Vasque vs Salomon Hiking Boots

Before we put these two against each other in an epic Vasque vs Salomon hiking boots comparison. We must start by giving some background information for those that are interested.

Vasque is a shoe company that is committed to making functional, innovative and aesthetic footwear that performs to the highest standards.

The ultimate goal is to make shoes that give you the drive to go out and explore nature. In 1964, William D. Sweasy founded Vasque shoe company. He had been introduced to the ongoing mountaineering craze in Europe, where most hikers were using handmade mountain boots.

When he returned to the US, he realized that brands there lacked specialization in outdoor recreation. He then formed Vasque footwear, naming it after Fort Vasquez in Colorado.

Today the shoe company uses new and innovative technologies to keep up with the ever-changing needs of wearers. They specialize in offering various outsole systems and components targeted for outdoor activity. Vasque makes all the shoes you will need for your outdoor adventure.

They have a reputation for asking for shoes that stand the test of time. Footwear from Vasque will last you and carry you across the different trails. In all the footwear made by Vasque, the company strives to have as little of an ecological footprint as possible. 

Salomon makes hiking boots for all sorts of conditions and uses ranging from running, trail running, hiking, winter, casual, sandals, and water shoes. One of the things that make hiking seem difficult can be when you wear hiking boots that are too heavy. This is what can tend to put people off.

Most of the gear can seem extremely bulky and you can not imagine lugging it on a hiking trail. Salomon hiking shoes are lightweight and as such make the hike a bit easier. 

The sleek design and the lightweight material makes this possible. Your shoes will not have to be something you worry about. They also provide adequate protection against the weather elements. 

Products Overview

Hiking can be a tricky task if you are not too sure about what to wear on the trail. Boots are a big part of that. The last thing you need is to be worrying about your shoes and if they are on the same page as you or not.

Vasque Footwear is a trusted name in the world of hiking. Their reputation has gotten people from across the world shopping with these boots in mind when they shop for hiking shoes and boots.

Salomon hiking boots have advanced chassis and mid-height, which deliver stability and support on rugged terrain. These shoes are lightweight and make hiking easier on the wearer. 

Mid Hiking Boot Pick

Vasque Men’s St. Elias Gore-Tex Backpacking Boot 

Vasque Men's St. Elias Gore-Tex Backpacking Boot

This is probably a shoe that lives was up to the brand’s mantra, which is trust on the trail. Can you send me a shoe that you can trust on the trail? If you had too much on walking or hiking, this is probably what you envision in your mind.

That means a machine that’s ready to take on all sorts of training. The upper part is made of textile and leather.

That already tells you that it delivers great protection from the cold and adverse weather conditions included in the rain. It has a shaft that measures about 6 inches from the arch.

The heels raise just over an inch and a half. This is with the performance that’s close to the weight.

We’ve already mentioned protection from water. This is courtesy of the Gore-Tex waterproof construction. Comfort has not gone unseen either. 

These shoes come with a midsole EVA cushioning pad. They enable you to take on the hottest of conditions out on the train without worrying about putting your feet through too much.

There is a 2.3 mm waterproof new black leather upper. This is exactly what keeps the water out. That also is made out of the famous Vibram rubber. 

Editor’s Rating 4.1 out of 5.0 stars

Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GORE-TEX Men’s Wide Hiking Boots 

Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GORE-TEX Men's Wide Hiking Boots

This will certainly not be the best-looking shoe that you’ve ever seen. Again that may come down to people having different tastes. Visually there seems to be a lot more going on, which some people like while others will not.

The other part of the shoes is made out of text out and synthetic. It will not deliver the same sort of waterproofing that would come from other variations of the shoe. Once you get past them, the different tastes that we have in our shoes should look you begin to see you an incredible piece of work. 

The soles of the shoe are made out of rubber. It gives you great traction as you get up and about. You will benefit from the shaft that goes all the way up to the meet-up from the arch; it gives you great that support. These shoes are surprisingly waterproof.

The upper material doesn’t give this away. The gear to take on all sorts of terrain and weather conditions. The traction that you get from the shoes comes from contra grip. The EVA is injected.

