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Finding barefoot dress shoes that look good and still offer you the barefoot experience is not an easy feat. The Vivobarefoot Lisbon, made in Portugal, comes pretty close to hitting the mark. These shoes do not look awkward or like the toe box is ordinarily big, as with a lot of barefoot shoes. These can be worn to the office effortlessly. 

These do not have the usual clown feet look that barefoot shoes tend to have. They are one of the few formal barefoot shoes on the market today and are available for both men and women.

This shoe is made of leather and runs below the ankles, making it a good fit for formal wear, but you can also wear them with a more relaxed and casual ensemble. Either way, the shoes have a clean-cut look that makes them quite a looker.


The Vivo barefoot Lisbon is made of Sacheto calf leather that you can take care of by polishing. The leather is taken from free-roaming animals. This means that the shoes will look clean as long as you take care of them.

The leather also means that the shoes are not entirely waterproof. They are best worn in dry weather. Exposure to water can damage them. 

As this is a minimalist shoe, it means that it has a skinny and flexible sole. The sole and the upper are the same color. The outsole is made of Vivo barefoot TPU, whilst the shoes have a lace-up closure.

You can get them with the tan sole and black upper or black on black. Regardless of the colors, the shoes’ soles are hand-stitched carefully and beautifully, adding to the value of the entire shoe. 

One of the most irritating things about barefoot shoes and why you can’t wear them to the office is that they have a very noticeable barefoot look. But the Lisbons are one of the most inconspicuous barefoot shoes.


The Lisbon has all the freedom of a barefoot shoe but still fits around the footwell. This is a rare attribute in barefoot shoes but also very well sought out. This is because, as much as you want the shoes to fit you well, you do not want them to look like clowns shoes. The lace closure also helps you adjust the shoes to your size, or rather to fit that you prefer. 

The Lisbon runs from a UK size 6 to a UK size 14. Make sure to consult the size chart so that you figure out what your size is. You shouldn’t have too many problems when it comes to size with these shoes because they generally tend to run true size. 


When you wear these shoes without socks, you get to feel the ground better and grasp it more. This function is what has been lost over the course of wearing regular shoes. Of course, if you add socks or any form of arch support, you negate this benefit. 

Like other Vivo barefoot shoes, the Lisbon’s allow you our feet to “roam” around as nature intended them to. The toes get to splay in the shoes thanks to the wide toe box. They feel very comfortable on the inside, thanks to the lining.

They are very comfortable and lightweight and will allow you to be on your feet for an extended period of time. They improve your stability and balance over time. This will help your posture and back as well. So wearing a pair of Lisbons will not only feel good on your feet, it will have far-reaching effects throughout your body.

Most dress shoes, look good but have the downside of squishing the toes, especially the little one. The Lisbon, will look smart and yet still give your toes sufficient room. You can say goodbye to bunions, bruises, and other foot injuries caused by wearing shoes that are too narrow.


The outsole is made of Vivobarefoot TPU, which is very durable. Vivobarefoot swears by this soles durability. These shoes are hand-cut and stitched by experts, and this adds to the durability of the shoe. The materials used are high quality and puncture-resistant, a trait that Vivobarefoot endeavors to put in all its shoes.


The shoe’s price and value are determined by the amount of time and the expertise put into the shoe. All these factors add up, and you need to consider them when wondering why the shoes cost what they do. 

The price of the Vivobarefoot Lisbon can seem steep, but taking into consideration the great looks and awesome functionality should help you quickly realize what you are in for and that it is worth every penny. Another aspect that gives you value for money, is that you can repair these shoes, which means that in the event that they are ruined by something, you can get them fixed.


  • You can wear them with both formal and casual outfits. 
  • They have a very thin sole
  • They are durable
  • They are comfortable


  • They are a bit expensive. 
  • They require some time to break them in.


These are everyday dress shoes that you can easily wear with formal outfits. One of the great things about these shoes is that they allow you to go to more formal settings and still enjoy the benefits of walking barefoot, or at least feeling like you are. It’s the next best thing to walking into a formal do, with flip flops on, knowing that you will be comfortable the entire time.  

The Vivobarefoot Lisbons are good but for so many reasons, including a culmination of looks and functionality. Choosing this shoe, as with any leather product, means that you need to be ready to take care of it the way it should be; otherwise, you run the risk of ruining them.  We think this is a good buy and worth every penny spent. Happy shopping!

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