Vivobarefoot Eclipse Review

Trying to find the right pair of slippers for men can be difficult. There is not too much that men can hope for shoe choices, especially if you are a barefoot enthusiast. Vivobarefoot makes the perfect barefoot shoe for almost any occasion, and it’s one of the reasons why we love the brand. 

The men’s eclipse sandal embodies the term “barefoot.” It is one of the most minimalist sandals on the market, with the least amount of material between your feet and the ground.

Made of only the most durable and flexible materials, the eclipse keeps your feet as one with the ground and keeps them safe from anything that may be on the ground. 

The elegant design and use of knowledge of how the feet work has given rise to this everyday lightweight sandal that you may forget to take off.


Just by looking at this slipper, it almost looks like the wearer is wearing just straps. The sole is ultra-thin, and you hardly see it, especially when the wearer is in motion. If they look a little familiar, It’s because the design is modeled after ancient running sandals. 

They were built to keep your feet safe and maintain the agility needed when weaving through terrain you do not necessarily comprehend in totality. In this day and age, you may not be looking for the perfect hunting slipper. The design comes in handy when looking for an everyday easy slipper. 

The slippers have a webbed toe upper, which is made of wild hide leather. The slingback that runs around the back of your leg keeps the foot stable as you walk. They come in black and have a tan leather footbed—the sole looks like a footprint in terms of design, which I think is cool. 

This is a stylish pair of sandals, and if we were going on looks alone, these would be a definite winner. They are sleek, and they also look like they do their job.


The Vivo barefoot eclipse sandals run true to your Vivobarefoot size. If this is your first pair from the brand, you can make use of the fit finder, to figure out what size Vivobarefoot shoe you wear.

They come in a UK size 6 up to a UK size 14. If you wear half a size between any of the sizes, you will need to either get a bigger or smaller size. These sandals are not available in half sizes except for the size 11.5.


If you are looking for an everyday sandal that you can easily slip on and off, then the Vivo barefoot eclipse for men is a great bet. These sandals are comfortable. The leather footbed provides a soft landing for your feet.

It also “hugs” your feet, and this makes fr a comfortable The sole is thin, and it encourages your feet to feel the earth entirely whilst also protecting your feet from it. You can flex your toes most naturally as you are navigating your way.

The natural feel that the sandals give you also allows you to be more stable. Regular shoes force your feet to conform to them and over time you lose your natural ability to balance and stabilize yourself. These sandals will give you that ability. It will feel as if you are walking with no shoes on. 

The strap at the back of the eclipse, keeps you grounded as well. If you are one of those people who avoid wearing sandals because you are afraid of them slipping off, you do not have to worry about these sandals. The back strap will give you the peace of mind you need. 

Also, the strap is not elasticated like other models, and this has come as a much-welcomed improvement. This is because the strap will not dig into the leg as you walk. This is usually the issue with most slingbacks. The strap ha to be tightened to ensure secure fit but then it digs into the skin and can cause blisters. 

Or if you loosen it, it stops playing its role. But the strap on this sandal has all of that worrying in the past. The other great thing about this strap is that it is adjustable and so you can alter the fit so that it is comfortable for you. 


The wild hide leather used to make the shoes is naturally scarred and this escalates the durability of the sandal. The rubber sole, on the other hand, is also pretty flexible and takes your stepping kindly.

They bend and mold to the shape of your feet and allow your feet to collect necessary sensory information from the ground, all without breaking a sweat. Even very hot weather will not alter the shape of these sandals.


You can buy these for approximately $70. It sounds like its quite a hefty price to pay for sandals. But this all depends on whether or not you understand the value that they will bring to you.


  • They are lightweight
  • They are comfortable
  • They are great to do your everyday errands in
  • You can adjust the back strap for a personalized fit.


  • The toe post is a little stiff initially


In my opinion, these sandals are a great buy. They have a lot going for them, especially when it comes to looks. Most barefoot shoes are not easy on the eyes, and that is why this design comes as a refreshing dose to have a sandal that is not only functional but also looks good. 

You don’t have to be caught in the awkward situation of explaining why you are wearing such hideous shoes. The Vivo barefoot eclipse sandal will take you where you need to go, even if it is through mud or wet places or dry land. This is one versatile sandal. It is a yes from me. Happy shopping!

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