5 Best Medial Knee Pain Running Shoes That Work

Are you looking for the best medial knee pain running shoes? Experiencing pain on the inner part of your knee can be debilitating when you are a runner. It can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. There are various reasons why you may experience pain in this region.

The knee is a complex joint. Its movement depends on several ligaments and tendons working together. This means that you need to be careful when dealing with your knee as you run. Running is a high-impact sport and can exert a lot of pressure on your knee and other parts of your body, especially your legs. 

Medial Knee Pain Running Shoes

Photo Name What We like
New Balance Women's W1540V2 Running Shoe Offer maximum support to the foot Have plenty of space to accommodate wide feet Great for plantar fasciitis
ASICS Women's Gel-Venture 6 Running-Shoes Tend to be durable Great traction outsole Made from premium materials Offer maximum comfort and cushioning
Saucony Omni ISO Wide Offer maximum support on the ankle Has a wonderful offset Offer maximum cushioning on the underfoot Suitable for people with mild to severe pronation
New Balance w940v3 Running Shoe Relatively affordable Made from quality synthetic fibers Offer maximum comfort during the transition Offer ultimate stability
Altra AFW1848G Paradigm 4.0 Running Shoe These socks are highly breathable. They are very durable. The toe does not allow seam irritation.

Medial knee pain can be the cause of injury or trauma. Treatment for this can range from resting the knee to taking anti-inflammatories. You can also help yourself with the shoes that you wear. When you go out on your run, the shoes you choose can make the difference between a great workout and a trip to the emergency room.

Your knee needs to receive the support it needs as you run. If you have medial knee pain, then this need is increased. You will have to get shoes that will offer you the extra support needed in your run.

In a Hurry

Do you need a quick guide to buying the best shoes to help you when running with medial knee pain? There are a few factors you will need to consider. Firstly the comfort that the shoe offers and the amount of support you get from the shoes. Certain innovations provide runners with great support. The trick is finding which ones will give you the support you need for your knee and not cause further injury. 

We have done our research and found some of the best options on the market today. Our favorite is the New Balance Women’s W1540V2 Running Shoe.

Our Top Pick

This shoe has a rubber sole and also features a breathable mesh upper with synthetic overlays. They also have a plush tongue and dual-density foam collar. The shoe also has a removable foam footbed. The midsole also adds to the overall comfort of the shoes with its soft EVA cushioning.

Best Medial Knee Pain Running Shoes Product Reviews

New Balance Women’s W1540V2 Running Shoe

New Balance is a company that has been in existence for more than a century. It is dedicated to offering athletes quality shoes that will help them achieve their goals.

Women’s W1540V2 running shoe is one of the fitness products offered by New Balance to help women athletes achieve their goals. 

The running shoes are 100% synthetic, which is why they tend to receive praises in many athletes’ forums and Facebook groups. 

The synthetic fiber behind their construction is high-quality, which helps them last for a couple of years compared to ordinary running shoes. The rubber sole and breathable upper mesh help to facilitate comfort to the user when running. The rubber sole is lightweight and highly flexible.

Besides that, the synthetic overlays and lace-up ensures the shoes fit perfectly. This makes exercise and running even more comfortable. The plush tongue and dual-density collar tend to hold the ankle perfectly. This is one of the reasons behind the popularity of the shoe in the market. The removable foam footbed makes it easier to wash, and the ENCAP midsole offers maximum cushioning while running.



  • Upper mesh tend to be shallower
  • Toe bed tend to be short 


ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 6 Running-Shoes

Asics is a giant brand in the manufacture of running shoes. The company has been in existence for over some decades.

Women’s gel-venture 6 are among the products offered by Asics Company. They are made of synthetic fibers to facilitate a long-lasting experience among the users.

The shoes are made in the USA and Imported. This implies they tend to comply with all the requirements and guidelines of running shoe manufacture.

The rubber sole and the shaft measurements tend to make running comfortably since they are normally low-top from the arch.

The most wonderful thing about the shoe is the rearfoot gel cushioning. It helps to absorb shock from the impact while running. It also allows a smooth transition from the midstance.

Besides that, people with a medical orthotic can easily remove the sock liner. Also, the trail-specific outsole has great traction for downhill and uphill.

Lastly, the shoes tend to be durable due to the ASICS High Abrasion Rubber’s location of the AHAR Outsole.


  • Tend to be durable
  • Great traction outsole
  • Made from premium materials
  • Offer maximum comfort and cushioning


  • Not suitable for people with wide feet
  • Result information of blisters around the ankle due to friction


Saucony Omni ISO Wide 

Saucony is a great brand, and it is behind the development of Omni Iso Wide Women’s shoes meant for running.

The running shoes are made from high-quality fabric, which is why they tend to be quite durable compared with ordinary running shoes.

The most beautiful thing about Omni Iso women’s running shoes is that they are made in the US and imported. They are ideal successors to the Omni 16.

The rubber sole tends to be quite flexible and conforms to the feet while running. This helps to limit any form of discomfort an individual is likely to experience.

Besides that, the running shoes’ pronation specifications are the reason behind their popularity in many athlete’s forums and Facebook groups.

Another amazing feature of the running shoe is the EVERUN Topsole Construction. It helps to enhance energy return and continuous cushioning while hitting the road.

The engineered mesh on the upper surface facilitates breathability, which helps accumulate moisture in the feet while running.

Lastly, if you are an individual who suffers from mild to severe pronation, then you need to think about Saucony Omni Iso Wide Women’s running shoes.


