Vivobarefoot Kasana Review: Aren’t They The Cutest?!

This sneaker is a great buy if you are looking for a comfortable fit. Your feet are sure to be secure and well supported in this lightweight sneaker. You get a level of freedom with these sneakers that is uncommon in other brands. 

The sneakers are low cut and have a lace-up closure. They do well whether you are running your everyday errands or going on long treks. The Vivobarefoot Kasana is a stripped-back vegan sneaker and is perfect for running around town. 

The fact that they are made for urban walking means that they fare well on hard pavements and tarred roads. They are 100% vegan, and they fit normal sizes. The great thing is that you can get them in both a light and a dark color, whichever one is your speed. The fit on these sneakers is soft and seamless, gentle on your feet.


The Vivo barefoot Kasana’s have a soft look. They fit just below the ankle, making them a great buy for everyday walking, regardless of the weather. You can wear them running errands or going to the gym and be confident that you look good. 

They come in obsidian and ash grey. So whichever color you prefer, you can get that. It also depends on where you intend to be wearing them. You do not want to get the ash sneakers if you generally do most of your walking in a place with red dust. 

They have a wide toe box just like other minimalist shoes. However, it is not too obtrusive that it looks awkward. At first glance, you may not even notice that they are wide toe shoes. But your feet will feel the difference and freedom as they move around in the sneakers. The lace closure helps to keep your feet in place, and also you can adjust the size. 

The ash grey sneakers have a contrasting white sole which is quite nice to look at. It has a fresh, clean look. The obsidian, on the other hand, has the same color throughout. This can be boring for some people who may like a little variety in their sneakers. 

The Vivobarefoot Kasana’s have a breathable recycled plastic PET knitted sock and PU overlay and a recycled PET lining. When you look at the sneaker, you can see the outsole’s bits, which have the iconic Vivo barefoot hexagonal shapes. One of the ways you can tell that the shoe is a genuine Vivo barefoot product.


These women’s sneakers are in normal size. You can confirm your size by using the find your size section on the Vivo barefoot site. They range from a UK size 3 to 9. In general, these should fit you if you have textbook dimensional feet.

However, if you have any special needs, it is important to try them first and make sure you fit. The narrow fit can defeat the purpose of a barefoot shoe. While your toes may have all the room they need, it is important to make sure that they fit you, especially around the heel and ankle.


These sneakers are excellent everyday sneakers. They hug your feet in just the right place and give them freedom where they need it the most. The toe box is wide, which allows your feet room. The lace-up closures allow you to keep your feet where they should be. The breathable mesh upper keeps your feet cool and allows air circulation with each step that you take. 

They are lightweight, so you do not feel like you are lugging around extra weight. The whole point of wearing a minimalist shoe is to feel like you are not wearing any shoes.

The thin sole on the sneakers allows you to grasp the ground in how your feet are made to do; however, they are protected as this happens. 

The outsole is 3mm, which is just the right thickness to keep it feeling real but at the same time keeping the harm at bay. 

The bio-based bloom EVA insole makes sure that each step is comfortable and encourages you to take the next. Bloom makes use of plant matter to make its products, which are renowned for a great fit.


These women’s sneakers are made to last. The outsole is made of durable material that allows barefoot freedom while keeping out any form of harm. Since they are made for urban roaming, you do not expect to encounter sharp rocks or to be climbing anything. 

The sneaker is made up of vegan materials though out. The recycled pet means reusing plastic so that its life cycle is extended and the environment is spared. 


These sneakers retail from between 88pounds and 150 pounds, depending on where you get them.  Ladies’ sneakers are generally cheaper than men’s sneakers. Skechers, for example, have ladies walking shoes retailing for about 55usd. 

This is way cheaper than what Vivo barefoot is asking for for the Kasana. The difference, however, is your foot health and what sort of feel you are after. This is what will determine which type of shoe you go for. 


  • Comfortable
  • fit well
  • good room for your feet
  • they give you a feeling of walking barefoot.


  • They are pricey


The Vivo Barefoot Kasana’s are easy to wear, and they look good too. This means that wearing them every day will not be too much of a hustle. They also give you a comfortable fit, and this makes them an easy choice for urban errands. This 100% vegan shoe is kind to the environment and looks good too. 

These are some of the reasons why I would buy these sneakers. Also, keeping in mind that they have a thin sole and wide toe box, which are excellent at encouraging your feet to behave as if they were walking with no shoes. These are a great buy! Happy shopping.

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