To give you as much comfort as possible, they’ve made use of the gore-tex performance comfort. 

There is an ortholite insole. It enhances comfort and as well when paired together with the Sensi-Fit technology. There is a gusseted tongue which makes the shoes fit better. 

Editor’s Rating 4.4 out of 5.0 stars

Snow Boot Picks

Vasque Men’s Snowburban II UltraDry Snow Boot  

Vasque Men's Snowburban II UltraDry Snow Boot

If you’re going to find yourself in the snow, you will do well to have these shoes as a companion. The main feature is the Nordic Rover soles designed to provide you with a balance of maximum traction and tolerance for the cold.

The boots themselves are waterproof, which is necessary when hiking in the snow.

Even if it doesn’t rain, the button coming into contact with the snow tends to get your feet wet after a while. The manufacturers have used what they call the ultra-dry waterproofing system. It’s as moisture management properties through its lining and waterproofing ones.

This is to say that moisture is released from the shoe while water is kept out of the shoe. 

To keep you warm, these shoes come with a 400 g 3M ultra-dry Thinsulate insulation. You can find these in various sizes.

Editor’s Rating 3.8 out of 5.0 stars

SALOMON Women’s Toundra Pro CSWP W Snow Boot  

SALOMON Women's Toundra Pro CSWP W Snow Boot

An equally good companion for the snow is these boots. They have been called Salomon’s warmest boots thus far. To give you some perspective, they can take on temperatures as low as -40°.

You will also be happy to find that your feet would be protected if you were to get wet as the snow melts. These shoes are waterproof.

The outer part of the boot is made of synthetic material. Underneath your feet is gum rubber. It will ensure that you have a reasonable amount of traction both on the snow and on dry surfaces.

The closure system on these shoes is a bungee one. It ensures that your feet are closed in tightly, so ways to shut out any moisture and cold air.

They have what has been described as a western heel. To keep you warm, the manufacturer has used the winter Contragrip to ensure that you have all the balance you need I’m not falling over in the snow.

They deliver maximum traction. Both are nice and on snow. You will also be happy to know that these shoes come with a two-year warranty.

Editor’s Rating 3.9 out of 5.0 stars

Low Cut Picks

SALOMON Men’s X Ultra 3 GTX Hiking Shoes 

SALOMON Men's X Ultra 3 GTX Hiking Shoes

In the summertime, we usually demand boots such as these. Do you want boots that provide you with all the protection you would get from having something to cover your entire foot?

However, that aspect of it is what you want but still is reasonably breathable. It’s quite a difficult balance to strike in most cases. But the other part of the shoes is 100% synthetic. They sit on the rubber soles.

The shafts run about me top from your arches. This is the shoe that comes from rigorous testing and feedback from customers. Such a practice is what has delivered this advanced chassis.

It is surrounded by foam to ensure that you get all the cushioning and comfort that you need. The chassis is directly connected to the shoes’ sole, making your boots that little bit more stable. Aesthetically they are reasonably good-looking shoes. 

The upper part has several panels that allow for breathability. The lacing system is one that uses a quick-release tab. It makes it easier to get in and out of the shoes and reduces the time for doing your laces.

This system also tends to hold up as you go on your hike. You will not have to stop, and we do you laces.

Editor’s Rating 3.9 out of 5.0 stars

Vasque Men’s Grand Traverse Performance Hiking Shoe

The Grand Traverse is more performance-focused shoes. They have an upper part that is made out of leather and textile. The soles are made out of rubber. They give you a reasonable amount of traction on also to surfaces.

If you look so important to you when picking your hiking boots, this is one of the more attractive ones you find.

To give you that much-needed breathability, these shoes fitted some durable mesh panels. There is a talk app that is resistant to abrasion. It also ensures that your toes are protected if you were to knock them again while hiking. 

The outside of the shoes is made out of Vibram Ibex. This adds up to a bit more traction than you get from the sole. They are four different choices as far as colour and design are concerned.

Editor’s Rating 4.1 out of 5.0 stars

Comparison Criteria

We compare and contrast the pros and cons as well as the features of the two hiking boots. Each brand has its signature, and even so, within each brand, you can find different products that also have different characteristics as they are targeted at different hikers and for different purposes. We compare pricing, design, quality, and durability, among other factors.

