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Are you looking for the best minimalist shoes for the office? Shoes that can last through a day’s work into the night. The amount of time you spend on your feet can be the reason to look for flat shoes. You want a pair that suits most clothing.

Jobs that need you to stand for long periods cause different aches and pains in your feet and entire body. This is not limited to general foot health.

It can end up being more than regular aches and pains. They have long-term effects that are much harder to get rid of. The outlook would be better if you dealt with the situation in the beginning.

Minimalist Shoes for the Office

Image Name What We Like URL
Clarks Cotrell Edge Oxford There is no break in period required. The upper leather is durable.
Vivobarefoot Gobi II M Leather Walking Shoe They are very good looking shoes. The rubber soles provide traction.
vivobarefoot Ra Ii-m They have a roomy toe box. These make for good dress shoes.
VenusCelia Women's Minimalist Oxford Flat Shoe They are fairly comfortable. The velcro is a great feature.
Sperry Men's Hampden Venetian Slip-On Loafer They are lightweight shoes. They are very comfortable.

Standing for long periods can have adverse effects such as the risk of cardiovascular disease. This is due to factors such as the pooling of blood in the legs and oxidative stress. 

Whilst standing all day can have several adverse effects, there are ways to reduce these effects. You will find that some shoes make the situation worse.

This is why it is important to get shoes that allow your feet to stand for longer and still be comfortable. 

Avoid back pain and many other issues with the right pair of shoes, that promote the natural movement of your feet and allow them to be as close to the ground as possible.

Minimalist shoes help mimic walking barefoot and this is a trait that makes walking all day in the office, quite effortless. In this article, we look at some top brands in this space. What do they have to offer for the best minimalist shoes for you to wear in the office. Fashion goes a long way, so we considered modern trends.

In a Hurry

No time for personal experience? Do you need a quick guide to buying the best minimalist shoes to wear in the office? There are a few factors to consider, that will make your shopping much more effective and faster.

Think about any work uniform you may have to wear. You want to look for shoes that much that dress code. If you wear a uniform then you want the shoes to complement the uniform and also make sure that they are up to code. 

Check on the heel-drop of the shoe. Minimalist shoes have little to no drop. This helps to keep your feet as close to the ground as possible. Look at how the shoe fastens and make sure that you can secure it properly.

Also, make sure that the style of the shoe is office-appropriate. Make sure that the size fits you well. If you have wide feet, make sure that you get a wide toe box. Comfort is an essential feature.

Our Top Pick

VenusCelia Women's Minimalist Oxford Flat Shoe

We have done our research and found our favorite to be the VenusCelia Women’s Minimalist Oxford Flat Shoe. It is made of faux suede and has a rubber sole. They are lightweight and they fasten with a hook and loop. The moment you slip them on, you will realize how soft and comfortable they are thanks to the plush lining which is not only comfortable but also warm.

It is also quite versatile, meaning that you can wear these shoes, just about anywhere. They are breathable and this makes them great but for long days in the office. It has a skid resistance function and this makes the shoes great for workspaces that may have slippery surfaces. The material is trendy and looks great.

Product Reviews of Minimalist Shoes for the Office

Clarks Cotrell Edge Oxford 

Clarks Cotrell Edge Oxford

Clarks is a major footwear brand in the UK. I’ve been a big fan for as long as I can remember. I want several pairs of Clarks shoes.

These ones are made out of 100% leather and some textile. Their souls are made out of synthetic material.

The shoes provide some arch support. That is not to say that there is a lot of support provided but it is sufficient.

The height of the hills is just over an inch and a half. That is sufficient to provide you with underfoot cushioning without going overboard. This also keeps things lightweight.

The shaft of the shoes is close to 4 inches in thickness. The footbed of these shoes is removable. This provides you with plenty of room to insert some insoles. For those of us that also use orthotics, there is plenty of room for these as well.

There is an awful light sheet within the shoes. It is designed to keep the shoes smelling fresh and to give you some soft cushioning. They are a total of five colours that you can choose the shoes from.

What are you looking for sure the passes for casual wear or one that is designed for more formal situations there is a pair for you.

