Vivobarefoot Ababa Canvas Review

Are you looking for footwear that has the feeling of walking barefoot with maximum comfort? Then it would help if you thought about Vivobarefoot Ababa canvas.

The most beautiful thing with the barefoot canvas is that it has an adequate room that enables the toes to spread out.

Besides that, it comes in different sizes and colors that can perfectly suit your tastes as well as preference regardless of your gender.

Also, the shoes have a solid construction with double stitching attaching the fabric to the sole. The construction design makes the footwear to last for a couple of years.

Boosting lots of positive reviews in many Facebook groups and footwear forums, it has become quite popular across the world.

The shoes are made from the soul of Africa and the company is dedicated to providing high-quality products to the customers.

The quality has never been comprised since the company is working around the clock to fulfil its mandate in Africa of sponsoring education and employment opportunities.

If you are a fan of Altra Lone Peak hiking shoe then you need to try them out. They have a toe box which is wide and suitable for walking long distances.

Also, you do not need to spend an extra coin for purchasing metatarsal foot pads since the toe box enables your feet to spread out like flip flops.

Another amazing feature of the shoe canvas is the ability to fit like glove. It helps to secure your feet in position without coming out.

The soles have great traction and there is no chance of sliding while walking on a slippery floor. However, the squeaking sound can be irritating while walking at times.

The style and fashion of the canvas are the latest. This is the reason why they typically being used in many modern weddings. They make an individual stand out from the crowd.

The footwear help to instil confidence in an individual due to the comfort and fashion design. The good news is that they can easily match different cloth designs.

The quality of the fabric behind the construction of the canvas is super amazing and long-lasting. This is the feature that makes the shoe quite durable.

One disappointing thing with the canvas is that they are not waterproof. Therefore, they are not suitable for walking in wet and muddy terrains. This should not come as a surprise to anyone who uses canvas shoes. That is the nature of the beast.

You get some of the features that you love at the expense of some others. It’s a trade-off that is usually made with a good amount of consideration placed on the weather and other conditions in which the shoes will be used.

All in all, they can be used either for an official or casual slip-on. They tend to be quite light and flexible. The feature makes them ideal for walking over a long distance.

Lastly, they are relatively affordable and this makes it easier to purchase more pairs at once as compared to the traditional shoes.

It offers an opportunity to give back to society especially for those people who are unfortunate in the less developed countries in Africa.


  • Made from high-quality fabric
  • Tend to be flexible and lightweight
  • Relatively affordable
  • Help to secure the feet perfectly
  • Offer maximum comfortable
  • High-level traction force


  • It can cause blisters to some people due to poor padding
  • Not suitable for wet and muddy regions
  • Tend to become larger with time

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