Vivobarefoot Kuru Sandal Review

Sandals are an essential part of every person’s wardrobe, especially when the hot months of the year roll around. They allow you to be at ease and comfortable. It’s not good for your feet to be always cooked up in a shoe and not be given time to breathe. 

Ideally, we would walk around barefoot, but it’s not healthy or safe. Vivobarefoot Kuru sandals allow your feet to breathe, all whilst protecting them. This minimalist sandal has a zero drop and a 3mm thick sole. This will keep you in touch with the ground. 

The straps are beautifully crafted, and so they don’t just keep your feet in place. They also make the sandal and your foot look good. The Vivobarefoot Kuru sandal is made of vegetable-dyed leather, and this is very soft and kind to your feet as you walk. They have a high level of comfort.


Off the bat, these are beautiful sandals. The straps are woven in such a way that they are comfortable and yet look great when you wear the sandal. The upper is made of leather and textile straps. They have a toe piece for your big toe, one thicker strap across the foot just in front of the ankle,  two straps that criss-cross to the back, and a slingback strap. 

Combining these straps looks great, but they are not just pretty face; they all work together to give you the peace of mind you need and keep your feet secure. 

They are very inviting and look like you can wear them virtually anywhere. 

Like other Vivobarefoot sandals, they are hand-made in Portugal, and you can tell the amount of love and time that has been taken on them as they exhibit excellent quality, feel and look. They are very basic and come in two solid colors, obsidian and acorn. 

You can have two very different colors but staple colors in your wardrobe, knowing that they will fit well with different looks. These sandals will easily blend into whatever look you have going on. You are guaranteed a beautiful sandal with the Vivobarefoot Kuru. 


You can find these in a UK size 3 to a UK size 9. Some find they are too narrow and so it is important to physically try them on and ensure that the size you get can accommodate your entire foot. Some users say that even though the length was right for them, the width wasn’t.

Meaning that getting a bigger size to accommodate a wide foot would mean that the length is way too long, and hence you can not walk in them comfortably. If you have extra wide feet, you may face issues with these. They are marked as medium-width shoes.


They are extremely comfortable and also easy to put on. The straps are made of super-soft leather. This helps keep your feet happy and avoid abrasion. The footbed is comfortable and will give your foot a soft place to land with each step, keeping in mind that this is a minimalist sandal, so they will not be a lot of cushioning to allow your feet to feel the ground.

It has a fairly flexible sole and leans more towards the narrow foot than a wide foot. Some people have found that their toes are very uncomfortable in these sandals because of the narrow footbed and then the straps that come in to keep your toes together. 

The toe piece for the big toe can be a little abrasive and painful if used to wearing slides. This is not something that will last throughout the time you have them. You will be able to break them in soon enough. 

Feel and comfort are very subjective factors. The same applies to the Vivobarefoot Kuru sandals. What works for one person may not work for you. This is why you must give them a test run before you commit, especially if you have never worn this style before. 


These sandals are made of durable leather. They are powerful and immaculately constructed. They also have a Pro5 Layer, a patented inner layer with high resistance to puncture and abrasion. These sandals can withstand daily wearing and still look good.


You can get these sandals for about 80 bucks. This seems rather steep for a pair of shoes that you can not wear to the office. But it also depends on your lifestyle. If you spend most of your days outdoors, you want to make sure that you invest in a pair of sandals that will weather the days with you. 

At this price, you are not just getting a regular old pair of flip-flops. These are high-quality sandals that will give you stability and also a barefoot feel. They are made of durable materials that will last you. Looking at all the benefits that you get, this price is fair. 


  • They are comfortable
  • They have good traction
  • They come in neutral colors 
  • They are easy to wear
  • They are versatile


  • They can tend to be too narrow especially if you have wide feet.
  • The leather straps can seem stiff at first


The sandal is one of the best ways to connect us with how our ancestors walk barefoot. A sandal is about as minimalist as you can get, given that you get the right one. Vivobarefoot makes sandals that will take your feet back to how they were made to move, naturally, being able to grasp the ground entirely. 

The kuru is not the most minimalist in design when it comes to the other sandals made by Vivo barefoot. However, it is still very effective in providing the barefoot experience.

The kuru sandals have a thin sole, straps to keep your feet in place, they are made of recycled material, and they look good. In our opinion, these shoes are a good buy. They are comfortable and will keep your feet cool in the hot months. Happy shopping!

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