Are minimalist shoes actually good for you?

The bottom line is minimalist shoes are good. They encourage a forefoot strike rather than a heel strike. The positive part is that they strengthen foot muscles. They decrease the number of foot injuries when wearing conventional shoes. Some podiatrists encourage wearing minimalist shoes because they allow a natural movement of the foot. Wearing traditional … Read more

Merrell Barefoot and Minimalist Shoes To Buy Or Not?

With outdoor activities in mind, Merrell has been at the forefront for a while now. They produce different products for different types of environments and activities. They have always done their best to keep up with and set the pace of the ever-changing world. The level of attention to detail put into the shoes is … Read more

Top 23 Vegan Barefoot Shoes for Women Review

Women’s Vegan Barefoot Shoes Let’s assume that we are in agreement that veganism is a better approach for humanity and our planet. Over the years we have seen more and more products and companies move away from making products at the expense of animals. Animal testing and animal fur products are largely frowned upon, nowadays. … Read more