Depending on your style the black one is probably an old favourite one. It has that shiny finish that we associate with office use. You can polish it and sign it as you would like.


  • There is no break in period required.
  • The upper leather is durable.
  • They provide great support.
  • They are very comfortable.
  • They are versatile.


  • It could be more breathable.
  • Do not always run true to size.


Vivobarefoot Gobi II M Leather Walking Shoe 

vivobarefoot Gobi II

If you’ve been reading our content for while you know that we are big fans of Vivobarefoot. The Gobi II is one of the flagship shoes. This is the shoe that introduced us to this brand. We have never looked back ever since.

The first thing that we appreciated is the fact that they did not try to reinvent the wheel with this one. This is a shoe that bears most of the things that we have come to know and love about lightweight boots.

The shoes are largely made out of leather. You also be pleased to know that as with all the shoes from this brand the shoe is handmade. It has incredible stitching across the top as well as all around it.

The soles are made out of rubber. What you may not have realised if you’re not familiar with the brand is that this is a zero drop shoe. It is also a barefoot shoe.

As with other barefoot shoes from this brand, you’ll find this shoe to be quite minimalist. The design is principled in trying to create something that is suitable to facilitate your foot’s natural movement.

While wearing these shoes you are able to maintain your normal motion of the foot. The lacing is quite ordinary. It is what you would expect from a well-made but.

You also be happy to know that it will not fall apart when lacing the shoes. The shoes are very flexible. This, of course, falls in line with the idea of trying to create a shoe that allows your foot to move without hindrance.


  • They are beautiful shoes.
  • The rubber soles provide traction.
  • They are very comfortable.
  • The toe box provides plenty of room.
  • They are incredibly lightweight.


  • Quality control can be a letdown.


vivobarefoot Ra Ii-m 

vivobarefoot Ra Ii-m

If you don’t quite fancy wearing a boot then you can always go with the Vivobarefoot RA II classic Oxford. From a design standpoint, these shoes are very similar to the ones above them.

This, of course, would be if we were strictly speaking about the functional side of things. They are barefoot and zero. There is sufficient underfoot protection provided by these thin souls.

As with all shoes, these ones are extremely flexible. In fact, you can actually roll the shoe into a bowl and undo it without causing any damage to the material. As you probably expect, the shoes are extremely lightweight.

You also be pleased to find that the upper part of the shoes is made out of leather. The shoes are great for the outdoors as well as the office. They are waterproof.

This is courtesy of the watertight canvas and rubber taped seams. Instead of just stopping on stitching the shoes they’ve also added some taping.

Another great feature is, of course, the Dri lex treated lining. This is a good addition when it comes to trying to keep your feet dry.

If you’re going to be using the shoes in the office this will not be needed, hopefully. However, you may get caught in the rain on your way into the office. It is always a great feeling to know that your shoes can take it.

They are usually two colours that you can choose the shoes from black on black and black and brown. Depending on your office setting and any dress code black and black is probably the safest option.


  • They have a roomy toe box.
  • These make for good dress shoes.
  • They are lightweight.
  • They work with business casual as well.
  • They are zero drop shoes.
  • They have a barefoot feel to them.


  • Quality control issues reported.


VenusCelia Women’s Minimalist Oxford Flat Shoe

VenusCelia Women's Minimalist Oxford Flat Shoe

Most of the dress shoes on the list so far are largely men’s shoes. We have not forgotten to add something for the ladies.

We found something that is easy on the eyes and extremely functional. It will do a great job for those who spend a lot of time on their feet as well as those who work in more laid-back offices.

The shoes are made out of faux leather. The soles of these shoes are made out of rubber as you probably expected.

The rubber is incredible for allowing you to stay on your feet on policy services such as the ones you would usually find in an office space. The suede finish is obviously an excellent touch to creating an elegant shoe.

You’ll be happy to know that these shoes are extremely lightweight. The fact of the flat is always an advantage for those who need to be moved around at pace or spending a lot of time with your feet.

To enhance comfort these shoes come with a short plush lining that keeps you warm and comfortable.

