Vivobarefoot Jing Jing Review: What You Need To Know

The Vivobarefoot Jing Jing is a woman’s pair of simple flat pumps. They are a great option for people who are regularly on the go. If, for example, you need to go from work to someplace across town on foot, your high heels are not much of an option. However, having a pair of pumps is always a good idea. 

These pumps are also great in that they will fit just about anywhere, thanks to the flexible sole that allows you to fold them up.  They are designed with the barefoot enthusiast in mind, and they will allow you to explore ad feel the ground as naturally as you would if you were wearing no shoes. 

This will help add more balance and stability to your step. The pumps are made of leather and are slightly elasticated around the foot. They also have a wide front.


The Jing Jing women’s pumps come in different designs, such as ballet flats, lace fronts, and everyday pumps. We look at the everyday Jing Jing pumps, and they look like a shoe that you can wear every day if you do not particularly care about what you will look like.

They have a weirdly shaped round front (in my opinion). The wide toe box makes the shoes look a bit like clown shoes. 

They come in black, cobblestone, or brown. This will give you choices. They are made of wild hide leather, and they also have a leather footbed. These pumps are very minimalistic in nature and construction, so do not expect any frills or fancy design. 

They are the absolute basic, and they blend into the rest of the outfit rather than stand out. Whether this is a good or bad thing, you will have to decide, depending on what you think of the pumps’ overall look. When you look at them, they do not sit flat on the ground. 

They look like a ball that is uncurling, and this is thanks to the flexible sole. Not all Jing Jing pumps look the same. The lace tops have a different layout than the ballet flats, but the basic principle is the same. 

The sole is thin and flexible enough, allowing you to have a barefoot experience. The difference in how they look is what may get you to choose one pair over the other. 

One of the great things about the Vivobarefoot Jing Jing Pumps looks is that they can easily be worn with your work clothes (depending on the look your office goes for). They are a great alternative because they have a basic look. It is easy for them to blend in and be used around the workplace or even in school. 


These pumps come in a UK size 3 up to a UK size9. If you need a half size, you can only get it in a size 3 and a half or a size 8 and a half. Otherwise, you will either need to round up or down to get the size that fits you.


The leather footbed that these pumps have enhances the comfort as you take every step. However, the elastic around the shoe can be a pain. It is meant to keep you secure, but it can dig into your heels and cause bruising. 

The upper is made of wild hide leather, which is extremely soft to touch. Some say that this is similar to slipping into a soft leather sock. This is the type of comfort that encourages you to be able to walk even further. This is why these pumps are a favorite for many people who have a lot of every day walking around to do. 

The Vivo barefoot pumps are also straightforward to wear, as you can slip them on and off. They fit very well, and you will not have to find yourself constantly adjusting your feet to make sure that they do not slip off.


One of the flaws with the everyday Jing Jing pumps is that they can tend to cut into your skin after you have been wearing them for a while. Elastic will tend to do this. The rest of the shoe is made of wild hide leather, which is very durable and will last you quite a while.

They are so durable. Some users say that they have used them nearly daily for several years. That is how durable these shoes are.

Because they are made of leather, you must take good care of them following the right instructions. Leather is easily ruined by water and moisture. So it is important to make sure that you take care of them accordingly if you want them to last long.


You can get these pumps from as little as 40pounds up to 150 pounds, depending on where you buy them. These pumps will help you have more comfortable days on your feet, and since this is the price to pay for any decent pair of shoes, I would say this is a fair price.


  • They are soft and comfortable
  • They have a wide to box
  • They are minimalist and allow your feet to behave naturally
  • They are durable. 
  • They are flexible


  • The elastic can tend to bite a little bit around the ankle after a couple of hours.


This is a practical shoe that will be very comfortable as you go about your business. In terms of what they can do for your foot health, this is an excellent buy. Whilst I may not be sold on the look, sometimes looks are not all that important. You will love the stability and comfort you get with these pumps. 

The barefoot experience will also strengthen your feet muscles and allow you to get all the benefits that walking barefoot would give you, but of course, with total foot protection from the high-quality sole. We recommend that this is a good shoe to buy. Happy shopping!

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