Vivobarefoot Camino Review

Ever wondered what it would be like to be able to around with no shoes on all the time? The Vivobarefoot Camino is a sandal that allows you the joys of summer whilst protecting your feet. The freedom of walking barefoot is on another level. It is truly liberating and Vivobarefoot provides this much needed barefoot experience.

Most sandals leave your feet vulnerable to sticks and stones, and they are inconvenient to wear on a hike or an off-road trail. The Vivobarefoot Camino is great to wear on rugged uncertain trails as it keeps your feet protected and cool, all at the same time.

The flexible rubber minimalist sole helps your feet grasp the ground and promotes balance. You will feel more in control of your feet as your walk, and this is important when you are on a trail you are not familiar with.


When the hotter months of the year roll around, you will probably want to be ditching your sneakers and looking for comfortable sandals. The Vivobarefoot Camino sandals are a great off-road alternative. They have a rubber sole.

It looks like your regular minimalist shoe and a pair of rafters have been merged to come up with this brilliant design. Unlike regular sandals, the soles on these shoes are not open, and the shoe covers more of the foot than regular sandals. At first glance, they look like regular shoes. 

They are made of a combination of leather and nylon. Just looking at them communicates comfort. The overall look is great and can be worn with various outfits. Some people can not wear closed shoes even to work due to various conditions. These sandals can have a dual purpose. 

They can give your feet the comfort and freedom they need in the hot summer months and still look good. They come in black and a natural color which means that they can suit your outfit fit regardless of whether you are wearing dark or light colors.

Because of the way they are made, they let in less dirt than regular sandals. They can be worn with shorts or even with a short and still look great in both circumstances. 


These shoes are available between a UK Size 6 and a UK size 12. Vivobarefoot generally advises that you get your regular shoe size when buying your barefoot shoes. This also goes for sandals. However, if you will be wearing these sandals with socks, you may want to go a size higher, depending on their thickness.

Some people need to wear socks with their sandals, even though it seems like it is an oxymoron. Reasons vary from avoiding the strap cutting into your foot to avoiding calluses on foot. This is why it is important to try on the shoes with the socks you will intend to wear with them if you will be wearing any socks. 

If the sandals are your first barefoot shoes, you may feel like they are too big. This is because barefoot shoes are made to accommodate the splaying of your toes. The more you wear barefoot shoes, you will find that your feet seem to grow in size as the foot takes up its natural shape. 

And so don’t be too worried if your Vivobarefoot Camino sandals seem to have more wiggle room than your regular shoes. They are made to give your feet the freedom they were always meant to have. The velcro strap on the shoes allows you to adjust them according to your foot.

Sometimes your feet may be swelling due to different reasons, and your shoes may not always fit the way they usually do. A velcro strap gives you options.


These sandals are made of leather and nylon. They feel soft around the straps and yet firm enough to keep your feet firm and secure. Another feature that adds to your feet feeling firm is the support the shoes offer. Even though they are sandals, they cover your feet more than most sandals do. 

Some uses have described walking n these sandals as walking on a cloud if ever anyone knew what that was like in reality. They are breathable and let air in, as sandals should. This means that they are very comfortable to wear in the summer and will not have you sweating no matter how hot they get. 

They have flexible rubber soles, which allow you to have a wide range of movement as you hike through rugged uncertain trails. The sole is thick enough to protect you from sharp rocks and the hard ground and flexible and thin enough to allow you to have the infamous Vivobarefoot experience. 

If you are conscious about the impact your shoes have on the environment and animal life, you will be pleased to know that these shoes are vegan, meaning they are made with animal-free products only.


These sandals are made of leather and nylon. The combination is excellent for letting air in and keeping your feet cool. The leather and nylon upper are very durable and will go the long haul with you.

The rubber outsole is one of Vivobarefoot’s signatures, and it is durable. After wearing them, people who have reviewed these shoes have nothing but glowing recommendations and praises about how long they last. 


You can get these sandals for as little as $64. They sell out fast, probably because they are reasonably priced, considering how great they are in the barefoot department and the looks department.  It may seem expensive as far as general sandals go, but barefoot sandals go, which is a steal.


Looking for sandals may seem like something you do not need to put much thought into. But remember that you can not always add insoles in sandals, so you have to make sure that they are comfortable as they are.

Vivo barefoot Camino sandals are both comfortable and good looking too. They are flexible enough to wear when hiking, in the gym, or even for everyday walking. We like this sandal and think it is worth every penny spent.

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