Vivobarefoot Bannister Review

Considering buying the Vivobarefoot Bannister? If you are a barefoot shoe wearer, then you will know that it is important to have a pair that you can wear every day. Besides the fact that barefoot shoes are healthy for you, you may need to b wearing them because of a foot condition. The Vivobarefoot Bannister is perfect for wearing every day. 

They are inspired by a tennis lifestyle shoe. These shoes are made of hand-finished polished leather. They’re a great option for men to wear every day. They are hand made in Portugal, using vegetable tan leather and they are also zero drop shoes. 

They have a sole that is minimalistic and this keeps you close to the ground whilst at the same time protecting your feet. These are best suited for city walking. The outsole is stiff and so is the upper. The shoes two tones for the sole and the upper is stylish.


A lot of love goes into the making of these shoes as they are hand-cut. The Vivo barefoot banister for men is hand made in Portugal. It looks sporty and yet at the same time is great for everyday street walking. You can easily wear this in a casual setting or as part of your formal ensemble. 

The finished leather can have an air of sophistication that goes with it. The sole and the upper are two different colors, tan and dark brown. They have a lace-up closure and this allows you to tighten or loosen them as you wish. 

A lot of people hear the benefits of barefoot shoes and it makes sense to switch from regular shoes, but then they see them and think twice. The wide toe box on barefoot shoes is not always very appealing. However, the banisters are not too bad. You can wear them all day in the office or running errands, and still, look great. 


The shoes are made of leather and this can sometimes mean that they can take a while to break in. Use the Vivo barefoot size chart, to determine what size shoe you need to be looking for. Users say that these shoes tend to run a little small which means that you may need to buy a size bigger than usual. 

If you are not sure then try them on physically. The disadvantage here is if you can only get them online and there is no shop that sells them in your area. If this is the case, and you can only buy the shoes online, then you need to make sure that you check on the return policy. They are available from a UK size 6 to a UK size 12. 


If you are used to regular shoes, then this, or any other barefoot shoe will not be comfortable for you at all. This is because, by design, your feet are meant to feel the ground. If you are accustomed to having a lot of cushioning between your feet and the ground then this will not be a good experience for you.

However, once you have adjusted to wearing barefoot shoes, the Vivo barefoot banisters are very comfortable to wear on a daily basis. 

The banister has a leather footbed, and Vivobarefoot says this just gets better with wear. Since you will probably be wearing these shoes often, you want to make sure that they age gracefully and this is one of the parts of the shoes that do this well. The leather is unlined and this adds to the flexibility of the shoe.


These shoes are not the best when it comes to durability. The rubber tends to come away from the sole faster than expected. As an everyday shoe, you want to make sure that there is a high level of durability.

You do not know what type of roads or paths you will be walking on and so you need to make sure that you get the best durability in a shoe. 

The manufacture says the shoe has special stitching that is meant to make them strong. However, user reviews have a different story. This is not a shoe to wear through water or muddy conditions. They will easily get damaged. Then again, you should not wear leather in wet conditions. 

The issue is that you want an everyday shoe to be compatible with any weather conditions. Otherwise, you are forced to remove your shoes when it rains. For a show that promises convenience, that is far from it.

If you have no issue with having to look for a way to resolve the shoes then you can take them through whatever torture. But at the end of the day, durability all depends on how you treat your shoes. 


The Vivobarefoot retails for between $105-$150 depending on where you buy them. This is a fair price depending on your budget. Looking at the market price of other shoes in this range, the banister is a good buy. If you find a retailer selling them for more than this, then it is not such a great idea. 

Especially given the reservations on durability. I would not pay too much for a shoe that is meant to just blend in and not stand out, and I feel like the banister is one such shoe. It serves a basic purpose and so a $300 price tag can be uncalled for. 


  • They are comfortable
  • They are versatile
  • They can be dressed up or down
  • They are flexible


  • The leather can be a disadvantage when it comes to dealing with water damage
  • They can take time to break-in


The Vivo barefoot banister is quite the shoe. You can wear it to a wedding or running errands. It all depends on what you pair them with. These shoes are appealing to the eye, and they are also good minimalist shoes.

They allow you to experience barefoot walking and still look clean, smart, or casual depending on the look you are going for. I like this shoe as an everyday option and think its a great buy. 

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