with the Primal 2 shoe is wide. This gives more room to the toes as they are not squeezed inside the shoe. They have the freedom of movement. 

The toes are always strain-free. This is what takes you away from traditional shoes that squeeze the toes together.  The Primus Lite II has a slightly tight toe box, especially when you take a middle size. 


The mesh material that makes up the Primal 2 shoe allows your feet to breathe. Dryness is preserved as moisture is absorbed. 

Vivobarefoot Primus Lite II is made up of breathable mesh that keeps your shoe dry from moisture. It is leather-free and made up of yarn of recycled plastic. This keeps your feet cool.  


The Primal 2 has an IBR outsole that makes it ultra-light and ultra-flexible. This preserves the feeling of weightlessness. You feel like you are wearing slopes. 

Vivobarefoot Primus Lite II has a barefoot sole that connects you to the ground. You do not feel like you are wearing a shoe, but you feel like you are walking on your barefoot. The sole is 3mm thick.

Key Differences

  • The Vivobarefoot Primus Lite II is heavy than the Lems Primal 2
  • The Primal 2 has a wide toe box, unlike the Primus Lite II.
  • When it comes to the outsole, Primal 2 uses IBR, whereas the Primus Lite II uses a synthetic fiber.
  • The Vivobarefoot  Primus Lite II comes at a steeper price than the Lems Primal 2

Who should buy the Lems Primal 2?

Any user who is looking forward to working all day needs this pair of shoes. Day-to-day activities require this type of shoe. 

Who should buy the Primus Lite II?

I advise athletes to use this type of shoe to make them feel like they have no shoes at all. Long-distance runners will appreciate it.


The price range is not much, but the Vivobarefoot  Primus Lite II comes at a steeper price than the Lems Primal 2. The Lems believe in keeping the price a bit lower because it is a minimal shoe. 

However, the Primus Lite is worth the price when considering the features, but it does not out-perform the Primal 2. The no-sew construction makes it stand out, which might be the reason why it comes at such a price. That is stylish and smart. 


The no-sew construction that comes with the Vivobarefoot  Primus Lite II makes it smart and stylish. Both products have a lot in common than differences, making it hard to choose a better shoe. 

However, I highly recommend the Lems Primal 2 since it weighs less than the Vivobarefoot  Primus Lite II. It has the IBR sole and a wide toe box that gives more room to the toes. Above all, you can save a few bucks on the shoe for a fair share of features.

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