The apple part of the shoes is designed to be breathable while keeping your feet dry. Do not be phased by the elegance this is a shoe that can take punishment. It has a non-deforming nature.

For those fashionistas among us that are into the advantage. This issue that you will love as it comes with the fine perforated curves that are designed to match different types of clothes.

We are happy to also tell you that these shoes are incredibly versatile. This is made even better by the fact that they come in 6 colour options.


  • They are fairly comfortable.
  • The velcro is a great feature.
  • They are reasonably breathable.
  • The soles are wear-resistant.


  • They tend to run small.


Sperry Men’s Hampden Venetian Slip-On Loafer 

Sperry Men's Hampden Venetian Slip-On Loafer

Go with something a little different as a final choice. This is a shoe that can be worn by both men and women regardless of what the title on the landing page may say.

They are slip-on loafers. As the name suggests these shoes are extremely easy to get in and out of. These shoes are made of pure leather. They are very few better signs of durability that you can find.

The soles are made out of rubber. They are designed to be quite minimalist in order to allow freedom of movement without added weight.

The stitching on the top part of these minimalist dress shoes seems quite strong in the first instance. Whether that will remain the case as you use the shoe for while remains unknown.

These loafers come with the mocc-toe stitching and a padded collar. Most people that wear loafers will tell you that it’s the backend of the shoe that tends to rub against your foot and become uncomfortable over time.

This is even worse if you’re not wearing long socks. For this reason, the pedal collar is an absolute must-have. The fact that the stitching is so well done is an additional guarantee that these everyday shoes will last for the long run.

You also be pleased to know that the footbed of the shoes is very comfortable. These are sore shoes that you can wear for an entire day without feeling the weight.

Somebody will say they start to become and feel like a part of you. They are three colours but you can choose yours from.


  • They are lightweight shoes.
  • They are very comfortable.
  • They are reasonably breathable.
  • The leather is soft.


  • The shoes have no arch support.


Buyer’s Guide

Are Chuck Taylors minimalist?

Chuck Taylors have been known and loved for their flat soles that are super comfortable. They are minimalist shoes and have been making minimalist shoes for a long time before wearing minimalist shoes became trendy. Their flat rubber sole is comfortable and is a favorite for many people who are constantly on the go.

How should minimalist shoes fit?

Minimalist shoes are designed to mimic being as close to the ground as possible. They are meant to also allow your feet to be in as natural a state as possible, whilst providing the necessary cushioning.

They need to allow your toes to splay the way they want to so they can grasp the ground better. 

Are minimalist shoes good for your feet?

Walking barefoot has its benefits. One of the reasons people started wearing shoes was to protect their feet.

Whilst barefoot walking and running is good for your feet, it can leave your feet vulnerable to cuts and bruises.

Your feet have natural sensory glands that collect information from the ground when you walk and send it back to the brain so that you react accordingly. This adds to your stability.

Because of this, walking barefoot is a good idea, but it also means that you leave your feet without protection and this is where minimalist shoes come in to save the day. They protect your feet whilst giving you the benefits of walking barefoot. You should also consider arch support.

What is the point of minimalist shoes?

A good minimalist shoe is one that has the least amount of material between the foot and the ground. They are made to be flexible and to allow the foot to move the way it would if it were barefoot.

Minimalist allows for this natural movement. They have a low heel to toe drop and this also helps in making for a comfortable shoe.

How much room should be in the toe of a shoe?

To avoid any injuries your toes need to be free. Constricted toed give room to injuries such as bunions which can be very painful and sometimes debilitating.

Make sure there is at least the length of the index finger between your big toe and the end of the shoe.

This will make the shoe more comfortable when you walk or go about your business. A properly fitting shoe should fit snug around your heel and midfoot and leave some wiggle room in the front.


Working long hours? Do you need to be more comfortable in your shoes at the office? We have reviewed the best minimalist shoes on the market that will make your feet much happier. Minimalist shoes can make your feet more comfortable than non-barefoot shoes.

You must ease your way into wearing them, allow your foot muscles to adjust to the minimalist lifestyle. Our list includes options that are ideal for all formal occasions. We hope this helps you find your best fit. Happy shopping!

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