Vivobarefoot Fulham Review

Vivobarefoot Fulham

Out of all of the shoes that vivobarefoot has made, this is probably the closest to our hearts. It is a shoe that takes a contemporary design that we have known and loved for a long and brings it to the barefoot world. The Vivobarefoot Fulham is not ordinary footwear. They are designed from the iconic Chelsea boot with a modern barefoot adventure seeker in mind.

Fulham boot offers minimalist style from the office to great outdoors. This is the feature that makes the barefoot quite popular across the world.

Boasting lots of praises from many footwear forums and Facebook groups. The iconic Chelsea boot is a dedicated winter wardrobe barefoot.

The boots are relatively lightweight and this facilitates long-distance coverage without getting fatigued due to additional shoe weight.

The most beautiful thing is that the barefoot is made from premium materials which make it last quite long when compared to the standard boots in the market.

Besides that, the additional vivo compound on the leather makes the boots to be quite waterproof. Hence quite ideal for walking in wet and muddy regions.

Also, the boot is designed with ultra-thin rubber sole which can walk in different types of terrain without any problem. The rubber sole is quite flexible and can easily cope up with different terrains.

That’s not all. The upper part of the boots is made from buffalo leather. The leather is quite strong and resistant to common punctures that can cause injuries.

The thermal insole of the boots can easily be removed in case you want to clean them up. They are regarded as ideal for maintaining and care as far as hygiene is a concern.

The soft-sock construction help to prevent the feet from rubbing and developing blisters. The softness helps to offer maximum comfort while hitting the hard trail for long-distance.

Another amazing feature is the pull tab behind the ankle that makes it quite easier to fit and secure the ankle in the right position.

The double stitches of the leather to the sole tend to be quite durable and this helps to cut down on the cost of repair due to rapture.

Did I forget to mention the four seasons? The thermal insole can easily be removed and it offers four-season maximum protection.

The barefoot boot tends to be flat and this is one of the things that makes them stand out from the ordinary boots with heels in the market.

The price attached to the boots is quite expensive but worth the value. The company works around the clock to ensure the quality is never compromised at all.

The company behind the manufacture of the boots is giant brands and they have dedicated most of their time to produce high-quality products.

The technology behind the reimagining of the boots from the iconic Chelsea boots is superior to any other used by other companies.

Lastly, the outsole has a concave hexagonal design that helps to maintain maximum traction in wet, cold and muddy surfaces. 


  • The rubber outsole offers maximum traction force
  • They are made from high-quality leather material
  • The thermal insole for protection for four seasons
  • The boots are water-resistant ideal for winter
  • They are highly breathable to offer maximum comfort


  • Relatively expensive to acquire
  • A limited number of colors
  • Not suitable for office use since they more casual outfit
  • Tend not to last as long as expected

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