Vivobarefoot GEO COURT Review: Our Honest Opinion

Are you looking for the best Vivobarefoot they offer? Vivabarefoot has been making shoes for the barefoot enthusiast and the minimalist for years now. More people have grown to appreciate the benefits of walking barefoot.

Taking a look back in history will show you that walking barefoot can help you grasp the ground better, and not just that but it allows your feet to be free as you walk. 

Vivobarefoot GEO COURT White

You may be wondering why you have aching feet after spending a day in shoes with a pointed front. Its because your toes are squished into an unnatural shape. Ther is no way that you can keep your toes happy by keeping them encased in hard synthetic material.

Walking barefoot has great benefits but it is also dangerous and impractical in the world we live in today. You need to protect your feet from sticks and stones and all that may break your bones and also from harmful bacteria that can cause diseases.

Vivobarefoot has done a great job of answering the call of the barefoot and minimalist shoe enthusiast. 

The Vivo barefoot geo court shoe is an edgy addition to the shoe manufacturer’s expansive minimalist shoe range. It has a simple and distinct design that you can easily pick out of a line-up and appreciate its beauty. This shoe is not just all looks and no functionality.

It is a great minimalist shoe, with very little material between your feet and the ground. The premium leather lining the shoe comes with makes it super comfortable.

It has a beautiful embossed design on the sidewall. The overall design complements every aspect of the shoe. In this article, we take a look at the great qualities you can look forward to in the Vivobarefoot geo court shoe.

In a Hurry?

Do you need a quick guide to buying yourself a good pair of Geo courts? You will need to consider a few factors so that you buy the right shoe for you or whoever you want to give them to.

This will help you decide on whether you get the Vivobarefoot Geo courts for men or the Vivobarefoot geo courts for women. Both shoes have the trademark 

Vivobarefoot quality, you just need to know who you are buying them for and the person’s size. 

Comfort may be subjective, but getting a shoe that fits is imperative. Another thing that also greatly influences the comfort of a shoe is the material it is made of.

Check on the lining material and make sure that it is something that you can wear every day. Geo court shoes are made for everyday use and so making sure that you can spend a lot of time in them is key. 

Also, check on the traction that the shoe has and if this is enough for the task at hand. Good traction can decide what type of surfaces you can walk on and which ones you need to avoid.

Also, make sure that you are comfortable with the way the shoes fasten.

It always helps to walk instore and try on an actual pair, especially if it is your first time buying Vivo barefoot and you do not know how they feel on your feet.

When you are going to try them on, its always a good idea to try them on with the socks you will most likely be using with them, this way you avoid buying a pair that is too small. 

Vivobarefoot GEO COURT

Vivobarefoot GEO COURT top and soles

There are not too many barefoot shoes that are designed to mirror designs that we are familiar with. the GEO Court is an incredible pair of trainers that are both zero drop and barefoot.

They are minimalist trainers that are incredibly lightweight and easy on the eye full stop as you’d expect from shoes from this brand these ones are extremely flexible. they place little to no restriction on your foot movement. this means that you will be able to walk on your foot with ease.

The soles of these shoes are made out of rubber. they are designed to provide you with a reasonable amount of traction. The shoelaces are made out of organic cotton. The inside of the shoes has a premium leather lining. 


  • There are several colours to choose from.
  • The design is minimalist.
  • The shoes are incredibly flexible.
  • They are highly breathable.
  • They are very comfortable.
  • The outsoles are durable.


  • The jury is still out on this one.

Buyer’s Guide

How do you wash minimalist shoes?

Keeping your shoes clean is key in maintaining them and preserving them. One of the first things that you would need to do, is to remove the loose dirt or debris.

The amount of dirt on the shoes will depend on the activities you would have put the shoe through. If you will be using the shoes daily for regular errands, you may not get them too dirty.

However, if your regular errands involve a lot of dirt and grime then this is a necessary step. 

Once you have removed loose dirt, you can begin using them or wiping them down. The method that you choose depends on what material the shoes are made of.

Some shoes can be tossed into the washing machine whilst others need to be wiped down with special shampoos.

Suede, for example, needs you to use a special suede brush along with a special shampoo. Make sure to follow the instructions on the label of the shoes. Whether they are minimalist or regular does not matter much in how you wash them, the determining factor is the material they are made of. 

Are minimalist shoes bad for your feet? 

Minim alist shoes have amazing benefits for your feet. They allow your feet to move in the most natural way possible, second to barefoot shoes. They have been known to strengthen the feet muscles. However, they need to be eased into. Give yourself some transition time. 

 Does walking barefoot help plantar fascitis?

Plantar fasciitis happens when you strain the tissue that stretches between your heel and forefoot. For you to get relief, you will need shoes that provide you with cushioning.

Minimalist shoes do not provide the amount of cushioning that you need. They can worsen the symptoms that you are experiencing.

Final Thoughts

Vivobarefoot makes many shoes for different wearers. Whatever your preference, if you are looking for a shoe crafted skillfully to help you go through your daily routine, the Vivobarefoot geo court shoes, are a great buy.

From the design to the functionality, these shoes take you through it all. You can depend on how great they look and how well they work.

The material the entire shoe is made of help in making it the gem that it is. If a minimalist shoe is what you are looking for, this is sure to do the trick. 

Whether you are looking for men or women’s geo court shoes, you are sure to be happy with your purchase. We hope that this review helps you make your decision. Happy shopping!

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