General Pricing Comparison

Vasque hiking boots have slightly higher price tags. They are well known for their excellent quality. They incorporate several modern technologies. These boots are usually priced between $180 to $200.

Salomon hiking boots are more reasonably priced in comparison, even though they are still pricier than their competitors. The newer the model, the higher the price.

General Quality Comparison

Vasque makes use of the latest technologies in all its products. They are of high quality as they keep getting better with each passing year. They have a gore-tex membrane which is a weatherproofing technology seen in a lot of Vasque hiking boots. Water is kept out of the boots, and the quality of the shoe is maintained.

Also found in some Vasque hiking boots are EVA cushioning pods. These are features that help absorb shock and protect the wearer from injuries. Hikers especially need features like this so the feet can conform to the irregularities of the trail. 

Salomon hiking boots are amongst the top-quality hiking boots on the market. They are great for intermediate to expert skiers and are well known for their superb performance and comfort.

General Durability Comparison

Salomon boots are expected to last 2-5 years if you take good care of them. Make sure to clean them according to the instructions, and dry the liners after each use. They have a great durability ranking.

Vasque boots are made of excellent-grade leather. To preserve them, the boots are made with a rubber toe cap and other features to help protect your feet and the shoes and reinforce the boot’s durability. Vasques hiking boots hold up even on the roughest of trails, and they too can last for years.

General Design Comparison

Vasque hiking boots use the best materials to get the best look possible. These boots are known for their rugged leather look, which may not be to everyone’s taste. They have an all-leather upper, and this makes the boot sturdy and protective.

Salomon hiking boots have a sleek design. Some prefer this hiking boot because it seems more modern than the Vasque hiking boots. However, the design you choose is entirely a matter of personal taste. It all comes down to the materials used and the construction, and which one you prefer.

Key Features of each brand

Salomon hiking boots. 

  • A UK size 5.5 will weigh 440g.
  • They are made of waterproof material
  • They have rubber to cap
  • They also have a mudguard and a sensitive heel.
  • They have a gusseted tongue
  • They have a textile lining. 
  • They have an advanced chassis
  • These hiking boots have a midsole that is injected with EVA and a moulded Shank.
  • They have an EVA shaped footbed.

Vasque hiking boots

  • They are made of leather and mesh material
  • They have a rubber sole
  • They have a moulded EVA missile for comfort and stability.
  • they have a strong heel counter and athletic design which provides excellent ankle support.
  • They have an exclusive Vibram contact outer sole
  • They are quick and agile over rough ground.

Pros and Cons of each brand

Pros of the Vasque hiking boot

  • Lightweight
  • Protective and extremely waterproof
  • Quick and agile even on rough ground
  • Has waterproof gore-tex technology
  • They are comfortable
  • They have a unique and rich heritage
  • The winter boots are hot
  • They have excellent grip
  • They are rugged, and they last for years
  • They are affordable.

Cons of the Vasque hiking boot

  • Sizing is off for men. 
  • A lot of men complain of an uncomfortable fit

Pros of the Salomon hiking boot

  • They are great for all-mountain skiing
  • They have a 360 Degree Custom Shell that moulds to fit unique feet
  • They have a 24mm Oversized Pivot on the heel
  • Actual Flex 100mm is adjustable up to 106mm

Cons of the Salomon hiking boot

  • Lack of snap and agility


Vasque hiking boots are set apart by the fact that they recreate the handmade mountain boots of the alps. They have a special vintage appeal that you do not see in many other hiking boots.  They are not trying to mimic any modern boots. They are known for their rugged construction.

Even though they do not mimic modern boots, they still use modern technologies that make great hiking boots. For example, they are waterproof like any other good hiking boot, but they have history.

They are available for both men and women; compared to many hiking boots, Vasque boots rate pretty high in terms of quality.

Salomon hiking boots have excellent performance as well as an affordable price. With good care, they can last up to 5 years. They are also very comfortable. The boots you choose will be up to you entirely as it is a matter of personal preference and choice. We hope our review helps you make an informed buying decision. Happy shopping!

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