The Best Merrell Tactical Boots Review

Best Merrell Tactical Boots Review

When it comes to gear, if the military thinks it is good enough for them, it sure is good enough for us. This is something to bear in mind as you go into this Merrell tactical boots review.

These are shoes that are built to take on some of the most rigorous activities on the harshest of terrain. They are fairly popular among police officers and military personnel.

Merrell Moab 2 Tactical Boots

They have an average of about 16 – 24 hours as a breaking in period. After which they feel comfortable and move to the shape of your foot. Like an 8 inch boot, the sheer size may be daunting. It is not as heavy as you would expect.

Beyond the breaking in, they are very comfortable and lightweight. These are also true to size, which has been an issue with some Merrell shoes. The insoles are not as soft as you would find Merrell’s hiking boots to be.

From general waterproof testing, they have proven to be true to their claim. Your feet are kept dry when walking on wet grass and similar terrain. Why do we ever doubt? They are clearly a robustly constructed shoe.

These are similar in design to the Moab 2 Hiking shoe. If the name has not given that away. They both come with a rounded heel at the rear. The soles are Vibram, which is a Merrell flagship.

The front end of the shoe comes with some clits, that should be handy when climbing. They feel just as light as trainers/sneakers.

The tongue opens up quite wide, close to the foot level. This may have implications on the boot being waterproof. There is no way that the tongue is waterproof. So this is somewhat an Achilles heel in the design. I am sure the design is made to make is that little bit easier to remove and put these on.

The zipper stretches down to the ankle level as well. As with the tongue, the worry is that when you are in snow, you are more exposed to moisture. To combat that issue, they come with an inner lining in the zip area.

To reinforce the front and rear end, they come with a toe cap and a rear cap.

As you will note from the table above, there are 5 variations of these. Some of the stronger features that are on others are not the same for some. We have attempted to highlight this is as much detail as we possibly could. If you have questions after you have read, drop a comment below.

Merrell Tactical Boots Review


  • The boots are a steady pick. They are clearly well made and strong.
  • Once you get past the rigid feeling that you may get when you first put these on, they are very comfortable.
  • These also have the Kinetic Fit EVA countered footbed and zonal arch and heel support keep your feet comfortable all day.
  • There are various versions of this shoe to choose from.


  • They have been reported to be somewhat wide, which is obviously down to personal preference and opinion.
  • Some waterproof issues have been reported in variations of the shoe. These are not blanket issues.
  • The grip doesn’t always hold up as well as you could have expected. Again this is not a blanket issue. Some users have used them and gotten a different outcome.
  • They take some getting used to if you do not usually wear boots.


They are heavy duty, yet lightweight.

The upper is supportive for movement and gives arch support.

The toe cap on these is resistant to abrasion.

These are also equipped with Merrell’s M Select Dry to keep your feet dry.

The inner lining is made with breathable mesh.

Made with fabric, leather and ripstop.

§There is also the KINETIC FIT™ contoured footbed with zonal arch support and heel cushioning for daylong comfort. Air cushioning in the heel absorbs shock and adds stability. Molded nylon arch shank supplies flexible support. Vibram® TC5+ outsole delivers reliable traction over mixed terrain. 5 mm lug depth.

Final Thoughts

All the boots we have reviewed are pretty good. If you are looking for a waterproof one, then your best bet is the Merrell Work Women’s Moab 2 8″ Tactical Response Waterproof. It has a higher rating.

If you are into walking or spend a lot of time on hard surfaces, they will do the job. No one wants to have wet and cold feet. These will make sure that you do not have that problem.

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    • Hi Chris. Thanks for the comment. Perhaps clits is not the right term. There are some rubber studs on the front of the shoe. They give that extra bit of grip when on your toes. Hope that help.

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