The Ultimate Vivobarefoot Lisbon Review

We recently published a review of the best zero drop dress shoes for men. Well, we missed out on one incredible shoe. This is a Vivobarefoot Lisbon review. You may already know that Vivobarefoot’s shoes are manufactured in Portugal. So the name is not much of a surprise.

If you usually wear barefoot shoes, you probably would have noted how difficult it is to find a decent pair of dress shoes that are barefoot. You would often end up looking like an obnoxious fool for wearing shoes that do not quite fit the occasion.

That tide has recently been turning. Although I would still contend that we need to see more formal barefoot shoes on the market. I would also say this is one foot in the right direction.

This shoe is available for both men and women, which is incredible. It is often unimaginable to have a shoe that would work well for both.

It can be worn in formal and casual contexts. It would fit perfectly with a lovely skirt, as it would as with a suit.

Best on the design, I would say this is one for warm and dry weather. The leather used would mean that it has some waterproofing. However, it runs to just below the ankles, which is not ideal for cold weather or a rainy day.

Vivobarefoot Lisbon Review


The shoe is hand-stitched, which is always a sign of effort being put into crafting a final product. It also somewhat justifies the cost.

The upper part of the shoe is made of black Sacheto calf leather. This is taken from the hides of free-roaming animals.

The company has a great tagline to go with this side of things. It goes something like, “from the hides of free-roaming animals that have lived a little and made love under the sun.” If that is not a classy touch of wit, I don’t know what is.

It is a minimalist shoe. No one wants to carry the rest of the bells and whistles that may come with shoes, and are often unnecessary.

The Outsole is Vivobarefoot’s non-marking TPU, which is their thinnest and most durable one yet.

They offer great underfoot performance if you choose to wear these without socks. That is a feature that would certainly come handy on a hot day when socks just would not do it.

They are also hand cut and artisan stitched. The value of the shoe is not only in the material used or the design. It is also in the time of the professional that makes them.

You are not receiving something that has been made at mass by a machine. The ethical side is that you also know that your beautiful shoes are not at the expense of a vulnerable individual.

These shoes are also repairable. It is something that comes as great comfort considering the price. I would hate to think that a minor issue could have me throwing these away. Knowing that I could find a good cobbler to put them back to their glory, in case of some mishap is good.


The Vivobarefoot Lisbon is a lightweight shoe. We love lightweight shoes; life gives us enough to carry.

It is a barefoot shoe, which allows you to keep your feet connected to the ground as well as engaging your sensory nerves.

It is a versatile shoe that can be worn with business attire formal clothing.

The minimal nature of it is such that there is less and less restriction as you go about your day. You feel as if you are not wearing anything on your feet.

They are visibly made of high-quality natural grain leather. With some shoes, you tend to have to take the manufacturer’s word for it when it comes to quality. It is always great when you can see and feel it for yourself.


There is stiffness that greets you when you first put these on. They take some time to break-in, after which they are comfortable. So, they don’t get that out of the box perfection seal of approval.

The stiffness may also mean that the shoe tends to rub you the wrong way around the ankle bone. This is something that changes once they have been broken in. The leather starts to feel more relaxed.

Although they run true to size, that stiffness they have also means that you may feel as though they are a smaller cut than usual. It will all change once they are broken in. They somewhat start to form around the shape of your toes.

The price is also something that may be a downside for some users. This shoe is definitely on the higher end. I would say that they are well worth every penny, seeing the work that goes into manufacturing them by hand. However, I would also concede that this is not a universal view.

Finally, I do like my peace and quiet. The sole tend to let out a bit of a squeak here and there as you go about your day. That does not happen all the time but is still annoying when it does happen.

4.0 out of 5.0 stars


Having considered all the facts in terms of the pros and cons of getting the Vivobarefoot Lisbon, we hope you have come to a conscious, informed decision. If you had to ask me, I would certainly recommend getting these. They are one of the best, if not the best barefoot shoes for formal occasions.

If you are looking to put on that suit or looking for shoes for work, go ahead a get a pair of these. The price may not be their most attractive feature. You know what they say, if you buy cheap, you usually buy twice.

We would love to know your experience once you have had a pair of these for a while. Please do drop us a comment below or send us a message.

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