The Keen Newport Review

The Keen Newport

Highly recommended sandals these are keen sandals and I know that they make other places have online even seen some at Walmart or similar to these but I don’t know how well those are made I can only speak for my experience with these.

This is my second pair now the first bought the.

Were made out of a flaw like heavy-duty material but the way they were made of the scenes came undone what’s the point of failure for those she is.

And I saw that the leather ones which is that these are.

Our soon a little differently in such a way that.

It doesn’t appear that the same sort of problem I had with the fox ones with going to happen with these.

Next, I got leather ones even though the Falcons did last a long time and I really for them through their paces.

These I believe will they have already outlasted the others enter in much better shape.

For the day that I’ve had them.

Anyway, I love the sandals I bottom on eBay where I buy most of my shoes, fortunately, I’ve been pretty lucky with always.

Buying them and having them well without being able to try them on and once I find the brand of shoes that I like I tend to stick with it no one knows where out I do and get another of the exact same thing the.

I bought these and they were used slightly but they look almost brand new and I got him for an excellent price normally stand living news.

Like shoe stores or department store type places around for over a hundred Bucks close to a hundred Bucks the I believe I got these for around thirty dollars including the shipping.

Now, this is the one on the third summer but I’ll be wearing the sandals anyway the really excellent Needham went their water for you really good traction I love the fact that.

You can see here the incident happened in Oakland actually have the scrubbers.

On the front of the code which helps protect your clothes every year.

The one-off the beaten path like I like to do.

So anyway yeah the.

We’ll review their recommendation for anyone who is not aware of the.

And over this and.

You’re out into the outdoors like I am there are very few are highly recommend them.

UPDATE years later

Hi, all it is September nineteenth two thousand nineteen in today’s video. I’m going to share with you an updated review of one of my all-time favourite pairs of shoes that I have ever owned. And that is what I’m on right now he’s Newport sandals by keen that’s K. E. E. N. as the name brand on the shoes. And I did a review a couple of years ago about the sandals and these are another pair so I keep buying these over and over again because I like them so much.

Each pair last me between a year and a half two years depending on how hard I am on them. And I am very hard on shoes just ask my mother it’s been something I have been hard on stuff like this since I was a kid and that hasn’t changed I’ve got here another one that I’m going to show you this is one of Dave’s shoes and we got these for him at a thrift store and they were like we pay like ten Bucks forum which is a really good deal even though they’re not exactly the kind that I would buy and I’ll tell you why.

I’m gonna slit one of my shoes off so we can make a comparison here between them.

The first thing you’re gonna notice is that these are made out of cloth material.

And mine are leather now I had a pair like this in the past and.

Everything started out good but then, unfortunately, I found that they did not last very long before they started to fall apart and where they start to fall apart was right here.

You’re gonna see how this is different from the leather shoes.

This is hard on the cloths. It’s got one two three different pieces that are sewn together here in these two pieces these two straps you know you think it might make sense for them to come to get be connected back here you know behind this the space but they’re not this one ends about right here in this one ends here and then they’re just sound together you know it joined with this little patch part here that’s where it came apart and it came apart really fast and I was not pleased.

At any rate, I still like the sandal everything else about it was wonderful I didn’t have any problems with this clock shoe really anywhere else but this was the weak point and that was a deal-breaker for me so I didn’t.

You know I will personally never.

Buy another pair of these cloth ones and less keen does something to make this better because this is not.

A good design.

In my opinion, now the leather ones as you can see this is all one piece you know it’s all one piece or other here and that has never fallen apart or come apart for me.

I’m in apologize right now because I’m not showing you really knew looking shoes here the.


Are almost ready to be replaced and you know I see a lot of the reviews where people go in there by her shoes and they had a maybe for on not very long.

And then they go under review on them and they still look like brand new.

And that’s fine.

But I think that you know Keen off her shoes after you you and they have had a relationship together for.

Like a year or something.

That kind of gives you an idea like what the shoes how they’re going to wear and what they’re going to look like and I mentioned before then I’m really hard on shoes.

I’m not exaggerating.

Like I’ve been literally thousands of miles in the shoes I have walked thousands of miles and this pair and I’ve also probably read my bicycle wearing these for thousands of miles and I’ve got some of those bike pedals that have like the bare metal and they’re kind of got the.

Spiky groupie things on.

And you can see them even though I’ve worn these so many times you can see a little bit aware there for the bottoms of a real tough which is another thing that I like about the sandals.

Another thing that I really like about these is this toe guard part like a lot of sandals you know they’re open on the end.


I guess that’s fine like if I was going to get a pair of sandals that I kind of want to just to be like fashionable or something but I choose the is because of the function of them in the performance of them and the fact that I’m very outdoorsy.

Very active kind of person and.

This has saved my toes so many times as I walk through water with C. is with gravel bottoms lots of rocks.

I’ve hiked the mountains in the is.

Any kind of terrain and surface you name it I’ve I’ve walked a lot of miles in the shoes another thing that I really like about him is the spongy thing so like you can pull this and it really tightens up the sides if I’m wearing these around the house a lot kind of casual style I will leave them sort of loose.


If I’m going to go walk up the side of a mountain or something though or go through the water with them I can just pull this little bungee and it’s got this little.

Like locking mechanism here and that.

Makes them fit my foot a lot more snug and I like that I like the ability to adjust them I like the fact that they’ve got the strap that goes all the way around the heel it’s more secure on your foot.

These are waterproof to let’s see if there’s a little waterproof insignia there close the lawful ones.

And the.

See there are waterproof they’re kinda lined on the inside with a neoprene material thing that tends to fail for me on the issues is that eventually they just kind of the cushioning in them starts to wear out I can tell and then also the straps on the side this the bottom part of the sole kind of starts to come apart you can seem honour doing that now you can repair that a few times use in some of those shoe stuff and I have authority doctored on the shoes a couple of times you can see some of mine.

Not not.

Didn’t do super good job there but as far as attractiveness but it did the job hold on together so you know that that will definitely help these last longer.

I tend to like really functional shoes that are comfortable for me these are super comfortable for me to walk really long distances and.

Now everybody’s different and.

You know some really got all sorts of weird stuff.

That happens with your feet.

And you’re certain kinds issues you can’t wear so I can’t say for sure that you know you’re gonna love these but.

I will say that they aren’t like those minimalist shoes which I have had some of those and I do like that kind of shoes but these aren’t the bottoms of the users kind of thick and rigid so it’s not.

Exactly super flexible.

In that way and it does have a little bit arch support, not a lot but.

If that’s important here I don’t know.

But you know anyway these.

I like them so well that I will probably be getting another pair to replace the spare and I just have no complaints as long as keen keeps making them so they last the way that these have so far for me these leather conned I will keep me repeat buyer that is my review of the Keen Newport.

Brand Sandel and I like them a lot and if you’re kind of like me if you’re kind of a functional person like you want to have on a pair of shoes that you need to take off run N. or whatever it’s going to protect your feet but yet still be a like a sandal we can go through the water and.

These are awesome shoes in my opinion so if you got any comments or questions you can leave them down below and that’s it thank you very much for reading.

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