  • Offer maximum support on the ankle
  • Has a wonderful offset
  • Offer maximum cushioning on the underfoot
  • Suitable for people with mild to severe pronation


  • Has a poor tread quality
  • Not ideal for people with plantar fasciitis


New Balance w940v3 Running Shoe

The W940V3 running shoes offered by New Balance Company are imported and 100% synthetic. The fabric is of high-quality, and this makes the shoe durable.

The rubber sole is flexible and tends to conform to the feet while hitting the road. Besides that, it has great traction, whether downhill or uphill.

The running shoes are designed specifically to offer ultimate stability, which is the reason behind their popularity in many forums and social groups.

The ABZORB midsole offers maximum cushioning to the feet from the impact of road running. They ensure the user experience maximum comfort when wearing them.

The most wonderful thing about the running shoe is the single-density medial post which facilitates exceptional control by reducing weight and stiffness during the transition.

Another amazing thing about running shoes is that they are ideal for overpronators and individuals with wide feet.

The price attached to the sneakers is worth the value, and it is the reason behind the high demand in the market.


  • Relatively affordable
  • Made from quality synthetic fibers
  • Offer maximum comfort during the transition
  • Offer ultimate stability


  • Tend to be hard and stiff
  • Have a short foot toe box
  • The insole offers too much pressure on the foot


Altra AFW1848G Paradigm 4.0 Running Shoe

Altra is a huge company behind the manufacture of AFW1848G women’s paradigm 4.0 running shoes. These running shoes never disappoint, and they are the ideal treat for hitting the road.

These shoes are uniquely revamped and updated with a knit upper, which enhances durability. Besides that, the integrated Stabilipods offer maximum support, while the Altra EGO midsole enhances resilience and bounce.

The rubber outsole enhances comfort making it the perfect shoe for feet to stay for long hours in it. Cushioning enables an individual to go miles without feeling uncomfortable.

The foot-shaped toe box has adequate room to enable the toes to relax and spread out naturally. The toe box enables the big toe to remain in a straight position to enhance maximum stability and power.

The Fit4Her technology help to customize the running shoes to fit the anatomy of women’s feet. It is the reason why these shoes are popularly known to be ideal for women.

Lastly, the running shoe has a zero-drop platform that helps place the heel and forefoot at the same level. The feature helps to promote natural alignment and a low-impact landing.


  • Dual midsole enhance increased energy return
  • The STABILIPOD to prevent excessive foot pronation
  • Support the tendons and bones of the ankle
  • Offer cushioned Zero Drop platform to the feet


  • Tend to be tight on top of the foot
  • Lack of mesh on the upper part make them hot
  • Relatively expensive for some people


Buyer’s Guide

Can my running shoes make my knees hurt?

When you start experiencing any pain after a workout or after running, one of the first things you will need to look at is your shoes. Check on how old they are, if they have the right amount of cushioning for you, how many kilometers they have covered, and if they support you properly.

Take into consideration how your feet interact with the ground. This will help you know what role your shoes are playing in the grand scheme of things. As you run, if you are wearing the wrong type of shoes, your feet will be placed in a tight spot, and the other parts of your body may be forced to overcompensate. This includes your knees. If your running shoes do not support your feet, they can cause knee injuries.  

What causes medial knee pain running?

There are a couple of possible causes of medial knee pain. The first and most common is an injury. This can happen when you strain yourself during a high-impact sport like running. Anything that puts a strain on the knee joint is a possible cause for strain.

Another cause of medial knee pain is bursitis. This condition occurs due to inflammation in a tissue called the bursa. These are small fluid-filled sacs that stop muscles, tendons, and bones from rubbing together. Inflammation of the pes anserine bursa may lead to inner knee pain. This can be caused by an acute injury or overuse of the knee joint.

A sprain or tear may also cause medial knee pain. Inner knee pain can be caused by a sprain or tear in the medial collateral ligament. This type of injury almost results in immediate pain and swelling. You may also have medial pain when running due to a torn meniscus, which is the cartilage that lines the knee joint. The meniscus sometimes wears down over time. 

This condition can also be caused by knee osteoarthritis, a degenerative condition that causes a person’s cartilage to wear down. Your knees are very vulnerable to this. 

Another condition that may give rise to medial knee pain is medial plica syndrome, which causes inflammation of the plica that may be in the knee. This overuse injury occurs most commonly after a person has increased their activity level. Medial knee pain can also be caused by rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation in the body. 

How do you treat inner knee pain?

There are a couple of ways to treat medial knee pain, depending on how severe it is. The first port of call rests the knee, especially if sports cause an injury like running or trauma. You can use an ice pack and put this on the affected area of the knee three to four times daily for about 20 minutes at a time. This can help reduce inflammation, and so will taking anti-inflammatory medication and ointments.

Home remedies are great as the first port of call. However, if the pain persists, make sure to see a doctor and get examined. Some treatments a doctor may recommend include draining fluid buildup that is causing pressure or recommending that you wear a knee brace. 

In severe cases, you may have to undergo surgery.

Will good shoes help knee pain?

Shoes are a great way to get non-prescription pain relief. With the right support and cushioning, the right shoes can help prevent knee pain. The shoes or insoles can help decrease the amount of pressure on the knee joint. 

Are flat shoes bad for knees?

On the contrary, flat shoes put less of a strain on your knees. Flat shoes are more likely to have more support than high heels.


Medial knee pain can occur in runners for various reasons. It does not have to knock you out or be the end of your love life with the track. You can still run and enjoy all the benefits by simply listening to your legs and giving them the care they deserve. Running shoes made for runners who suffer from medial knee pain can help prevent and relieve any knee pain. We have rounded up the top shoe picks in this department, and we hope that they help you make the right pick for you. Happy shopping!

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